And This Little Piggy Went Wee, Wee, Wee…All The Way Home

New Orleans has a problem with stank.   Not to confuse our seven readers, but a new stank – not the old one.

I’m going to question the timing:

NEW ORLEANS — At almost 300 years old, somewhat moldy from the remnants of Hurricane Katrina and surrounded by muddy water and swamps, this city is not exactly known for being lemony fresh.

But from the French Quarter to New Orleans East, people here have been complaining about a tinge to the air that is unsettling even by local standards.

What has happened recently???  I’m at a loss unless…wait…there was something that happened just this last week:

Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas takes job in New Orleans

Did the bouquet resemble fried bologna, Old Spice, jowl sweat and feet?  Because if it did, I think we’ve found our culprit.

For a city that prides itself on bacchanalian revelry, the stale sock of Chief Teetotaler is about to drape across the nose of your good time for the foreseeable future.

I’d say to prepare for the jump in violent crime and unsolved murders too (our’s is close to 40% now), but thanks to the Legacy of Naginomics you all should be ready to make that drunken, hobo stumble into Chicago gangland numbers.

Congratulations to your up and coming funeral home industry and may it replace all the French Quarter businesses forced to close once he starts enacting the same DUI laws that he did here.


  1. I can’t wait to see Spanky put his signature on “police reform” in NOLA (we don’t need no stinkin’ Homicide division)and how Li’l Moon the octoroon will carry on the fine tradition of the Morials (Dutch and Marc) as well as ol’ Moon himself. It’s worthy of having a beignet on the Moonwalk ducking semi-automatic fire while NOLA “recovers” from a hurricane that hit a hundred miles east 5 years ago. Funny, I was in NOLA in 1973, a mere FOUR years after Camille laid waste on Biloxi-Gulfport and the news of the day (besides the ex-NOLA cop planning to shoot Nixon on Canal St.) was Garrison cracking down on pinball for pay…

  2. Komrade Karl gave Syrupass a raise before he absconded to Lousyana, only to take a “pay cut” upon arriving in the House of the Rising Moonbeam. A pay cut in NOLA is license to line his porky pockets…

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