Paul McCartney Serenades Toot Braunstein

Yea, yea, yea…he played “Michelle” but  “Fat Bottomed Girls” are what make the world go-round.  And around she goes:

Now lecture me about needing some exercise.

Rumpshaker wants to take my salt shaker.  Think Globally, Don’t Be Globally, oh, Thunder Thigh Master.

When’s Malia gonna ask her Daddy to plug that piehole?

Now, who’s lecturing who about needing to exercise?

9 comments on “Paul McCartney Serenades Toot Braunstein

  1. Thanks Brian…laugh after laugh after laugh…

    Interesting, for all this talk about Shelley’s JackieO-like grace there seems to be no shortage of ungraceful photos of her.

    Nice panty line.

  2. oh holy hell. That’s just not right. So much for the grace and beauty of the office. Remember the days presidents wore suits and ties and First Lady’s wore dresses or professional pant-suits?

    This admin has turned the office into a 4-year long couch-potato vacation.

  3. I hear McCartney is a fan of Star Wars and has a BIG Chewbacca fetish..or he was so blitzed he actually flashbacked to the French brothel where that song was conceived…

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