Those BP Guys Don’t Know What They’re Doing

But the guy who makes CGI cat pR0n for a living does.  Meow, meow, meow, meow:

Film director and deep-sea explorer James Cameron said on Wednesday that BP Plc turned down his offer to help combat the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Over the last few weeks I’ve watched, as we all have, with growing horror and heartache, watching what’s happening in the Gulf and thinking those morons don’t know what they’re doing,” Cameron said at the All Things Digital technology conference.

Cameron suggested the U.S. government needed to take a more active role in monitoring the undersea gusher, which has become the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

I know really, really, really smart people that work typically at depths much greater than what that well is at,” Cameron said.

Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio don’t count, dumb ass.

Picture Above: Really, Really Smart People


  1. Boom! chuga-luga-luga, Boom! chuga-luga-luga.

    I keep wondering WHY it is that a guy who took pics with robotic subs qualifies as a guy who can fix a highly pressurized crude oil leak at 5,000 ft below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Now, if I wanted a guy who could do a documentary because of his undersea expertise doing such things, THEN I would want James Cameron. Otherwise, I think I would want to talk to undersea salvage companies, especially the type of companies that recover stuff from very deep depths in the ocean. Just an idea. Salvage company people, even thought they are the kind of unknown bounty hunters of the ocean-going junk biz, would seem a better choice.

  2. Is there anything “Crash” Davis can’t do besides make it to the big leagues? It says it can do 3,000 gallons a day.

    Say – how many gallons would you say are in the Gulf?

  3. HELL. I say give it a shot. Can’t hurt and may end up being the answer to all spills?!?! They are doing more than this administration is doing.

    Heard today that BP wanted to cut the bent pipe off the leaking riser as their first thing. Administration said no. Try other things. Thus the delay to think of other things and to try the stupid vacuum cleaner and the ineffectual “top kill”.

    Now the pipe is cut and now the thing can begin to be capped.

    If that news really comes out, the admin will…. ok, should, … face America’s wrath for causing this ecological damage.

    Besides, Water Alien agrees with me.

  4. If only the obamakorps would get out of BP’s way the situation would begin to straighten out, but for Ramm (middle finger) Emmanuel-lewis ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ empowering morons like Cameron to wring their hands while solutions drown in tar balls. Insanity reigns supreme…

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