Enough of the Government Unions

The paragraph of the week (month? year?) from Neil Boortz:

The unions – the goons running the show and the people who buy into it – can no longer claim victimhood, upset that they are being demonized by the public at large. That isn’t going to fly because the people of this country know full well that these unions brought it on themselves. THEY are the ones who demanded pay that in no way reflected their value or any increase in their work product. THEY are the ones who demanded unrealistic pension plans, allowing members to retire at absurdly young ages with set payouts and benefits for life. THE GOONIONS are the ones who used their political power to make sure that the people in office knew that the unions put them there.

The facts are there to back this up:

Here are just a few examples from California, where government union contracts have the state on the verge of a Greece-like meltdown. California (Or Mexifornia, if you will) — a state where government pension costs have increased by an amazing 2,000% over the past decade. This is from Daniel Borenstein at the Contra Costa Times:

* A retired Northern California fire chief whose $185,000 salary morphed into a $241,000 annual pension

* A county administrator whose $240,000 starting pension was 98 percent of final salary

* A sanitary district manager who qualified for a $217,000 pension on a salary of $234,000.

When the cash is flowing freely, this kind of stuff is easily overlooked. But in financially tough times, it is completely unacceptable.

The union’s appetite for goodies never seems to be satisfied and elected officials will never declare that what they have is sufficient. Not as long as your taxes buys them constituents. In a sane world, government workers should receive no more than the private sector workers that pay them. Where is the common sense that says you’re health benefits should match the prevailing standard; that you should contribute 20-30% into that plan? Or that you can retire at 65?

(s/t Director Blue)