If The Dead Body Of Our Economy Was Buried In A Flag-Draped Coffin Would Liberals Publish Its Picture?

I’m reposting this comment in response to some of the sloped-forehead Stalinists that Rob graciously puts up with at SayAnything.  See if this makes sense regarding Mean Ole Meanies ™ (***psst*** Repigletcans) voting down extending Unemployment Benefits that last until after the next election:

First of all, this isn’t just Republicans who killed this bill. There are 100 votes in the Senate, and Democrats have 59 of them. Republicans couldn’t have blocked this without Democrat help.

Second, without this extension most unemployed would still get 26 weeks of benefits. That’s 6 1/2 months. More than half a year. Obama talks about making life harder for the unemployed, but at what point should we be expecting them to go back to work? Seems to me like 6 1/2 months is about time to get back into the job market.

He’s right, obviously.  What’s as important is the attempt to slap another multi-billion dollar band-aid on the economic self-mutilation that is Obamanomics.  It’s an admission that the Trillion dollar “stimulus” failed.

He bankrupted the country on purpose and he’s not even a year and 6 months in to his first term.  He threatens any business that’s not unionized.  He hates us.

But passing another Unemployment Bill?  Continuing unemployment pay, albeit until after November’s election (wink, wink), is a ploy to enable these spendaholics to keep the public from feeling the full impact of the intentionally bad decisions they’ve been making.

The commies always said that you could never understand the full impact of war unless you could see the flag-draped coffins of dead soldiers.  Until, those flag-draped coffins started coming home during a Democrat’s Failed Attempt At Cutting And Running War anyways.

Well, Americans need to see people getting thrown out in the street because Obamanomics has so thoroughly destroyed our country at it’s most vulnerable.

Fitch Ratings Ltd. forecasts that most borrowers who get lower mortgage payments under a federal government program will default within 12 months.

Among those with loans that aren’t backed by any federal agency, the redefault rate within a year is likely to be 65% to 75% under the Obama administration’s Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, according to a report to be released Wednesday by Fitch, a New York-based credit-rating firm.

At the end of April, about 295,000 households were benefiting from long-term modifications under HAMP, which typically involves cutting the interest rate as low as 2%, according to the Treasury. Another 637,000 households were in trial modifications, under which they need to show they can make their new, lower payments consistently and provide documents proving they are eligible.

Because if you have no job and no money, it does not matter if your interest rate is 6% or 0%. You cannot service your debt.  295,000 plus 637,000 is 932,000 people in the HAMPer.  That is almost a million homes teetering.  Even the stupidest liberal should raise their scraping knuckles from the sidewalk long enough to scratch their head about the size of that exposure .

After all of the loan modifications, after all of the bank bailouts, after all of the stop gap, stuffing of jobless figures with Census Workers, hey Check Out Our Summery Recovery Tour window dressing, we are one foot in the grave.

The roadside bomb of Obamanomics killed the brave, young soldier of our economic recovery.  It is lying in state at every kitchen table in every foreclosed home and the hundreds of thousands in the HAMP hospice.  Barack Obama’s policies are to our nations workers what Jim Jones’ were to Guyana for this messianic, state-assisted suicide cult leader.

But this time, nobody wants to take the picture.  And we shouldn’t help you hide the body from the eyes of the public.

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  1. This unemployment-extensions trick has been one of several ways that Bush II and Obama have masked the reality of our economic/jobs situation. My stepfather has been drawing unemployment for 2 YEARS, thanks to the extensions. He appreciates it and everything, but he is 88 years old and is not going back to work! Think about all the people who have been getting this for years now.

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