The Gulf Oil Spill Is All Your Fault

Thought you were going to get away with it, didn’t ya?  All driving around in your car, or riding your city bus, or eating groceries from a store where food is delivered in a refrigerated truck that runs on gas.  You smug assholes all “going to work” and “eating food”.  Make. Me. Sick.

The commission has yet to meet, yet some panel members had made their views known.

Environmental activist Frances Beinecke on May 27 blogged: “We can blame BP for the disaster and we should. We can blame lack of adequate government oversight for the disaster and we should. But in the end, we also must place the blame where it originated: America’s addiction to oil.” And on June 3, May 27, May 22, May 18, May 4, she called for bans on drilling offshore and the Arctic.

“Even as questions persist, there is one thing I know for certain: the Gulf oil spill isn’t just an accident. It’s the result of a failed energy policy,” Beinecke wrote on May 20.

Two other commissioners also have gone public to urge bans on drilling.

Gee, what solution do you think Obama’s crack commission is going to arrive at after these inexperienced ideologues stroke each other’s self-righteousness with a show trial investigation?  $9.00 a gallon gas here we come.

Obama argues that with the future of the planet at stake, the United States must now take the lead on global warming after years of denial under the administration of former president George W. Bush.

It’s for your own good so I hope you’ll understand when you’re standing in an unemployment line that you walked to get to.

The panel appointed by President Barack Obama to investigate the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is short on technical expertise but long on talking publicly about “America’s addiction to oil.” One member has blogged about it regularly.

Only one of the seven commissioners, the dean of Harvard’s engineering and applied sciences school, has a prominent engineering background — but it’s in optics and physics.

The five other commissioners are experts in policy and management.

That’s it.  For all the talk about “George Bush driving our economy into the ditch“, Obama’s fix is to slash the tires, steal the stereo, set it on fire and try to file an insurance claim against BP.  Courtesy of The Carjacker-In-Thief.

With no industry or investigative experience, nor freedom from major conflicts of interest, or impartiality given their recent public statements, a bunch of eggheads and envirowhacktards are going to pour sugar into our nation’s economic gas tank as we’re on the cusp of another credit crisis.  Note, I’m not saying double-dip recession because that implies that we ever rose out of the first one.

How is a panel made up of activists with axes to grind any more productive than having BP investigate itself and telling us the results?

This AP piece is an absolute slam.  Expect a phone call from the White House demanding a retraction for telling the truth without a license.

Jerry Taylor of the libertarian Cato Institute described the investigation as “an exercise in political theater where the findings are preordained by the people put on the commission.”

When the White House announced the commission, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and others made compared it with the one that investigated the 1986 Challenger accident. This one, however, doesn’t have as many technical experts.

The 13-member board that looked into the first shuttle accident had seven engineering and aviation experts and three other scientists. The 2003 board that looked into the Columbia shuttle disaster also had more than half of the panel with expertise in engineering and aviation.

Iraj Ersahaghi, who heads the petroleum engineering program the University of Southern California, reviewed the names of oil spill commissioners and asked, “What do they know about petroleum?”

They know they don’t like it and don’t want anyone using it.  That’s why they were picked and why everyone who still has a job left (for the moment) is screwed.

But we can still give $10B in US taxpayer money to George Soros for offshore drilling in Brazil can’t we?

We’re going to take the lead in cutting global warming by paying the Brazilian mullahs to Drill, Baby Drill and wasting six months for a show trial where the judges have already told you the conclusion they arrived at prior to the Deepwater Horizon accident ever happening.

Next up, Rape Victims:  Why Do They Always Dress So Sexy?

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