Don’t Assume Public Officials Have a Clue

Most of you already know better, anyway, but here’s a reminder.

You heard that right. This elected official doesn’t know that Arizona shares a border with Mexico. I guarantee you, however, that she knows which snack machine houses her precious Chocodiles™.

So we’re being ruled by complete bedwetting morons. From the stammering nitwit-in-chief in the white house to this dim-O-crat “County Supervisor” in Wisconsin. Is it any wonder this country is spiraling down the crapper at NASCAR speeds?

9 comments on “Don’t Assume Public Officials Have a Clue

  1. Oh, come on, now. This surprises you? The state that’s given out such gems as Herb Kohl, Russ Feingold, Dave Obey, Gwen Moore and others?

    Does anybody now understand why I want to GET OUT OF THIS NUTHOUSE?

  2. I am appalled that this woman holds a position of influence, but is so misinformed about basic geography.

    I’ll bet she doesn’t even know that Arizona was our 55th state…

  3. Greetings:

    I had a bit of an epiphany a while back when I saw a “celebrity” episode of “Jeopardy”, the TV quiz show where they give the answers and contestants have to reply in the form of a question. I was surprised how little even the newspeople knew about our world and times. But then again, for along time I thought that all movie actors were bigger than I was and all TV actors were smaller.

  4. Andrew Wilkow had the money quote on this Ignoramus today: “This Woman should be wearing a Hockey Helmet at all times.”

  5. Her backpedal revealed even more cream-filled idiocy. Given her “caveat” that if Arizona was on the border like Texas, she might consider their side of the issue.

    So rather than say, “OK, you got me. I’ll have to consider it”, the moron won’t because Arizona doesn’t have as many miles of border as Texas does.

  6. OK…done. Does anyone know how to rip and re-upload to Youtube? I can see this one getting pulled down continually as the media outlet who first broadcast this likely doesn’t want the world to see (once again) how sub-moronic your average liberal is.

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