Shirley Sherrod and the NAACP: Still racist (updated…it’s a FAMILY AFFAIR)


(update) From Dan Riehl, here’s Shirley’s hubby:

Dan Riehl has MORE video, as well as this nugget:

The Sherrods also have a daughter, one with a rather interesting name. Pretty cool naming your kid after the Berlin Wall coming down, right? Well, not quite, unfortunately.

Son Kenyatta and daughter Russia defended their mother from charges of racism which led to her resignation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture position as director of its Rural Development program in Georgia on Tuesday.

Further research indicates she graduated high school in 1985. If she were 18 at the time, that would mean she was born in 1967. That’s an interesting time for an American to name their child Russia – and it also happens to be the year Russia celebrated the 50th anniversary of the revolution. Hmm. But her actual birth year is unconfirmed, for now.

Russia Sherrod 1981-1985

But, is anyone else starting to get a Jeremiah Wright-like vibe here folks? I am. And if so, why would Obama appoint a racist black-Marxist to the USDA, fire her in kneejerk fashion, then grovel on the phone to her, offering her a promotion?

Ace checks in:

Does this sound to you like a guy with a heart open to racial healing?

Or a man whose heart is poisoned by hate who, by virtue of his exalted position in the black community, continues transmitting to young black minds the vile idea that true black authenticity is only to be found in an unquenchable hatred of the white man?


  1. Must you insist on continuing to burn your crucifixes on Mrs. Sherrod’s well-manicured lawn after the charlatan Andrew SeigHeilbart was exposed as a neo-nazi sympathizer?

    She is an innocent victim of a rightwing smear campaign that has shamelessly replayed the words that have come out of her and her husband’s mouths merely for partisan gain!

    For shame my Nigel. For shame.

  2. Uh…you run with that “Narrative”.

    You have any irrefutable citations about Breitbart? Like a video of him espousing his “neo-Nazism”?

    Of course you don’t. Like a typical liberal, you throw bombs without backing them up.

    The words of the Sherrod family speak for themselves. It’s a bitch when the cameras are rolling, no?

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