Today’s Non-Coveted Endorsement For “Meet The Press”

I miss my Sunday mornings ever since Tim Russert died.  No one has filled the void.  Though Russert was a Democrat, I could trust him to put any blinders away and do his job.  I’m a Sunday morning widower who keeps revisiting an old haunt looking for something to remind me of the way things were.

Where we once had coffee and laughs, there is only another cookie-cutter  Walgreen’s.

When the show’s intro stopped playing he would be looking dead into the camera like a happy hunter.   The first guest was forever his quarry and the first question invariably was a felling blow.  The question of the week that, somehow, no one else had asked yet.  No politician or flunky has been intimidated by a reporter since Russert’s death as the vast majority of the so-called journalists remaining only want an administration job as Professional Notetaker / Water Carrier.

In light of David Gregory’s abject failure at even resembling a Tim Russert cover band, I hereby throw my support to Jake Tapper to take over Meet The Press as we officially enter the silly season.

Though I have never forgotten Tapper’s notoriously liberal bent while a columnist at Salon back the Internet’s heyday, he has earned a shot at the big chair and we need a watchdog who, if he’s not doing it for his country, can at least feign integrity for personal aggrandizement.  We all deserve better than what we’ve been getting.

3 comments on “Today’s Non-Coveted Endorsement For “Meet The Press”

  1. Why not an outsider? Someone known for wanting the truth? Brent Bozell?

    Maybe Major Garrett?

    Anyone can be better than ABC’s choice in Amonpour. holy hell.

  2. Major Garrett has just committed himself to a return to print media…so he’s out.

    Anyway, I’m fine with Chris Wallace. Yeah, he works for Fox, but he doesn’t let anyone…liberal or conservative…off the hook. And he gets an hour right before football.

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