Palin Hacker Prepares To Run Backwards Through A Cornfield Naked

If it makes you feel any better, 99% of those corn cobs vote Democrat.

Don’t worry, Li’l Davey.  The state’s going to provide this Kernell all the butter and salt he needs.

A federal judge has shot down a former University of Tennessee student’s bid to have tossed out convictions in the illegal access of Sarah Palin’s personal e-mail account during the 2008 presidential election.


Davies argued it was nothing more than a college prick prank by a rank assbag computer amateur. Federal prosecutors assigned a more sinister motive, arguing Kernell, the son of long-time Memphis Democratic state Rep. Mike Kernell, went searching for politically damaging information but came up empty-handed.

The feds slapped Kernell with four felony charges. At his trial in April jurors rejected a wire fraud charge outright, reduced a felony illegal e-mail access charge to a misdemeanor, deadlocked on an identity theft count and convicted Kernell of the felony charge of anticipatory obstruction of justice.

It’s always the “cover-up” that gets you.  It has dibs. But after the cover-up gets you then Jamal does.

Riddle me this:  If Li’l Davy gets his ass kernel popped in Cell block 6 will it make a sound?  I’m guessing yes.  First a wimper, followed by some open weeping before Big Bear’s squeaky bed springs gently rock him to sleep.  Maybe that will be more “his type”.

Night, night ya jag.  It’s a real shame that a few of your unscrupulous supporters can’t go with you in a show of solidarity.

6 comments on “Palin Hacker Prepares To Run Backwards Through A Cornfield Naked

  1. So, is he running through a cornfield backwards so he can be cornholed? Hell, he can move to SanFranKornHole after that. They have a HOLE district there for him! And, LOTS of new “friends”! He can pretend he is the second coming of Cornholio! Assuming Beavie and Buttocks don’t sue him!

  2. What a little turd…and then thinking that it was just a little “prank”…getting what he deserves for sure.

    Don’t bend over to pick up the soap…JUSTICE DONE!!!

    ***his old man will probably figure out some way so he doesn’t have to do “hard” ***snort*** time but will get “probation”. YOU KNOW IT!! Dirt sleaze bag!

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