Month: October 2010

The Tea Party Express should let Chris Christie write their e-begs for money

As posted here...I am pissed at the Tea Party Express because of their wussy “we failed” stance on a recent fundraising email.

Nobody there has responded to my email to them asking them, basically, “WTF?”. But I did get another one:


“We had failed. All of us. Originally, only 250 people responded to our request for help to reach the $1 million mark. Now an additional 1,200 people have responded so we are on track to meet our goal – if you our supporters keep stepping forward with more contributions.

This had been one of the greatest failures we here at the Tea Party Express have ever had in terms of raising money for a campaign push, and this is the worst possible time for us to fail: just 1 WEEK out before Election Day.

We told you that we MUST do better. And so far you all are doing much better. But we can’t stop now, we’re still well short of our goal, but we’re making up ground rapidly each hour!!!

Because if you don’t, our children will starve. Obama will tax our kids’ college funds, piggy banks and lunch money. Harry Reid will shut down their lemonade stands and Nancy Pelosi will send her flying monkeys out to snatch them as they walk home from school. So you MUST open your wallet again, or you don’t care about our country’s children.”

(OK, it’s possible that last paragraph was NOT in the e-mail)

Guilt is a lousy motivator.

You know what is a much better motivator?

Fear and intimidation. And Chris Christie can bring it:

I live in California and I’m thinking about hopping a plane this weekend to Illinois to help Bill Brady. Now if we can only get Christie here to California to throw his weight behind Carly…

The best paragraph I’ve read this morning

Well, best TWO paragraphs anyway…courtesy of Shelby Steele in this morning’s Wall Street Journal:

But there is a limit to bad faith as power, and Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party may have now reached that limit. The great weakness of bad faith is that it disallows American exceptionalism as a rationale for power. It puts Mr. Obama and the Democrats in the position of forever redeeming a fallen nation, rather than leading a great nation. They bet on America’s characterological evil and not on her sense of fairness, generosity or ingenuity.

When bad faith is your framework (Michelle Obama never being proud of her country until it supported her husband), then you become more a national scold than a real leader. You lead out of a feeling that your opposition is really only the latest incarnation of that old characterological evil that you always knew was there. Thus the tea party—despite all the evidence to the contrary—is seen as racist and bigoted.

Never thought I’d say this…but SCREW YOU Tea Party Express

I just got an email from the Tea Party Express.

Turns out I’m a failure.

I’ve let them down.

I haven’t done my part.

I HAVE to do better, or I am personally responsible for the socialist takeover of the US.

My question…has the Tea Party been co-opted by union thugs or something?:

This morning we put a call out to 400,000 patriots across this nation – including yourself. Our plea was to get constitutional conservatives such as yourself to pitch in to our final election push as we are just 1-week away from Election Day.

Our goal: to raise $1 MILLION so that we could push the best constitutional candidates in the country over the top to victory. We’d then with the House, and perhaps even the Senate.

But we failedall of us. As of this evening only 250 people made a contribution.

This is one of the greatest failures we here at the Tea Party Express have ever had in terms of raising money for a campaign push, and this is the worst possible time for us to fail: just 1 WEEK out before Election Day.

We MUST do better.

The Email title was “We FAILED”.

You know what? We are SIX freakin’ days out of the election. If the Tea Party STILL hasn’t gotten its message out…well perhaps they haven’t been fiscally responsible with the funds they have been given.

I know that campaign funds are crucial, but guilting your base into donations is a very poor strategy for fundraising.

Or maybe it isn’t. I don’t know…because when I donate politically I usually do it because:

1) I believe in the candidate and
2) I have the funds to do so.

I don’t do it because some political organization emails me to tell me what a pile of crap I am because I haven’t given them enough money.

For the record, I have already given money this campaign season to:

Sean Bielat
Christine O’Donnell
Joe Miller
Nick Popaditch
Ruth McClung
Michele Bachmann

I’m done. And if the Tea Party candidates lose…well then I guess I suck.

I Know Why The Cuckoo Bird Screams

The cuckoo bird flies
On the wings of a trust fund
Towards ole Kentucky
where her blonde-wig was ruffled
as she bares her claws
to commonwealth asphalt
At last, one with the earth

But the cuckoos that stalk
From the North to the South
are ashamed if they can’t earn
a pop in the mouth
their Maddow rims rocked
and hoodies wrinkled
They’ll speed dial attorneys to sue.

The cuckoo bird screams
Like a good Soros shill
against things all-American
as her Master is thrilled
’til the lesson is learned
upon the farthest hill
The cuckoo bird came looking for trouble.

A mockingbird laughs on the cool autumn breeze
as the cuckoo tweets on about hugging the trees
a Beaver laps clams on a cold, county floor
as it slaps it’s tail wanting more.

But the cuckoo bird strikes from the nest of her privilege
a well-thought out plan to disrupt an assemblage
her hands are cuffed her snotty nose rubbed
she sharpens her beak to complain

The cuckoo bird screams
Like a good Soros shill
against all that is good
Can’t MoveOn – Never Will
His called tune is heard
rings the paid piper’s till
for the cuckoo bird
screams for serfdom.

Big Bad Bob Filner gets his ASS handed to him

I wish I lived in CA-51 just so I could vote for Nick Popaditch:

The rest of this debate is here…if you have an hour to watch a libtard get repeatedly body-slammed…good family fun.

Background on Filner…he’s the Congressman who helped a woman steal half a million dollars from Union Bank.

He’s the Congressman who is too good for airport security, though he wants to make sure we all get frisked and body-scanned.:

The report went on to say that later Filner asked a detention officer, “Are you going to stop me, big man?” and to another, he asked, “Are you going to shoot me, are you going to arrest me?”

A short time later, Ramirez wrote, “I saw Congressman Filner force his way into control area.” Ramirez and seven other officers tried to persuade Filner to return to the foyer.

“I am a congressman and can do whatever I want,” Ramirez quoted Filner as saying.

We’re sick of attitudes on Capitol Hill like Filner’s. Go here to throw Popaditch a few bucks...and here’s more Popaditch:

My Self-Congratulatory Get Out the Vote Post

Well, I finally did it. I volunteered to work on the Meehan for Congress campaign up here in Pennsylvania’s 7th District.

Recall that this was a solidly Republican district until the Great Republican Debacle of 2006. That was the year that the RINOs stampeded out of town and when the dust cleared, Joe Sestak won the seat. Oh well, the spending binge cloaked as “compassionate conservatism” died that year. So that’s something.

So where was I? Oh yes, Sestak is about to find that his ambitious climb from Congressman to Senator is ill timed. But fortunately, it left his district vulnerable and the GOP a good chance of winning it back. I look forward to watching the “purplish” Philadelphia suburbs returning to red and with it, hopefully, some fiscal sanity

I would have been involved in Meehan’s campaign much earlier, but I did send him a note asking where he stood on earmarking and got no reply. At this point I’m going to be cautiously optimistic.

Hopefully, I will have some videos and pics to post of the fun.

Here. Watch Two (Oops…Three) Videos.

Not being the wordsmith B-Mac is in creating Blog headlines, that was all I could come up with today.

First up…I believe that James Cameron has become a bigger global warming “tool” than Al Gore (via Yiddish, who is too damn lazy to figure out how to post it his damn self):

Next, Andrew Klavan sorts out media confusion about the Tsunami that is about to hit Washington in about two weeks:

Watch. Enjoy. Comment.

Update…here’s a 3rd from Stephen Crowder, who exposes the evil fat-cat corporations and their greed:

Let the bimbo speak

Meggy Mac, the “progressive republican” is opening her…uh…fat mouth again. I’ll not link to her blog, though Hot Air does:

On Sunday, I appeared on the D.C. news show This Week with Christiane Amanpour. By the time I had left the show and eaten breakfast at a nearby restaurant, my appearance was already creating an uproar on the Internet. What had I said that had been so blasphemous? Just my statement on the Republican senatorial candidate for Delaware: “My problem is that, no matter what, Christine O’Donnell is making a mockery of running for public office,” I said. “She has no real history, no real success in any kind of business… [the message] that sends to my generation is: One day you can just wake and run for Senate, no matter how [much of] a lack of experience you have. And it scares me for a lot of reasons.”

Maybe all of these things do not bother other Republicans, and it certainly doesn’t bother the Tea Partiers—but I am not a Tea Partier. After what I said about her lack of experience, many on the far right threw back at me that I also lacked experience to run for office…

Uh no Meggy…I haven’t heard ANYONE say you lack experience to run for office. In fact, you are as qualified to run for office as our current President was before he ran for office.

Still, many conservatives are sick of her. She speaks as a “26 year old woman” and constantly reminds us of that fact.

But she writes and speaks LIKE an 8th-grade valley girl, only with less intellect or authority. Really…who takes Meggy McCain seriously? Except for this guy:

Anyway, the Dirty Sexy Meghan McCain doesn’t influence anyone…with the possible exception of other vacuous bimbos who aren’t likely to vote anyway. So I’m all for more Meggy Mac on the Sunday morning news shows…we can all enjoy watching her blow up until she takes up the entire screen.

Adventure Time

Not to be confused with Finn and Jake.

It’s Adventure Time with our Adventurer In Chief. A morsel…













As always with Iowahawk, RTWT.

A Totally Mean-spirited post I will feel lousy about

Relaxing and watching TV with the wife and I saw this on the Food Network:

The guy collects…



Hey…he has a passion for it.

The reason I feel so lousy? The guy seems totally nice and sincere…and all I can think is…WHAT A LOSER.

Hey, who am I to judge? I have a Larry Craig bobble-foot doll and a Barack Obama commemorative plate.

(Maybe I’m the loser).

I OWN one of these

Ponytail’s Complaint

It’s kind of like Portnoy’s Complaint except that his is a disorder in which feigned ethical and altruistic impulses are perpetually warring with extreme Stalinist longings.

For Darwin’s Sake!  Won’t someone pay attention to me?  Because people on the other side of the world give a shit about a blog feud you lost.

As I said to the Times, in those days, Geller was often the first one to take the rhetoric over the top, and the target of her rage was usually (but not always) Muslims. And not just militants or terrorists, but all Muslims; Geller was quite clear, and stated often, that she didn’t believe in the idea of a “moderate Islam” at all. (Ironically, this is an opinion she shares with the leaders of al-Qaida, who insist that all Muslims must follow their extreme interpretation of Islam.)

And I quote myself.  Narcissism?  Check.  Comparison of blogger to al-Qaida?  Check.

Shorter Chuckles:  Pamela Geller hates extremist Muslims almost as much as Charles Johnson hates Christians who believe in creationism.  Almost.

UPDATED: Ouch.  A brutal response with screenshots.

Only girls should have ponytails.  On men, it’s just a mullet for hippies.

Sweet Polly Purebred, Please Call Your Gender Reassignment Veterinarian

This certainly wasn’t the image I wanted.  Now I have to carve it out of my memory with a rusty corkscrew:

From the gloryhole of Bwawney Fwank:

Today, the “Tea Party Express” announced that not only has it made my one of their top targets in the entire nation, they are formally endorsing my opponent, Sean Bielat, a supposed moderate.

The Tea Party Express also announced a that it will make a special stop in Massachusetts just before the election in order to defeat me.

The Tea Party Express thinks that it has me tied to the tracks. The right-wing is readying its engines. Fox News and talk radio are ready to call the play-by-play.

Let’s not get railroaded by the extreme right.  Instead, let’s get rear-ended by the extreme left.

You can almost picture it can’t you?  Bwawney in his Goldilocks wig and pink chiffon evening gown tied to the railroad tracks as Sean Bielat twists his Snidely Whiplash moustache. His dimply, writhing, varicose vein legs stuffed into stockings like so much sausage casing.

Quite a departure from his usual Friday night of ball-gags and gimp masks while tied to a radiator and being flogged to the reveal the secret location of his amyl nitrate and coveted Fire Island senior citizen discount FastPass.

Chamber of Horrors

Yes, the latest entry in the long Obama Enemies List is none other than the Chamber of Commerce.

David Axelrod, a top Obama adviser, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that secret political donations to the Chamber and other groups pose “a threat to our democracy.”

Axelrod also took the unusual step of calling on the Chamber to release internal documents backing up its contention that foreign money is not being used to pay for U.S. political activities. Democrats have seized on a report by a liberal blog alleging that dues from Chamber-affiliated business councils could be used in that way.

“If the Chamber opens up its books and says, ‘Here’s where our political money’s coming from,’ then we’ll know,” Axelrod said. “But until they do that, all we have is their assertion.”

No really, he said that. Prove you are NOT receiving dirty money from our usual sources.

It really takes a cloistered academic to assume that Americans are really that anti-business. Of course populism sells and we all hate the “fat cats”. I particularly hate those fat cats who fly in personal jets while trying to all but outlaw the middle class from driving or make millions on Wall Street and are able to get huge taxpayer bailouts courtesy of the Democratic party. But I digress.

I think most Americans outside NYT readers and Marxist lounges get that pro-business doesn’t mean anti-worker or labor. In fact, I’ll bet that greedy multi-national corporations employ many liberals’ parents.

Woodrow Wilson – Progressive Pencilneck Pariah?

Here is a cerebral workout courtesy of the New York Times (I know, right?) on the recent vilification of Woodrow Wilson. My hero, Jonah Goldberg is mentioned prominently since Liberal Fascism deals extensively with the roots of Progressivism.

No doubt, the Left’s hatred of Glenn Beck provided the impetus for this discussion, but, like, whatever. It is a worthwhile conversation and both sides are represented well.

When you’re done with that, check out Jonah’s rebuttal.

Here is my “in a nutshell” quote.

Conservatives see in the Obama administration another great leap in the working out of an unconstrained, Wilsonian vision of government-from-above. And like Americans in 1776, conservatives are responding with the cry: Don’t tread on me!

As the Tea Party movement attests, conservative Americans resent the royalization of American politics that has afflicted much of American liberalism for decades. They do not want to be ruled or “nudged” by a government of their “betters.”

Tea Party activists caught attacking reporter during rally

And I’m sure this video will be all over CNN shortly:

Stupid redneck tea party thugs…

(Update): Oops. Guess I should have watched the video before I posted it. Doug Giles from Townhall Magazine made the same mistake:

I’m sorry, I got that wrong. Stupid me. I’m never going to make it in this business. It was actually a big black liberal woman who whaled on a petite white conservative female reporter last weekend.

Whew, thank God I corrected myself because we all know that if a hulking honky Tea Party mama with dragon nails had smacked down a svelte progressive black female reporter (and on film, no less) it would have caused a media firestorm that would have escalated into:

1. Daily front page coverage by the New York Times

2. Watts-like riots across the nation

3. Non-stop bit**ing from Al Sharpton

4. The end of the Tea Party as we know it

5. And a drunk Kanye would’ve surfaced on a quickly-cobbled, specious Hollywood telethon against racism sporting white Levolor shades and a red leather Michael Jackson jacket and somehow pin all this Tea Party violence on George W. Bush’s primal hatred for black people.

Did I Do Good, Daddy?

Never give a whore an even break.  Unless it’s across her nose or leg for coming up short on your green – know what I mean?

Exhibit A:   NOW, The National Organization for Whores, sides with Jerry “The Pimp” Brown as he backslaps Meg Whitman.

Officially making NOW, Mayor Moonbeam’s Bottom Bitch:

Jerry Brown announced he has received the endorsement of the National Organization for Women, less than 24 hours after the emergence of a recorded message in which Brown can be heard in a conversation with advisors in which someone calls Whitman a “whore.” Coincidence? You be the judge.

As if on cue, Brown’s campaign Friday released the endorsement from NOW championing Brown’s record on women’s rights.  “As Governor, Mayor, and Attorney General, Jerry Brown has promoted and defended women’s rights,” said California NOW President Patty Bellasalma.

“Jerry stands for fairness and equality and never ever backs down. We have every confidence that he will do the same as California’s next governor.”

Lady Bellasalma said, “Did I do good, Daddy?”  Yea, that’s mah gurl. *slap that ass*

Seeing as how Whitman is a pro-choice, liberal Republican, this pretty much closes the door on the idea that one-off organizations like NOW really stand for women as much as for a far leftist ideology when shielding her opponent for calling her a feminist no-no word.

Back to the future, are Californians really looking forward to returning to the days of Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple?  All aboard the plane, we’re going to Guyana!  You know, of course, that Jerry Brown and a host of other currently elected Californistan Corrupticrati helped sneak hundreds of children away to their certain deaths for their buddy Jim Jones, right?

Moonbeams for Mass Murderers

Your flight whore will be circulating refreshments shortly.  Red or grape?