Concern Troll of The Day: Frank Rich

Leading By Example: The portrait of civil discourse that is  Frank Rich

Because if there’s one thing Republicans don’t want to do after stomping a mudhole in Democrat’s asses less than two weeks ago, it’s to look like poor winners:

Many Americans who voted this fall expressed a deep mistrust of government. House Republicans’ triumphalist vows to tie up the Obama administration with nonstop investigations and obstructionist budget crimping are not going to allay those voters’ concerns — or solve any of the country’s problems

“I want seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks,” exulted Representative Darrell Issa, who is in line to take the gavel of the House government oversight committee.

As speaker, Representative John Boehner would be foolish to stamp this vengeful tone on the new majority.

Rich has the temerity of accusing Republicans, who have not even taken power yet, of not focusing the important things (like the economy) when President Dorf has spent more time licking ice cream cones and playing golf than on the clock.  Perhaps they should have just said something humble and befitting the trust placed in them by the voters like, “I won”.  Or “don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother”.  Or, elections have consequences.

Or maybe Boehner should just use a gavel, twice his body size, when running roughshod over the agenda of Rich’s masters in the Kremlin out of respect for the voters.

Former House Frau, Nasty Pelosivic wielding The Gavel of Humility In Victory

Republicans should always take their strategy cues from the Most Undeservingly Smug Jagoff(tm) on the New York Times editorial page.  Honorable mentions to the Chicom worshiping Friedman, crease admiring Brooks, racebaiting Blow and the icy wombed village spinster, the Elder Ms. Dowd-Frost.

Note to self: Start taking advice from Frank Rich on civility and not being a vengeful, mean-spirited asshole.

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