Month: December 2010

Because everyone else around here is too damn lazy to put up a post for a week, allow me to bitch and complain about the morons who are wrecking California (updated)

Today’s proof that public employee/educators are some of the most out-of-touch tax revenue suckers causing our California paradise to sink into oblivion:

Five UC San Diego academic leaders are among three dozen of the University of California’s highest-paid executives to threaten a lawsuit unless they receive a boost in pension benefits they say was promised to them.

Their demand is outlined in a Dec. 9 letter to the UC Board of Regents obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We believe it is the university’s legal, moral and ethical obligation,” to increase the benefits for employees earning more than $245,000, the executives wrote. “Failure to do so will likely result in a costly and unsuccessful legal confrontation.”

Remember that quote the next time educators bemoan the rising cost of college and beg for more money to reduce tuition costs for students. Because it isn’t actually about education…it’s about gettin’ theirs.

The university system estimates that the pension hike would add $5.5 million yearly to its $21.6 billion unfunded pension liability. In addition to that, UC would be on the hook for a one-time $51 million cost to make the increases retroactive to 2007.

To date, pensions are calculated as a percentage of the average of the last three years of pay, capped at $245,000. For a 30-year employee, the maximum pension is therefore $183,750 — whether their final salary is $245,000 or much more.

If the cap is lifted, someone making $700,000 could make a pension of $525,000.

Disgusting. “Educators” like these dweebs have spent their entire lives sucking their living out of taxpayer pockets. Example…UCSD Rady School of (Business) Management Dean Robert Sullivan…current salary $331, 373. From his University profile, let’s see what actually qualifies Dean Sullivan to know anything about “business management”…other than how to steal funds from the government:

Prior to his arrival at UCSD, Dr. Sullivan served as dean of UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. Under his leadership, Kenan-Flagler rose significantly in the national rankings. He initiated a weekend executive MBA Program that was ranked 5th in the world by Business Week magazine in 2001. He also launched the OneMBA executive MBA program, the first truly global program delivered in partnership with four other top-tier international business schools.

From 1995 to 1997, Dr. Sullivan served as director of the University of Texas at Austin’s IC2 Institute, a nontraditional international center for research and education on innovation, creativity, capital and commercialization. He held the J. Marion West Chair for Constructive Capitalism in the university’s Graduate School of Business. Dr. Sullivan served as dean of the Graduate School of Industrial Administration at Carnegie Mellon University from 1991 to 1995. During his tenure, the school’s rankings rose dramatically. He led a complete reengineering of the school’s educational programs, including integrating advanced technology into the field of finance and creating experiential and international distance-learning opportunities for students.

From 1976 to 1991, Dr. Sullivan served in a variety of posts at the University of Texas, including the Joe B. Cook professor of management and associate dean for research and academic affairs in the Graduate School of Business. He was co-director of the Center for Technology Venturing, director of the Bureau of Business Research and director of the Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program in the College of Engineering. Dr. Sullivan was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia from 1968 to 1970, where he worked as a lecturer in production management in the College of Business Administration at Haile Selassie I University in Addis Ababa (now Addis Ababa University).

Well…he WAS a Peace Corps volunteer. Did he actually ever run a business?


But he has built his career entirely on taxpayer dollars…so it’s understandable that despite running a business school, he hasn’t a clue as to how the greed of public employees like Sullivan is driving business out of California. In his little world, the State has unlimited funds to give to him and his fellow shake-down artists:

Sullivan, the UCSD management dean, said he and his colleagues are not expecting widespread sympathy for their fight. He said the issue at hand is about ethics, and keeping promises, rather than money.

“We know that benefits packages and health care have to be reined in,” Sullivan said. “We are aware that the issue of the day — salaries and retirement packages — may influence this. Opponents will not be sympathetic.”

Oh. Dean Sullivan IS aware that public employees are draining the public coffers. But heck…that’s for OTHER public employees to worry about…just give him HIS money. Because when Dean Sullivan retires, you really cannot expect him to live on a measley $245,000 a year.

Speaking of entitled “educators”, I was sad to see this letter to the editor from a teacher at my high school alma mater:

In response to “Educator pension crunch looms” (Dec. 28): The article fails to mention that public educators earn at or below median income, especially in California. Few jobs that require postsecondary education are so limited in compensation. Thus, the percentage received in pension (58 percent) may seem high, but the story connects the percentage to an abysmally low rate of pay for highly qualified and educated employees. I am in my fifth year of teaching, with a master’s degree, and I gross $53,000. A first-year California Highway Patrol officer is estimated to make about $87,000, according to the agency’s website.

If the goal is to help destroy the CalSTRS program, then realize that the lack of attractiveness of teaching will diminish from an already very low level. One of the few consolations for our meager paychecks is the promise of stable employment (already dashed by budget cuts), holiday vacations (proposed to be diminished by the White House) and a pension. Sure, most educators teach because we love what we do and that it’s rewarding. But the personal cost is becoming prohibitive to continuing a career in public education.

Chris Fanning

Valhalla High School

El Cajon

Chris Fanning is whining about a “meager” paycheck of $53,000 a year. For a job that he works 9…perhaps 10 months out of the year, has healthcare costs paid for, and a pension paying him 90% of his final salary if he retires at 55. But…he’s not in the job for the money.

Of course he could apply for jobs teaching at private schools…but oops, there would go that taxpayer funded/teacher’s union safety net.

Or better yet, he could direct his career path to university administration…so he can get the big money.

Update: I forgot to add that our President’s admonition here can never apply to a tax-sucking public employee:

Twelve Days of Christmas: Lame Duck Session “Spielberg Variety Pack”

Well, the Twelve Days are officially over.  If by “over”, you mean that we heard the voice of the American people in the last election but the clock is already out and we’re still cramming our agenda down your throat.  Still, sometimes you realized you forgot something on Christmas morning.

To that end, everybody loves a 2-pak. No, not the one with the bulletholes in him (though I ain’t got nuttin but love for ya homie) who doesn’t get anymore Christmases – but the kind you can still overnight from Amazon in time to claim it got delayed by shipping and that you’re not a thoughtless lout.

Thankfully, Steven Spielberg has decided to focus his Industrial, Light & Magic on his greatest special effects project to date.  Namely, re-branding the Democrats from being punished for their success.  It’s all about the optics, A-holes.  Keep telling yourself that.

Optics with 5.1 Dolby in Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1!

Richard Trumka is in a race against time in search of the Lost Gold of Jimmy Hoffa.   Thanks to a government subsidy and a supporting cast from the Screen Actor’s Guild, the AFL-CIO, the Las Vegas Culinary Institute and Working for Change – they’ll kill any disorganized, crumbsnatching boogerpickers who get in their way.  “Union goon” always sounds so harsh, but Trumka and his buddies aren’t goons at all – they’re Goonies!


It all seemed like a dream in 1982.  At the peak of his powers, Spielberg held the mirror of our cruel sense of humanity in our faces as Elliot gave a handout of Reese’s Pieces to the world’s favorite illegal alien.  The foreign, diseased menace hopped into the basket of a bicycle and pedaled his way to sweet foreign freedom in the shadow of the moon with the underage teen.

But like every other “self-deporting” alien, he’s back.  And this time, he’ll capture our hearts as he captures his green card.  He is, E.T. – the Extwa Tewwestwial:

A repeal of DADT has cleared the way for E.T. to get his citizenship so it’s off to bootcamp as Steven Spielberg in no way, shape or form intends to help Nancy Pelosi from looking like she wants to sell-out unemployed Americans during The Second Great Depression by offering free college educations and citizenship to illegal aliens.

Barney Frank stars in the role he was born to play.  Frank re-teams with the hit director fresh off their success in the straight to DVD sci-fi cult classic, Close Encounters of the Turd Kind.

Experience the pride and movie magic again as E.T. flashes his photo ID for a government discount to Fire Island and his glowing middle finger to Red America’s backwards values while on shore leave.  Rekindle the awe-inspiring innocence of your youth as E.T. phones homo.

Coming Soon from The Spielberg Collection

– Scheduled Release March 2010:  Years of plastic surgery have left the most powerful woman in the free world horribly disfigured as she assumes Speaker of the House.  You’ll experience true terror as Spielberg digitally spackles over God’s mistakes in “Jaws”.

-  He’s on a bike wearing a helmet, he’s on a surfboard, er, wearing a helmet, he’s eating a hamburger while wearing a helmet!  There’s no telling where you’re going to find President Obama where he’s not wearing a helmet as Tom Hanks plays a tenacious congressional investigator tracking down the President to ask him why a federal case against voter intimidation was dismissed after it was already won in “Catch Me If You Can”.  You’d be surprised what some people can get away with by forging a few documents.  Release date:  Fall 2011

The Twelve Days Of Christmas: Putz Putt Golf

12 days of christmasLeading the Free World is hard! Just ask every journalist who railed that “W” spent too much time on his Crawford ranch. Putz Putt Golf (recommended for ages 3-5) is an educational and fun way to teach your kids important work/life balance skills – just like the President!

Young players will wind their way around 18 holes while avoiding “bummers” that could ruin their leisure.

As the North Koreans pound Seoul, Obama must skillfully maneuver the sand trap on a brutal par 5 or else a meekly worded letter to the U.N. won’t be drafted in time. As China backs their play on disputed fishing territories, Obama risks a birdie on a long Par 3 by putting a lot of top spin on the ball with his 9 iron. Will he reach the pin in time to avert nuclear catastrophe?


Other great gift ideas!
International Sorry!
Call of Duty: Slack Ops
Death Panel

Can We get an unsexy Tea Party Rally against Ethanol?

I know it’s not as dramatic as donning our Uncle Sam costumes and parading the constitution, but we should be busting into very town hall and busing into DC to end another Cornhusker Kickback.

Thanks a pantload Sen. Grassley and all the Republicans we worked so hard to get into office. I know the real good guys haven’t been sworn in yet, but how about a token gesture that you GOPers are serious?

Almost $5 billion in subsidies for corn-based ethanol and a continuing tariff to protect against ethanol imports were wrapped up and placed on the tree Thursday night for farm-state lawmakers and agribusiness lobbyists.

Let’s take a look inside the sausage maker, shall we?

“The basic issue is that the Corn Belt has a lot of clout on the Hill,” Marlo Lewis of the Competitive Enterprise Institute told TheDC. “That’s the paradox in a democracy,” he continued, “that special interests can play a ruse.”

“But if it’s such a great bargain, why do we need a law to force us to buy it? The answer is it’s a great bargain for corn growers. It’s an incredible scam,” said Lewis. He also agreed that the fact the Iowa Caucus has so much influence in presidential politics doesn’t help things.

Because a final version of the tax deal has not yet been brokered by the White House and congressional Republicans, it’s not yet clear whether the subsidies will be extended at their current rate or at a lowered one, per a compromise bill offered by Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana that would lower subsidy by 36-cents. On Tuesday, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California hinted it may stay at current levels to appease Democrats who are angered over the tax deal.

Come on Tea Party, do we have just one more fight left in us to show that we’re more than just anti-Democratic Party tax and spend, but Republican corporate welfare as well?

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas – Death Panel

12 days of christmasHey Smart Shoppers! There is still plenty of time to get those gifts under the tree. But there may not be much time for you before you shuffle this mortal coil and join the Choir Triumphant.

Playing Death Panel is a fun way for the whole family to journey down the Red Tape Highway towards life-saving help or government sponsored Eternity!

Even smart or connected players will be challenged. Landing on a square where you eat a delicious cupcake will force to go to the back of the line. Be careful! Smoke a cigarette and you will lose a turn.


Click to embiggen

Land on a Gamble With Your Life square and draw a card. Can you feel your heart pounding?

Michelle is watching!

Sorry, your Doc works for the DMV now!

Do you have shit for brains?

Do you lack common sense? Are you total a-hole with no qualifications to get a job in the private sector? Do you want to feel powerful and control other people’s lives?

The TSA has a job opportunity waiting for you

I am traveling with a group next week to Phoenix. The original plan back in September was for us to all fly Southwest Airlines (it’s a 45 minute flight). Instead, at considerable additional expense, we are chartering a bus.

Thanks to Stacy.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Juneteenth

From Post-Racial to Most Racial, continued.

It’s gonna be a Happy Juneteenth ya’ll.

Breitbart’s got the goodies on the only thing you need to read today.

How does a 400 farmer racial class action lawsuit balloon into the billions and now has more “farmers” as plaintiffs than black farmers ever recorded by the USDA?

Have a guy run for President who promises reparations for people supporting him.  That’s how.

Quid pro quo, nappy ho.

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas – Race Card

12 days of christmasSince it’s early December and we have quite a few shopping days left, we (I) thought it would be good to bring back a classic from our first 12 Days series. Race baiting never goes out of fashion, so here is our classic game Race Card! This fun for the family game never goes out of fashion (as long as Rev. Al Sharpton breathes, that is).


Race Card
Click for more

Price Cutter or Box Cutter?

I Own the World has discovered that New York City is having a rare moral quandary. There is a controversy stirring the activist juices of concerned New Yorkers like no Islamic Center on Ground Zero could.

New York City is holding a “Walmart” hearing on December 14th to see whether or not they are “allowing” Walmart to build a store in New York City.
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn joined a labor protest against the retailer last June, the Daily News reported.

How do sane people respond? With a slogan contest of course! Here are just a few of the best

“If we have stuff people can afford, the terrorists win!”

“Death to discounts!”

At least our crazies will be paying sales taxes!

Put in your 5, 3, 2 cents!

WaPo Sings: Do They Know It’s Still Fitzmas?

When I read the first breathless movie review for “Fair Game”, the fabulist film about the not-quite-as-covert wannabe cover girl and her dipshit husband, the only thing shocking in it’s heavy handed “this movie is so important that it may change your life” propaganda was that it didn’t go direct to video.

Little did I know that the Washington Post would be compelled to author an editorial to address it’s myriad fallacies though.  Have yourself a Merry Little Fitzmas:

WE’RE NOT in the habit of writing movie reviews. But the recently released film “Fair Game” – which covers a poisonous Washington controversy during the war in Iraq – deserves some editorial page comment, if only because of what its promoters are saying about it.

In fact, “Fair Game,” based on books by Mr. Wilson and his wife, is full of distortions – not to mention outright inventions. To start with the most sensational: The movie portrays Ms. Plame as having cultivated a group of Iraqi scientists and arranged for them to leave the country, and it suggests that once her cover was blown, the operation was aborted and the scientists were abandoned. This is simply false. In reality, as The Post’s Walter Pincus and Richard Leiby reported, Ms. Plame did not work directly on the program, and it was not shut down because of her identification.

The movie portrays Mr. Wilson as a whistle-blower who debunked a Bush administration claim that Iraq had tried to purchase uranium from the African country of Niger. In fact, an investigation by the Senate intelligence committee found that Mr. Wilson’s reporting did not affect the intelligence community’s view on the matter, and an official British investigation found that President George W. Bush’s statement in a State of the Union address that Britain believed that Iraq had sought uranium in Niger was well-founded.

“Fair Game” also resells the couple’s story that Ms. Plame’s exposure was the result of a White House conspiracy. A lengthy and wasteful investigation by a special prosecutor found no such conspiracy – but it did confirm that the prime source of a newspaper column identifying Ms. Plame was a State Department official, not a White House political operative.

Hollywood has a habit of making movies about historical events without regard for the truth; “Fair Game” is just one more example. But the film’s reception illustrates a more troubling trend of political debates in Washington in which established facts are willfully ignored. Mr. Wilson claimed that he had proved that Mr. Bush deliberately twisted the truth about Iraq, and he was eagerly embraced by those who insist the former president lied the country into a war. Though it was long ago established that Mr. Wilson himself was not telling the truth – not about his mission to Niger and not about his wife – the myth endures. We’ll join the former president in hoping that future historians get it right.

“Ouch “as they say.  Good on the liberal stalwarts at the Washington Post for clearing the air poisoned by liars like Plame and Mr. Plame the IVth who took time out from the cocktail circuit to undermine public support for Afghanistan and Iraq so they could milk a few minutes of fame and Viagra co-pays out of their treason.  And a lump of sweet, carbony coal in Penn’s solstice stocking this year.  When he’s not making assassination snuff porn, he’s a shameless shill for dictators and a prevaricating propagandist.

Now, for Scooter Libby’s pardon…