12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas – Race Card

12 days of christmasSince it’s early December and we have quite a few shopping days left, we (I) thought it would be good to bring back a classic from our first 12 Days series. Race baiting never goes out of fashion, so here is our classic game Race Card! This fun for the family game never goes out of fashion (as long as Rev. Al Sharpton breathes, that is).


Race Card
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3 comments on “12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas – Race Card

  1. Forty years ago, would we have EVER figured or thought that we’d see even a fake advertisement for a game called “Race Card” ? Yet, here we are. Are we cynical? Bitter? No! Just alot more experienced at what the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. has become.

    Thanks to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Johnny Cochran. The gifts you’ve left for us. Kind of a combination of a learning package and a mine field. Like Rosetta Stone with explosive CDs.

  2. Just look at the last year: Eric Holder, the FCC Chair talking about free internet as a civil right for nappy headed kids, Lebron James being a hundred millionaire and claiming that the city that give him more than they had is racist, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, the Pigford Settlement, the Beer Summit.

    Allah H. Antichrist, this world needs a new race card game! It’s the card that never gets old.

    Hell, you’ve even got a few Jokers in the deck like Steve Cohen trying to join the Congressional Black Caucus and getting rejected.

  3. Don, I never thought this would come full circle where liberals like Jon Stewart is saying that the Race Card is maxed out.

    Brian, some people never get the memo that race baiting isn’t getting the mileage it used to.

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