Month: February 2011

Was Mary Mancini Not Available?

Ron Ramsey is officially too stupid to remain Lt. Governor of Tennessee. Quite a feat in and of itself.

How else to explain naming a Liberadio-ing, democrat voting, Daily Kossifying, Dave Weigel worshipping, never-miss-an-opportunity-to-cheap-shot-a-conservative House Donkey like Adolph Klanheider to be his Communications Director?

To paraphrase The Godfather:

Don Corleone: [kisses Michael] Listen, whoever comes to you with this Klainheider recommendation, he’s the traitor. Don’t forget that.

You’re going to live to regret putting the enemy in charge of your message, Boots.

The Most Underrated American President

Thanks to my Buffet bretheren for allowing me the indulgence of reposting this from my “11” days:

He’s not on any American currency, there are no monuments to him in Washington (though you can stay at a Bed and Breakfast named after him while visting). Most American History classes pretty much ignore his administration. He never even won an election.

But looking at him now, it’s clear that America could use another Chester A. Arthur. Elevated to the Presidency upon the assassination of James Garfield, Arthur enacted policies that pissed off both Democrats and Republicans…

Heard of The Pendleton Act? Chester Arthur signed that law that…get this…actually required government appointees to show some level of competence before they get appointed. No more cronyism. While The Pendleton Act is still allegedly in effect, clearly our current administration doesn’t pay much attention to it.

Arthur also enacted our nation’s first immigration law:

The Arthur Administration enacted the first general Federal immigration law. Arthur approved a measure in 1882 excluding paupers, criminals, and lunatics. Congress suspended Chinese immigration for ten years, later making the restriction permanent.

Now that’s an immigration policy I can get behind. Not the part about the Chinese…but excluding paupers, criminals and lunatics. You poor? Sorry, you’re not bringing your destitution here to leech off our social services. Criminal? Get your gang-bangin’ ass back to El Salvador. Lunatic? If you came from a country that thinks that a child-molester is a prophet

Got a little pork in that bill you got through Congress? You couldn’t get that past Chet Arthur:

The extravagant expenditure of public money is an evil not to be measured by the value of that money to the people who are taxed for it.

Because Arthur decided to actually look out for the American people and failed to hire Republican cronies, Arthur didn’t even get his party’s nomination in the 1884 election. Not that he particularly wanted it. See…the dude was dying and wouldn’t have even made it through the first year of his second term. And before you think I am being disrespectful for calling him “dude”…well, dude…his nickname was The Dude President.

My favorite author Samuel Clemens said this about my favorite Arthur:

I am but one in 55,000,000; still, in the opinion of this one-fifty-five millionth of the country’s population, it would be hard to better President Arthur’s administration.

Another Chet Arthur fan

Happy Presidents Day, Chester A. Arthur. Mt. Rushmore should have had space for ya…

(A little Chester Arthur video…and you thought Barack Obama’s background was mysterious):

Mighty White Of Ya

O-Tay by me

When is a white person calling a black person “buckwheat” in a political argument, okay?  Why, when you’re of the correct party persuasion of course:

A Broadview Heights woman is accusing state Rep. Robert F. Hagan of using a term that some believe has a racist connotation on a social networking site.

Hagan, D-60th, of Youngstown, used the term “buckwheat” in a Facebook posting Saturday.

He said the posting wasn’t racist, and the attack on him is the tea party’s attempt to make him look bad.

The Tea Party made him call somebody “Buckwheat” on Facebook.  Is there no end to their mysterious powers?

Pay no attention to the bigot behind the curtain.

Crowther of Liberty Township in Southwest Ohio, believes the term was directed at him.

“I was offended by that,” Crowther said.

He called it an odd and inappropriate thing for Hagan to say.

“I felt it was beneath somebody that we’d elect” to say it, Crowther said.

Hagan said it’s an attempt to make him look bad.

“They are so full of —-,” he said. “They’re so negative, these teabaggers.”

He said, “Listen here you full of $#|+, teabagging f@&&0+$ – I’d never call you a N|&&3r”.  Thanks for the clarification, Congressman.

The offending exchange snapshot:

Former UN Human Rights Chairman Guns Down Hundreds of Unarmed Mourners

Hrmmm…why should we cutoff all funding for the UN?  Gee, it’s so hard to think of a better example:

Details have emerged of huge casualty figures in the Libyan city of Benghazi, where troops have launched a brutal crackdown on protesters.

More than 200 people are known to have died, doctors say, with 900 injured.

The most bloody attacks were reported over the weekend, as funeral marches were said to have come under machine-gun and heavy weapons fire.

One doctor, speaking amid the sound of fresh gunfire on Sunday, told the BBC that “a real massacre” had happened.

For the ADHD set, Libya was anointed the Chair of the UN Human Rights Commission a few years ago in a secret ballot of like-minded dictatorships:

While human rights groups have complained, Libya’s chairing of the commission has been staunchly defended by the son of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Seif al-Islam al-Gaddafi told the BBC recently: “The Middle East has a generally bad record on human rights and this is an opportunity to embarrass middle eastern governments into improving that record”.

How embarrassing.  With 200 dead and 900 injured, I can’t help but wonder how many of the injured owe their lives to snipers blushing from all the embarrassment.

President Davis To Meet With Chinese Outsourcing Council

This should be interesting.  President Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. intends to hold a bidness summit in San Fransicko featuring the people most responsible for nothing ever getting done in this country:

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who recently took a medical leave of absence from his company, and Google chief executive Eric Schmidt will be among the attendees of President Obama’s event with business leaders in San Francisco Thursday evening, a source familiar with the event tells ABC News.

Earlier today, ABC News reported that one attendee would be 26-year-old founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, according to a source familiar with the meeting.

So Steve Jobs, the toothpick’s excuse for a man responsible for making all of his little entertainment gadgets with Chinese child slave labor, evildoer Google voyeur / advertiser with a search engine Eric Schmidt and the 26 year old Facebook tech-bubblerider who has led to absolutely no work getting done in every office in America are going to meet with Stan and Mr. Davis’s illegitimate son to:

“…discuss our shared goal of promoting American innovation, and discuss his commitment to new investments in research and development, education and clean energy,” a White House official said

Shorter Zuckerschmidtheads:  To ask for government handouts to have those “American innovations” constructed in countries without labor laws so they can sell their overpriced garbage back to the people underwrote their relocation.  Oh, and to turn around and donate that money right back to Mr. Davis in the next election cycle.

/Because of the assault on Unions!

Unexpectedly: Republicans Increase Unemployment Rate

By nine.  Luckily, this won’t increase the rate in the long run because the jobs are gone and won’t be coming back.  It’s the New Normal ™! Get used to it, Commies.

The House voted Thursday to dethrone nine White House “czars.”

Republicans successfully added an amendment to the continuing resolution that would leave President Barack Obama’s senior advisers on policy issues including health care, energy and others out of a job.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) offered the amendment that blocks funding for various policy advisers to combat what he called “a very disturbing proliferation of czars” under Obama.

“These unappointed, unaccountable people who are literally running a shadow government, heading up these little fiefdoms that nobody can really seem to identify where they are or what they’re doing,”

No more kings.  No more czars.  No more government funded cars.

The jobs on the chopping block: White House-appointed advisers on health care, energy and climate, green jobs, urban affairs, the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention center, oversight of TARP executive compensation, diversity at the Federal Communications Commission and the auto industry manufacturing policy.

Communists and economic illiterates every one.  I know I give Republicans hell for being milquetoast, jelly-spined crapweasels but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Now, on to overturning the oil moratorium before the Middle Eastern tinderbox explodes and oil skyrockets to $200 a barrel.

The jew-hating Ron De Paulle is already trying to spark a sequel to the Six Day War.

Double Standards: Adulterous Politician Must Resign In Disgrace

That poor Christopher Lee.  If only he had a “D” next to his name he wouldn’t be getting the Journ-O-List lynch mob treatment:



What if Lee, instead of trying to find a match on Craiglist, he had just stuffed rolled tobacco in the cooter of a buxom intern 35 years his junior, not to mention countless others before, during and after his Presidency (intentionally spiked), while Osama bin Laden was attacking us with impunity.  If only he had suborned perjury with promises of payoffs and bribes to staff and mistress in front of a grand jury in a sexual harassment lawsuit.  Because of the Integrity ™.

Lee’s biggest crime?  Apparently, he wasn’t cheating on his cancer stricken wife while running for President. Or running a male escort agency out of his congressional office.

Such are the wages of being a low-level politician no one has ever heard of.   Edwards was right about two Americas though.

The one where Republicans have double standards and the one where Democrats have no standards.

CLARIFICATION: Lee has since resigned though it’s important to note – No actual adulterous affair has been confirmed.  The only impropriety documented so far is him flirting with someone on Craigslist.

Regardless, OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!  Because of the hypocrisy or something and because all gays want to pretend like getting married is the coolest shit ever.

Dear Liberal, Please come to our Tea Party

We could sure use your help in getting our elected officials to stop spending so much on keeping themselves elected. I know you’ve lamented how much of your good Blue State money is spent on Red states.

Here is something you can do; come along side the Tea Party and demand that your representatives spend responsibly.

Sure, accusing us of racism and rallying for ideals like marsupial gender-equality is much more fun. But let’s face it, it’s just a cathartic Two-Minute Hate.

I mean, doesn’t this piss you off just a little?

Johnson’s fellow Badger State Republican, Congressman Paul Ryan, has a mixed record on ag spending. While he voted against the 2008 farm bill (which increased farm entitlements), he voted for the 2002 farm bill, which the libertarian Cato Institute says increased subsidies by $45 billion over five years. Ryan’s district has three USDA offices and received $15.7 million in farm entitlements in 2009.

As chairman of the House Budget Committee, Ryan could have a major impact on agriculture spending. Not only will he set the agricultural spending ceiling for the next fiscal year, he will also play an important role in placing funding limits for the 2012 farm bill, which will set farm entitlement laws for at least five years.

Will Ryan be bold and take a red pen to farm entitlements? Or will he flinch to keep farmers in his district happy? Remember, he justified his votes for TARP and the auto bailout by saying “it’s important to keep in mind where I come from.”

Although the RSC has a much-ballyhooed spending cut proposal, they left farm entitlements untouched. Their ag cuts were limited to ending a couple of programs such as organic food certification at $22 million per year. Sadly, that’s miniscule compared to the cash inflows some RSC members’ districts enjoyed in one year in “untouchable” farm entitlements. For example, Tim Huelskamp’s (R-KS 1) district got over $368 million in 2009, Randy Neugebauer’s (R-TX 19) picked up $360 million, and Steve King’s (R-IA 5) received over $216 million. That’s nearly a billion dollars in annual cash payments going to just three congressional districts.

Your voice would be seriously appreciated amongst us fiscal conservatives as we try to keep our nation from insolvency. And it would increase the credibility of both our camps – provided you leave your paper mache heads at home and dis-invite some of the fringier elements such as Code Pink and the International Solidarity Movement.

What do you say?