Freddy Quimby Acquitted of Murder (The Chicago Way Edition)

The poor man’s Kennedys strike again.  And the Chicago Thugocracy’s version of Michael Skakel is allowed to prowl the night once again free from consequence:

For the first time, the Chicago Police said Friday they know who hit David Koschman and knocked him to the ground in a drunken confrontation in the Rush Street area, leading to his death from a brain injury 11 days later — but they’re not telling.

They said they are closing Koschman’s 2004 homicide case without asking the Cook County state’s attorney’s office to charge anyone because they concluded the punch was thrown in self-defense.

Police reports made public Friday black out the name of the man who detectives concluded threw the lone punch at Koschman. But the descriptions they provided and accounts given by witnesses and others to the Chicago Sun-Times make clear it was Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko, a nephew of Mayor Daley and White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley.

This is where the civil trial should come in and rob Vanecko of his life and future earnings.

Vanecko, 36, has refused to speak to the police on the advice of his criminal-defense lawyers, including Terence Gillespie, according to the police.

He refused to talk to the police but they determined, without his input, that it was self-defense.  That, my friends, is amazing.  Usually when someone claims self-defense, they actually at some point assert that they feared for their life.   The police generally don’t make up your alibi for you.

Fearful for his life no less, in this case, from an outnumbered and unarmed man with no history of violent behavior.  Let’s look at that “fear for his life” argument:

In interviews with the Sun-Times, Koschman’s friends acknowledged that he was yelling but said he never ran at the other group and that he never physically threatened anyone. The 21-year-old from Mount Prospect stood 5-feet-5 and weighed 140 pounds. Vanecko was 6-feet-3 and 230 pounds at the time.

Guilty as hell, free as a bird.  Notice a theme with these people yet?

A 6′ 3″, 230 lbs. 29 year old was terrified for his life (while being backed by several friends of comparable size) by a 140 lbs. 5′ 5″ 21 year old.

A state or federal prosecutor and internal affairs should immediately open an investigation into this miscarriage of justice.  Or, Koschman’s family and friends should take matters into their own hands.  The Chicago police have abdicated their moral and legal authority to do what is right.




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