Meaty Dog Food News Bites

We’ll all be eating dog food soon, so might as well get used to it. This is why the corruptocrats who run our country exclude food and gas when they calculate the rate of inflation. They know that most Americans are too busy with their finger in their own pie watching Glee to be bothered with discerning the difference.

The catastrophe in Japan continues. You may have noticed a lack of urgent coverage here, and that’s for several reasons. First, unlike so many other really important bloggers, we don’t claim to be a news site. A more important reason is that, besides the fact that thousands of people have died and entire towns have been reduced to rubble, the details of the nuclear crisis are truly unknown. We can speculate all day long, but there are too many conflicting reports to jump/not jump off a bridge. What we can do is donate to relief efforts and pray for the victims, if you’re so inclined.

Needless to say, with a world economy already teetering on the brink, this was the last thing Japan, or anybody else, needed.

Gas prices continue to skyrocket. Even chubby-chasing President Clifford says that he is in support of some new drilling. He also wants us to start drilling for our own oil. (rim shot)

The country-club Republicans in congress continue to demonstrate their spinelessness as the Donks have made them their bitches on “spending cuts” yet again. There is no urgency from either party on spending cuts, which is yet another reason why we are doomed to an economic catastrophe.

As Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., said before Tuesday’s House vote on the latest continuing resolution, “It’s time to take a stand for taxpayers and future generations. Things don’t change in Washington, D.C., until they have to. It will not be possible to put our fiscal house in order without a fight. By giving liberals in the Senate another three weeks of negotiations, we will only delay a confrontation that must come. I say, ‘Let it come now. It’s time to take a stand.’ … House Republicans need to tell liberals in the Senate, ‘This far and no further.’ Nobody wants a government shutdown, but unless we take a stand, we will shut down the future for our children and grandchildren.”

There are a small minority of Republicans in the House and Senate who get it, but their GOP brothers and sisters are too gutless to do what needs to be done. We need more a lot more Governor Walkers and a lot fewer Senator Alexanders.

In other, far less important news, the upcoming NFL season is in doubt. Apparently being paid millions to play a game is equal to slavery in this day and age. I love pro football, but I’d be fine with letting these overpaid asses sit at home for a year while we watch some XFL-style scabs beat each other up on the RedZone.

Gotta go. Lunch is ready.

BREAKING! COOTUS is fi’n to fill out his brackets! My money is on the top seed.

MORE(ON) GOP COWARDS: 54 House Republicans are ready for prime time. The rest? Sucking eggs all day.

Encouraged by conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation and the Club for Growth to oppose the bill, the GOP defectors complained that the three week extension did not withhold funding for the health care law, Planned Parenthood and other programs.

“I am convinced that a vote for the CR is a vote to not fight against ObamaCare,” Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann said in a statement encouraging other members to join her in opposition. “The time has come to take a stand.”

After the vote, Florida Rep. Allen West — a Tea Party-backed freshman member who voted against the measure — said he couldn’t support the bill in good faith.

“People have to be able to sleep with themselves. I know that I can look myself in the mirror and explain my vote very well to my constituents back in South Florida,” West said. “We have got to start making some of the hard choices and decisions. That’s adult leadership.”


  1. Can’t believe in this day and age I can actually brag about a polotician, BUT Pence is my Rep from Muncie. Unfortunately, I think it’s too little too late!

    Great blog, glad I found it!

  2. PTH – Help me out here.

    One oil rig leaks in the Gulf of Mexico and Bozo shuts down all offshore oil drilling for a year – continuing to this very day.

    Yet, a nuclear reactor manufactured by one of his greatest campaign benefactors, recipient of his bailout, head of his “jobs” council is about to go full-blown Chernobyl all over one of our allies and…
    It doesn’t warrant shutting down every nuclear facility in the country until we can determine how safe it is?

    I’m not saying to ban nuclear power – I’m asking why is it okay to shut down all offshore oil drilling over one accident but it’s not okay to sock it to GE’s bottom line when their SNAFU is threatening to be worse than the Deepwater Horizon.

    I don’t understand how no one is asking this question.

  3. Well, the more important question is will Syracuse make it to the Elite Eight, don’t you think?

    We have a COOTUS who votes present any time there is an issue more serious than childhood obesity and the old media continues to portray him as a “leader” when he’s nothing more than a street thug who shouldn’t even be managing a Dairy Queen.

    We can’t have him answering tough questions like yours when he doesn’t even know that there aren’t 57 states.

  4. F***ing Obama.

    The world is blowing up around him (us) and our (dear) leader acts like nothing is happening.

    Mrs. Nigel is from a foreign country and I was away visiting her during the 2008 elections. When Obama was elected, I remember people from her neighborhood coming up to me and “congratulating” me. I just looked at them forlornly…”if you only KNEW.”

    Mrs. Nigel is here now, and she has been watching gas prices climb to over $4 a gallon. This was something I told her peeps at election time…now Mrs. Nigel thinks I am some kind of political genius.

    But it was right in front of us. “Energy prices will NECESSARILY skyrocket”…remember?:

    OK, so Cap and Trade hasn’t even happened YET. Now the price of everything is going up.

    I went to Target (FU, homosexual activist Nazis)to shop for my family. I wrote down the following:

    * Baby Formula…up 90 cents
    * Baby Food…up 8 cents a serving (10%)
    * Alka Seltzer…up 70 cents
    * Cereal…up 80 cents a box
    * Milk…up 40 cents a gallon
    * Bread…up 30 cents a loaf
    * Paper Towels…up 20 cents a roll

    I stopped there and decided not to look at the prices anymore…it was too depressing.

    I make good money, but now I am beginning to feel the crunch. And if I am feeling “the crunch”, how are working-class families less income-blessed than myself making out?

    This hopey-changey thing sucks.

  5. How do working class people making under $12 an hour do it? By revolving credit that’s how.

    Gas prices double? No problem. Grocery bill goes up 30%. As long as you’re making those minimum monthly payments there’s nothing to worry about right? Every month that balance just gets bigger and bigger until bankruptcy or charge-off settlements.

    I set my monthly utilities up on a credit card and pay them all at once. For everything else, I pay cash so I can see my money leaving my hand. People have no concept of money anymore because they’re desensitized from using plastic.

  6. I believe that you have your finger on the pulse of current events. Particularly with the financial situation. The disaster in Japan does not bode well for the world economy which is already reeling from one economic catastrophe after another. Even the Germans are beginning to get queasy about Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain dragging them down into the economic mire.

    This is why I expect minimal military action in the Middle East regarding Libya and other Arab nations. Neither the Europeans nor America can afford another war at this juncture. The fact is that we are all broke.

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