Out of State Bump For Me, Not For Thee

I try to keep my individual outrages in order.  This particular one was from last week after the Commie-Media sued Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker for not producing thousands of e-mails for them to pour through – chop! chop! – within a couple of days of their request in a feeble attempt to claim he was lying about any sensible person rejecting the violent, sexual advances of union thugs towards the taxpayers.  If I may paraphrase Joe Biden’s rapist view of policy differences.

Turns out, Walker was right:

Gov. Scott Walker was right: The angry crowds in Madison didn’t tell the whole story of how Wisconsinites felt.

In the week after Walker announced his plan to dramatically curtail public employees’ collective bargaining rights in the state budget repair bill, a wide majority of the emails to him expressed support, an analysis of those emails indicates.

Now let’s be sure to define Walker’s truth down so as to provide some measure of cover for their Brothers In Harms.

But that support was significantly boosted by emails from pro-Walker senders from outside Wisconsin.

It goes on much later to show an e-mail-by-e-mail vetting revealing such a wide margin (almost 2:1) within the state of Wisconsin as to dispatch any Leftist media assertion to the contrary.

And, oh, one more thing.  Who took the tally of the “protesters” to see how many had been bussed in to support the Unionists?  Seems they weren’t the voice of Wisconsin after all.  Make that your headline.

Sue the unions to get the tally.  Best believe they know every astroturfed ringer Cheesehead that got loaded onto the purple bus.  The purple bus with professional squeaky wheels.

RELATED: It’s still my opinion that at least latently the purpose of the Commie-Media’s lawsuit was to get the names of the Anti-Union supporters to pass off to Unions for harassment purposes.

If just one name of the private correspondence sent to Walker is released then we know that the first motive of the lawsuit was to manufacture a pseudoscandal about Walker lying over support.  The second is so more Union Police Officers can send threatening boycott letters to area businessmen to imply they won’t respond to their emergency calls.