Month: April 2011

You Can’t Rape The Willing

This lover’s spat between the San Francisco Chronicle and Obama is getting out of hand.  In Tennessee, at least one party has to be arrested if the police arrive to a domestic violence call and see evidence of physical injury.  It’s the law.

However, it’s doubtful that Eric Holder is going to be flashing his blue lights or that Janet Incompetano will ride to the rescue in her extra-husky black wranglers for this collar.

The White House says a San Francisco Chronicle reporter broke the rules when she put down her pen and picked up a video camera to film a protest. The newspaper says the Obama administration needs to join the 21st century.

The conflict hit the newspaper’s front page Friday with a story about coverage of the protest during President Barack Obama’s speech last week at a private fundraiser.

It highlights the perils that arise when traditional arrangements between news organizations and politicians meet the modern reality that anyone with a smartphone can become a video journalist.

“Modern Day Reality” means a camera?  What is this – 1885?

That “traditional arrangement” would be to protect the comfortable in exchange for access.  Like Eason Jordan of CNN covering up Saddam Hussein’s atrocities to keep his Baghdad bureau open, every other media outlet in the U.S. has reached a similar arrangement for Barack Hussein so that they can keep snapping their pictures of his head in front of the presidential seal so that it resembles a halo.  And to photoshop out the horns as agreed.

I thought when you wanted to Change America ™ that “traditional arrangements” went out the window.  What was supposed to be an open marriage has not-so-suddenly become an abusive relationship.  Buck up, sugar.  He’s still such a catch.

Dan Gillmor, a media critic and head of the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University, said the White House needs to update the rules for its pool reports to match the realities of 21stcentury reporting.

But he also said newspapers should do more to embrace the new reality that amateurs are capable of providing their own records of events, showing a wider range of perspectives. For example, he said the Chronicle could focus more on providing a platform for amateur video, which would expand the definition of the press pool to anyone with a video camera.

In a Syrian sense, Obama’s the Reformer (like Assad) and this is really the SF Chronicle’s fault anyway.  Just look at how they were dressed all with a tape recorder and flip camera.  If you’re a reporter, you know not to go out in public all dolled up like that.

Put some ice on it, honey.   After all, no one in the media went into journalism to be objective.

The entire news media has a black eye today and they totally earned it.

The Fred Phelps of Global Warming

Hot Air’s got the link to the punk bitches at ThinkProgress.   I don’t want to rip their tiny holes with my massive link since under Obamacare I will have to pay for the stitching.  And the therapy.  The so many hours of therapy.

But blaming tornado victims because their state representatives don’t vote to wreck their economies over non-existent global warming?  Well….that’s not Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson all rolled into one, how exactly?

The congressional delegations of these states — Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky — overwhelmingly voted to reject the science that polluting the climate is dangerous. They are deliberately ignoring the warnings from scientists.

So if you’re just joining us because you’ve spent the last two days pulling your loved ones out from under the bricks of what was once your home – you know in your heart of hearts that you had this coming didn’t you?

I expect no class from the left ever.  I’ve tried to show them the error of their ways but they refuse to learn.

Everybody – you have a free pass the next time an earthquake hits San Fransicko, a terrorist hits New York City, or Allah willing, a fire burns Chicago to the ground.  Have at it.  Let them know that God is punishing them for their AIDS , buggery or whatever square that you don’t like about them that can be hammered into the round hole of reality.

They’re liberals after all.  I don’t need any other reason to wish every last one of them dead in the most painful way possible or to gloat over it before they have a chance to be buried.



Commie Crony Corruption

If you are still one of those thick-headed people who do not understand that our COOTUS is a bed-wetting Marxist, perhaps the little tale of Boeing will finally help you get it.

Can federal bureaucrats tell a private company where to build a factory?

Members of President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board think they can. In a decision that even the New York Times is describing as “highly unusual for the federal government,” Lafe Solomon, who was appointed to the board by Obama, filed a complaint on behalf of the NLRB on Wednesday seeking to force the Boeing Co. to build an assembly line in Washington state instead of South Carolina. The NLRB action stems from Boeing’s October 2009 decision to build a new factory for its new 787 Dreamliner airplane near Charleston, S.C. Boeing first sought to build the new plant near its existing facility in Puget Sound, but negotiations with the International Association of Machinists broke down when the union refused to agree to a long-term no-strike clause. The IAM had struck four times since 1989, costing Boeing at least $1.8 billion in revenue.

Why does COOTUS’ crime family want to force Boeing to build in Washington? Because South Carolina, thank goodness, is a right-to-work state. If the unions can’t get their protection money, in Obama’s U.S.S.A., you won’t be building anything.

Although manufacturers have long moved plants to nonunion states, the board noted that Boeing officials had, in internal documents and news interviews, specifically cited the strikes and potential future strikes as a reason for their 2009 decision to expand in South Carolina.

Boeing said it would “vigorously contest” the labor board’s complaint. “This claim is legally frivolous and represents a radical departure from both N.L.R.B. and Supreme Court precedent,” said J. Michael Luttig, a Boeing executive vice president and its general counsel. “Boeing has every right under both federal law and its collective bargaining agreement to build additional U.S. production capacity outside of the Puget Sound region.”

It is highly unusual for the federal government to seek to reverse a corporate decision as important as the location of plant.

It’s not unusual when your country is run by Marxists who believe that job creation is only possible when drones are added to the payroll of the Federal Government.

Fight back, Boeing, fight back hard.

The Wonkette Guide to Leftist Humor

See, it’s really funny to mock the disabled if they have the last name Palin.

What’s he dreaming about? Nothing. He’s retarded.

That’s probably the kindest nugget in the bowl. If you want to look at the deranged, diseased heart of liberalism, this is your perfect opportunity.

Be proud, Wonkette contributors and commenters. You’ve truly set a standard.

Via Iowahawk’s twitter – It’s a good thing the author of the “humor” piece has no physical shortcomings ripe for mockery.

Thanks for another classic, Serr8d.

Note: The post has since been removed, so go the links.

Al Qaeda’s Poll Tax Disenfranchises Local Jihadi

Tennessee took a step towards cleaner elections this week with the passage of a Voter ID bill that burdens those citizens exercising their franchise with the same requirements as those to buy cigarettes and alcohol.  In other words, a “backdoor poll tax” as demagogued by local white trash House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner.

Poll Taxes, it seems, are breaking out all over in the mid-state.  Take the plight of this at-risk youth:

NASHVILLE, Tenn.A former TSU student on trial for murder in Arkansas said he killed a man in East Nashville in 2006.

Abdulhakim Muhammad is accused of killing one Army soldier and wounding another outside a military recruiting station in 2009. He’s now confessed to shooting a Nashville man as part of a “Jihad Operation.”

The father of Carlos Bledsoe believes his son became an extremist Muslim during his time in Nashville.

Muhammad did travel to Yemen after attending Tennessee State University. He said he is a member of Al-Qaeda, but detectives haven’t found any proof of that claim.

In other words, Defendant Muhammad’s undocumented membership in Al Qaeda has denied him Allah’s glory by our racist police department.  The failure of both Al Qaeda and the state of Tennessee to preserve Mr. Muhammad’s civil rights and to allow him to express himself fully because of his minority status calls back to the days of Jim Crow, Bull Connor, firehoses and german shepherds.  Selma ™ even.

Of course, Mr. Muhammad was in no way radicalized by Nashville’s peace palace the Al-Farooq Islamic Center whose annual Hate Crime Hoax performance art has entertained and educated the city through their self-deprecating DIY vandalism. The Al-Farooq Peace Palace has also posted a strongly worded rebuke to Mr. Muhammad’s black father of “malicious, xenophobic allegations”.

Al-Farooq Islamic Center would like to take this opportunity to refute strongly the malicious, xenophobic allegation purpoted against our center during the congressional hearing addressing homegrown islamic terrorism. As many of you might have heard, a certain mr. Melvin Bledsoe, have accused our center of teaching radicalism to our kids. These allegations are not only baseless, but they are also absurd and contrary to what Al-Farooq Islamic Center stands for.

Well that settles that.  When a 19 year old converts to Islam and wins an all expenses paid trip to a terrorist training camp in Yemen and returns to murder a US soldier at a recruiting facility then  it was obviously underwritten by his summer lawn mowing business and at the urging of those no-goodniks at the Elks Lodge.

I hope the Nashville City Paper, the Nashville Scene and The Nashville Post (ed: I repeat myself) will run cover story after cover story to bring attention to the plight of our state’s under-documented Islamic jihadi enthusiasts.

If they don’t get free government issued IDs so that we can identify the real ones from the pretenders then those really dangerous Nazi, KKK Republicans have already won or something.


Gangster Government’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

I imagine that Harry Reid is smiling this morning.  And we’ll file this under “Income Tax Day Coincidences”.

Where is your Pro-Choice lobby now?  You can ante up your underage uterus on the operating table with a taxpayer funded blind but you can’t hit on soft 17 unless you travel across state lines to Atlantic City or Nevada.

The founders of the three largest online poker sites were indicted on Friday in what could serve as a death blow to a thriving industry.

Eleven executives at PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and a number of their affiliates were charged with bank fraud and money laundering in an indictment unsealed in a Manhattan court. Two of the defendants were arrested on Friday morning in Utah and Nevada. Federal agents are searching for the others.

Prosecutors are seeking to immediately shut down the sites and to eventually send the executives to jail and to recover $3 billion from the companies. By Friday afternoon Full Tilt Poker’s site displayed a message explaining that “this domain name has been seized by the F.B.I. pursuant to an Arrest Warrant.”

This is the quid pro quo that government virtue paid to legalized vice and is the U.S. equivalent of Russia’s Mikhail Khodorkovsky farce.

Harry Reid calls out hit squad on the Vegas competition

Of all my vices, gambling is not counted among them.  Not that I’m against it – I’m just not good at it.  Judging from the constantly imploded and rebuilt steel and glass along the Las Vegas Strip, neither is anyone else.   Leaving out the morality of gambling, online or otherwise, the only difference between the physical casino that checks your bags while removing all of the windows and clocks from the gaming area and the one that you play in the solitude of your home office is the silent governmental partner who wants to make sure he gets his cut.

Full-Tilt Government.  The House always wins.

High Gas Prices? Hate It For You.

Operation:  Rogue Teleprompter continues apace.  The Greatest Communicator Evar certainly does know how to win a skeptical public over:

“I’m just going to be honest with you. There’s not much we can do next week or two weeks from now,” the president told workers at a wind turbine plant. It’s a theme Obama’s struck before as he tries to show voters he’s attuned to a top economic concern with gas prices pushing toward $4 a gallon.

If only we could tap into the President’s strategic reserve of boilerplate to heat homes in the winter.

“Gas prices? They’re going to still fluctuate until we can start making these broader changes, and that’s going to take a couple of years to have serious effect,” Obama said.

Obama needled one questioner who asked about gas prices, now averaging close to $3.70 a gallon nationwide, and suggested that the gentleman consider getting rid of his gas-guzzling vehicle.

“If you’re complaining about the price of gas and you’re only getting 8 miles a gallon, you know,” Obama said laughingly. “You might want to think about a trade-in.”

What an asshole.   Tell everyone that they need to get used to $4 gas and that he is not going to do a damn thing about it.  Then, insult someone asking a question by impugning that they own a gas-guzzler and that he should, heh-heh, trade it in.

It’s rare that you see a politician openly display such cold and callous indifference towards the electorate.  Be glad he wasn’t a plumber or they’d already be going through his records to destroy him.

For now, he just wants you to suffer.

Not Black Like (Half of) Me

Nothing says you’re trying everything to avoid a government shutdown like skipping town to hold a race-based pep rally and nothing says “post-racial” like making the first stop of your re-election campaign to kiss Al Sharpton’s ass ring.

Obama will be speaking Wednesday for the first time as commander in chief at the annual convention of the National Action Network and standing with its founder, the Rev. Al Sharpton – whom the President largely ignored before his 2008 election.

Umm, because nothing would have said “post-racial” like hanging out with a racist murderer.
Traveling alone?

The Rev. Al Sharpton is marking the 20th anniversary of his Harlem-based organization by teaming up with President Barack Obama and top White House officials to grapple with issues affecting black Americans.

The president is scheduled to appear Wednesday evening at the annual conference of Sharpton’s National Action Network. Cabinet members spoke earlier at the Manhattan event.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said he’ll work with Sharpton’s group to alleviate teen violence in black neighborhoods, especially violence involving guns.

Shaun Donovan, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, said he’s teaming up with Sharpton to help black homeowners facing foreclosure.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said he’s been traveling with Sharpton around the country to black neighborhoods with the highest school dropout rates.

Pfew.  For a second there I was afraid that with a Black President, a Black Attorney General and a Black Secretary of Education that no one was going to look after the blacks.   In fairness,  Arne Duncan’s not black but he did coin “Race To The Top” which is evidently Obama’s re-election strategy.
Nice to know their interests are being looked after above everyone else’s.


Promises, Promises


The Jimmy Swaggart of Class War continues to make promises he’ll refuse to keep:

Disgraced politician John Edwards is said to be deeply depressed – to the point of being suicidal – over the prospect of a criminal trial that could end with him being jailed if found guilty.

The 57-year-old former Presidential candidate reportedly told a close friend: ‘I won’t go to jail. I’d kill myself first!’

I get so tired of politicians who refuse to tell the truth and only pander to what I want to hear.
So let me get this right, the felons are good enough to vote for you but they’re not good enough for you to hang out with.  Classic Edwards.
I guess I know which of the Two Americas he prefers.
In keeping with Edwards’ ambulance chasing theme, his former staffer Andrew Young who, if you’ll recall, he ordered to take the fall and fallaciously admit to cheating on his wife to protect the candidate described the sex tape thusly:

According to the Wall Street Journal Mr Young has described the tape as like ‘watching a traffic pile-up occur in slow motion – repelling but also transfixing.’

How auto-erotic.

NEA Awards Pastor Terry Jones – Artist of the Year

In a matter of a year, Terry Jones has become the most controversial and important performance artist of our time.  His work is world-renowned.  He sparked an all-important National Conversation ™ on Free Speech, The Nature of Islam, the Hypocrisy of the Left and a range of related taboo subjects that are evidently too heretical for the Beltway Cocktail Circuit.

There is a defect in the world today.  It’s not Global Warming or the earthquakes it doesn’t cause.  And it’s not the rich disguising themselves as women to board the tenders as our Titanic republic lists into a double-dip.

A significant portion of one of the world’s largest religions is composed of psychopathic murderers and the rest are enablers.  Someone needed to say it.  Unfortunately, he’s got Yosemite Sam’s mustache and the import of a community access televangelist.  It’s Aversion Therapy.  Face the fearful truth.

Don’t persecute him for his Art though.  Some people roll around in body paints on a canvas.  Some people grab a flashlight and a speculum while a crowd tosses pennies at them like a wishing well.  Indeed, who are any of us to judge this Bradbury-esque clarion?

That one burning Koran can be an x-ray to the cancer within.

Not some hysterical Karen Finley or urinary Andres Serrano this one.   He’s earned NEA Artist of The Year with every UN worker beheaded, every drop of innocent blood spilled and every demand for his own head and blood by Christiane Amanpour.

True Art is dangerous because it’s saying what people are afraid to say.  It’s not always a bullwhip stuck up your ass no matter how much we would like it to be.   If it were, Jones would be the bullwhip and the ass would be Islamic fundamentalism.

We don’t need NATO, we need animal control.  Terry Jones showed us that.  The feral attack on UN workers for something that happened on the other side of the world that had to be embellished and told to them 2nd and 3rd hand underscores Jones’ relevance as an artist and his revolutionary subject matter.   Take that, Mapplethorpe.

Any starving artist can burn an American Flag in the Arab Street.  Were that our flag and what it means be such a delicate thing that Christiane Amanpour might implore them to stop  to prevent angry mobs, hopped up on Christ and Country no less, from firebombing mosques in small-town America.

Because that would be news.

I leave you in Misha’s hands.  Amen.