Because I’m All About Compromise Up In H’yere

So we can’t see OBL’s splodeydome because it would inflame the LGF comments threads, the  goatbuggering Arab Sodomy Fields Street.

How about if we had him in an open casket funeral provided that the closed half was covered by an American flag?  Or, maybe if we dressed his corpse up in women’s panties and threw it on top of a big  pile of Abu Ghraib prisoners with Lindy’s dangling cigarette hanging over him?

Since neither photos of flag-draped coffins or prisoner abuse concerned Obama with international backlash, or threats to our troops and ambassadors abroad, this would have seemed like a safe compromise.

And then, in accordance with Islamic practice, we could have strapped a bomb to his remains and tossed him in a Beslan schoolhouse.

/Because of 16 hours of rawmuscleglutular and courageously gritty sleep deliberation!

2 comments on “Because I’m All About Compromise Up In H’yere

  1. I was thinking the same thing earlier. Abu OK. Dead Bin Bollocks BAD. They should have fed him to pigs, not sharks.

    Al Reuters just released pics of some other dead muzzie scum but NOT OBL. Makes us look like a bunch of pussies scared of a cult of murderous thugs.

  2. As I recall, the Islamotards who get killed in the mountains of
    Afghanistan and Pakistan aren’t honored with politically correct funerals either.

    I wanted the New York Post to have his picture with pennies covering his eyes and a Sharpie drawn dick towards his mouth but this place has too much class for that.

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