Let’s Play – It’s Different!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. We’re about to start the bonus round on It’s Different!

Our contestants are the best of the best from liberal intelligentsia, media and journalism. I’ll pose a series of questions and you choose the best answer.

Let’s begin!

Question One
You care deeply about children and once donated a song to the Stop Child Predator’s benefit concert. Unfortunately, your brilliant writer/director icon Roman Polanski is facing extradition to face trial.

You sign a petition demanding that he not be brought to justice.

Why is it different this time?
It wasn’t rape rape?
His art transcends bourgouise concepts like morality.
Because f*ck you, peasant.

Question Two
As a committed feminist, you fight tirelessly to ensure women have equal opportunities to succeed and find their voice in society. Your principles dictate that if a man in a position of power sexually harasses a woman he must be held to account.

So your favorite congressman just got caught sexting a 17 year old girl.

Why is it differerent this time?
He is a Democrat [who] actually fights for the things liberals and progressive and rational people care about?
Come on, people. We all know that this feminism sham is really about abortion rights and my guy supports it. Enough said.
Other members of Congress had done things more immoral than Weiner. [He] “wasn’t going with prostitutes. He wasn’t going out with little boys.”

Question Three
You’re a reasonable person. Not only is murder bad for children and other living things, but shooting someone in the face at close range is pretty f*cked up too.

So you now lobby to overturn of a death-sentence conviction for a murderer who never confessed his crime?

Why is it different this time?
Stanley Tookie Williams is not just a regular old guy, he is an inspirator.
He writes books for children.
He is a black man and uses lots of fancy words now.
Did I mention the children’s books?

Question Four
For eight years, you stood on the ramparts defending a dying democracy. The president (not your president, mind you) engaged in illegal wars against brown people, shredded the constitution with renditions and gave billions to his friends on Wall Street.

Your president continued all the above mentioned policies.

Why is it different this time?
Oh screw this game. We all know why.

Note: This is a fake quiz and the buttons aren’t hooked to anything. It is just a joke. A pointless joke – just like the liberals who made this game possible.

6 comments on “Let’s Play – It’s Different!

  1. You just had to do “the Tookie”, didn’t you B-Mac. Nice. When do we get to see the giant Paper Mache Heads at the Protests? You can’t just retire those because we have a half-black man as President now.

  2. Love this quiz. Alas, I have learned through the insanity of trying this kind of informal quiz of logic with Liberals and have finally discovered that they are simply impenetrable. I have embarked on a new quest to lose these “friends”. I’m taking on a new tactic and going full- blown nucular right- winger when they start with their nonsense. cranky, I seem to remember somewhere that you said that you were once a liberal, I have said that about myself too, but by virtue of conversion due to being presented with rational argument, I think one can never really claim to have been fully liberal, just momentarily deluded by college, youthful idealism, and the like.

  3. The longer you are out of undergraduate school, the more you remember the cogent facts (like who is buried in Grant’s tomb) and the “tides of survival” wash away the leftist politics. UNLESS you made alot of money writing and pimping a leftist book or some kind of intellectual project (like some type of graphic art–take THAT where you want it!). THEN you vote for Obama and want health care for all the “others” and want the OTHER “others” to pay for it and it’s OK for the federal gov’t to tell everybody what to do when it comes to health insurace purchase. Oh, and long term care insurance. Oh, and . . . well, something else will be figured out to buy.

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