They’re Through Being Cool

Devo. It took me a while to warm to them. In 1982, I was rocking out to Sammy Hagar and other dirtbag guitar heroes. These guys were playing synth music and doing weird MTV videos. There wasn’t much to like.

It’s open mic night at the sanitarium! Dr. Mothersbaugh will make some brief announcements before Dr. Casale does impressions from the Broadway smash Phantom!

But their music was contagious. Even now, I have at least 10 of their songs in my MP3 library including a real bitchin’ rarity.

Which is why this is disappointing:

You’ve talked about how humankind continues to devolve; was there an evolutionary peak that happened at a certain point before devolution came in?

Casale: I’m not sure if I have enough perspective to know where that peak was. If I talk to other people that are prone towards musing and theorizing, they think it was earlier than the 20th century that it peaked. We thought it was right after the A-bomb, a last hurrah.

Mothersbaugh: In that the slide towards de-evolution got an extra kick in the pants.

Casale: If you were writing the new Bible, instead of BC and AD, it would be AB, after the bomb.

What do you make of Sarah Palin’s bus tour across America to historic sites?

Casale: Say no more. We rest our case. We’ve often said this, but if somebody in 1980 with a crystal ball had showed you the world in 2011, you would have thought it was a cheap, B-movie sci-fi dystopia that would in fact never happen, and dismissed it. Now it’s here, in all of its horror. You talk about stupid, you can’t beat Sarah Palin!

I can’t say I’m really that disappointed. Ninety-five percent of the music I listen to is performed by unreconstructed lefties.

Do read through this pompous interview and see how they position themselves as above-the-frackas watchers of society. You’d think the might have something more insightful to offer than “Sarah is Stupid.” How are you different than any other entertainment industry boob?

Also gleaned from this article is just how seriously they took themselves and their message.

Mark, when you were singing certain lyrics, would people be jeering or expressing dissatisfaction because of the context?

Mark Mothersbaugh: Waving an American flag during ‘Freedom of Choice’ — we think they’re cheering for one reason, and maybe they were cheering for another reason. Maybe they weren’t cheering for the irony.

Casale: We were wearing Reagan masks.

Mothersbaugh: True.

Casale: We thought that they understood.

Good lord man, you weren’t the reincarnation of Alexis De Toqueville. You had very catchy tunes and musical creativity. Your lyrics were pretty much in line with mainstream pop. Besides, we already had Michael Stipe and Bono covering the deep socio-political crap.

Here is a palate cleanser.

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4 comments on “They’re Through Being Cool

  1. Quite a shame, indeed.

    Too bad they don’t realize that the de-evolution of society was complete when the American Idol president was elected.

  2. Sarah Palin represents that amino acid that continues to irritate the devolving human beings into re-evolving! You can tell by how many Hollyweed and music political leftists absolutely HATE her! Palin is the biological mother superior (not a Catholic allusion), who continues to push the genetics of the devolving left toward better directions, away from gay marriage, away from free rides on other peoples’ labor, away from socialism, Marxism, feminism, pick-a-left-wing-ism and Sarah Palin is busing them away from it! Onto the increasing onward and upward path of biological (and social) evolution!

  3. They simply haven’t evolved enough to stop caring what about fulfilling some adolescent dream of what they’re supposed to be…as opposed to who they really are and what they want out of life. Like spoiled kids rebelling against “square” parents, they’re completely denying the uniquely American commercial vehicle that made them the success they are. It’s the same one driving Sarah Palin around the country. I can practically hear her saying “Go forward! Move ahead!”

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