Diarrhea of the Mouth of a Mad Black Woman

Admittedly, Tyler Perry looks better in a dress and is more ladylike.

Drudge has been leading with Sheila “I am a Queen” Jackson-Lee’s accusations that  Obama is facing unprecedented opposition because of his race and that no other President has faced the kind of disrespect that he has because he’s half-white.  *Yawn*

“I am particularly sensitive to the fact that only this president…has received the kind of attacks and disagreements and inability to work,” Jackson Lee, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, said. “Only this one. Read between the lines.”

“I do not understand what I think is the maligning and maliciousness of this president. Why is he different?” the Texas Democrat asked. “In my community that is the question we raise. In the minority community that is a question being raised. Why is this president being treated so disrespectfully?”

“Read between the lines”??? Given the illiteracy of Mrs. Jackson-Lee’s constituency, it’s a bit insensitive to ask them to read anything not in spraypaint or Spanish.  But it is instructive to know that she only represents “the minority community”. Of course, whites are a minority in her community but she doesn’t  mean to say that she represents them.  /read between the lines

This is coming from the Cynthia McKinney of Texas.  Elected time and time again from the dregs of Houston’s welfare wards.  They elect her for the expressed purposes of keeping her in zebra print moo moos, flowing gold scarfs, and to be a professional bigot representing Houston’s parolees and babymamas.

When it comes to matters of “showing disrespect”, I’m inclined to agree with her.  She stands out as one of the most disrespectful members of Congress of all time.  To her staff, to her colleagues, to airline attendants, to the American people and to a former President.  That’s not a mote in her eye, it’s a lumber yard soaked with gasoline and set ablaze.

A former staffer recalls one revealing episode during the height of the financial crisis in the waning months of the Bush administration. Jackson Lee demanded a meeting with a top Treasury aide, even though she did not sit on any of the committees with jurisdiction over financial matters. As her car pulled up outside the Treasury, Jackson Lee told her driver to park directly outside the door.

Due to the proximity of the Treasury Department’s headquarters to the White House, Secret Service officers told the driver not to park there. After an argument with the agents, who kept telling the driver to back off, Jackson Lee finally emerged from the building.

As the car drove away, a Secret Service van flashed its lights behind them. “Keep driving,” Jackson Lee told her staffer. Ultimately, the driver pulled over in defiance of the boss’s wishes. At this point, Jackson Lee emerged from the car, screaming, “I’m Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee! Who do you think you are?” to a team of Secret Service agents.

Jackson Lee accused the “white” agent at the gate of racism, claiming she wouldn’t have to deal with “this stuff” when Barack Obama became president. She then filed a formal complaint with the Secret Service, which prompted an investigation. A Treasury official later explained that the accusation had been dismissed because the agent in question was Hispanic, not white.

This is but one of dozens of examples.  Her deck only has race cards in it.  If this woman was any more of a loose cannon, Eric Holder would have already sold her to the Mexican drug cartels to kill border agents.  Check out the entire Daily Caller piece from earlier this year.  That’s just an excerpt of page 1 of 7 on Hurricane Sheila. Be thankful she failed in her quest to become a judge.

Welcome to your post-racial America, folks.