Fret Not, America: ***LIVE*** From the We Stand With Gibson Rally

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn warns the bikers over their carbon emissions.

Live simulcast starts at 1PM CST through the official We Stand With Gibson site.

What is it about American Exceptionalism that the soon-to-be ex-President Urkel H. Anti-Christ, Jr. hates so much?  Much like the impetus for the astroturfed “Occupy Wall Street” mob scenes, it has a lot to do with whether your check cleared the DNC.  Like the radio payola scandals, it also appears that federal agents are taking requests with mercenary aplomb from the far Left end of your dial.

The abbreviated version is that earlier this year Obama’s eco-stormtroopers at the hilariously misnamed US Dept. of Fish and Wildlife attacked the guitar manufacturer during a daring daylight raid, guns draw on employees, out of fear that Gibson’s inventory of awesome would have been flushed down their toilets had they simply knocked on the door with a search warrant.

Makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it?  I mean it’s not selling automatic weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels in order to pin gang violence on US gun owners but it’s a nice touch.

At issue seems to be that Gibson employs documented American citizens to do some fit and finish work on the wood used in their instruments.  Americans who should be drawing patriotic unemployment checks. 

In an interview with Beck radio affiliate KMJ 105.9 in Fresno, California, Juszkiewicz told host Chris Daniel that the government made the point “explicitly:”

CHRIS DANIEL:  Mr. Juszkiewicz, did an agent of the US government suggest to you that your problems would go away if you used Madagascar labor instead of American labor?

HENRY JUSZKIEWICZ:  They actually wrote that in a pleading.

CHRIS DANIEL:  Excuse me?

HENRY JUSKIEWICZ:   They actually wrote that in a pleading.

CHRIS DANIEL:  That your problems would go away if you used Madagascar labor instead of our labor?

HENRY JUSKIEWICZ:  Yes, yeah. They said that explicitly.

It’s not that the wood is harvested from the Tree of Souls from Avatar though if it were it would probably rock your face off and simultaneously get your cats pregnant.  And it’s not that a foreign government lodged a complaint.  No, US Fish and Wildlife decided to pro-actively enforce another country’s laws and pervert one of our own when the other country did not think it was a problem.  Gee, I wonder why.

One of Gibson’s leading competitors is C.F. Martin & Company. The C.E.O., Chris Martin IV, is a long-time Democratic supporter, with $35,400 in contributions to Democratic candidates and the DNC over the past couple of election cycles. According to C.F. Martin’s catalog, several of their guitars contain “East Indian Rosewood.” In case you were wondering, that is the exact same wood in at least ten of Gibson’s guitars.

The Gibson facility wasn’t raided over allegations of tax evasion, charges of embezzlement, or even something as drab as child labor. Not even close. It was raided over what the DOJ deems an inability to follow a vague domestic trade law in India (one that apparently the Indian government didn’t seem too concerned about enforcing) regarding a specific type of wood. Not illegal wood, just wood with obscenely specific procedural guidelines.

While armed federal agents assert prosecutorial discretion to enforce another country’s protectionist laws.  We all know what this is.  The same thing that happened to car dealerships that contributed to Republicans after the bailout.  The same thing that happened to Ford when the White House demanded that they retract their anti-bailout commercials.

The Chicago Way may be fine for blues music and deep dish pizza but it’s  un-American in a Presidency.

Everybody lend your support to this international icon today being forced to decide whether they should  layoff all of it’s US employees to stay in the good graces of our Gangster Government or fight the good fight until this administration is thrown out on its red diaper rash in 13 months.
B-Mac Update:

So far a pretty good turnout early on. Maybe 1,000 or more. Definitely kicking the ass of that slacker OWS rally in Centennial Park a few days ago. Unfortunately, it appears Darlene McBride is the opening act. I understand how you would think that I may be embellishing that but….nah.

Steve Gill just gave a little speech imploring everyone to take a look at their neighbors in the audience since we’ll all be sharing bunks in the concentration camp one day. Obviously joking but its easy to see that could be intentionally taken out of context.


Crowd’s kind of feeling it by Nashville standards. Don’t know who’s screening the talent here. The lead singer of some group called Madison Rising just gave a soliloquy about why we need the 2nd Amendment. Don’t give your haters any ammunition guys.  Starting off by not recording any of those songs.  Did we really need Mark Russell to give up the piano and pick up a guitar and distortion pedal?  No.  No we didn’t.

Ken Marrero of Blue Collar Muse probably gave the most impassioned speech of the attendees.  I’m pretty certain that’s him as I’ve never seen or met him before.  He was on point about the overkill of federal agents in raiding the Gibson factory and how Gibson is having to sue the government to get information from them about what evidence is being brought against them along with the material damage to their reputation that can never be restored until this case is either dropped or won.

Expect a picture of some old truck with confederate flags to make its way onto some commie site as a smear against this overwhelmingly normal looking crowd.

Some pics to follow once my phone charges back up.

Oops.  This must be the racists for Herman Cain “Hillbilly Hybrid”.  You guys realize that nuance is lost when the smear comes, correct?


THE BAD:  I know it seems I’m being a little down on this event but only because of some of the planning – not the people in attendance.  For Christ’s sake, Gibson is arguably the most well known guitar company in history.   They should be able to get some of their musicians who have endorsement  deals to play an event like this to highlight their own products if not their plight instead of 5 Lee Greenwood knock-offs.  To talk about a lack of focus, it’s a rally to support a guitar manufacturer who has been abused by an overreaching government.

It’s not a Support The Troops Rally by way of a church service.  Not that anybody doesn’t support the troops.  Not that everybody’s not down with the JC, yo.  It is about focus though or lack thereof.

After hearing some of Gibson’s CEO’s responses on call-in shows and in the press ever since the raid, I was expecting a little more fire and brimstone.  However, if his speech was supposed to be a call-to-arms it was being issued from underneath a wet blanket.

Phil Valentine threw a little red meat to the audience which could have come from any one of his nightly shows and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn offered little more than a Cliff’s Notes stump speech which, due to my overexposure, has resulted in immunization to anything resembling excitement.

THE GOOD:  A solid turnout of positive support.  For something and not just against something.  Or in the case of OWS, against ANYTHING.  Even the Paultards in attendance seemed to be on their best behavior.  In typical Nashville fashion, everyone there was unfailingly polite, clean and orderly which is the major distinction between Conservatives and Libertarians and the off-the-rack anarchists and Suburban Communists sucking on the hind tit over middle aged adolescence who leave their protesting stomping grounds in much the same way I imagine their bedrooms.

The event was being covered.  I saw almost all of the local news stations in addition to the AP correspondent on the scene no doubt sharpening her pen on her tongue to paint the event as a Klan Rally on Kristallnacht Eve.  We’ll see if I’m wrong on that point.

There was a strong Tea Party element to the event but as with my observations in its infancy there is no centralization.  People show up and people leave.  There is no effort to capture or maintain any momentum from the people who showed.

Which leaves me asking , “What, if anything, was accomplished here?”


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