An Apology Would Be Nice

It’s difficult to be an American these days.  At home and especially abroad.  At home for having to look across the Thanksgiving table at the stupid effing faces of the people you know who voted for Obama and engage politics and elections as some sort of football game where one side roots against the other and at the end of the day we all go home as if there are no consequences to their victory.  And abroad, for the complete mischaracterization of what most Americans, want, believe in or stand for as a result of this historically ignorant and apologetic Marxist being our face to the world.

Example:  I spent a few weeks in England a couple of months ago and it was Libya, Libya, Libya on the BBC 24/7.  My cockney accented colleagues were incredulous when I explained that Libya was not even a blip on the radar in the US.  Why would it be after all?  Obam-er, as they call him, had launched an unprovoked war without Congressional approval and the media would be forced to call attention to it.  What was it?  Oh, yes – Leading From Behind ™ until he’s caught and then it was all our idea.  The  collateral damage, innocent civilians killed or the rampant post-Qaddafi horror show , even now, hasn’t seeped its way into American newspapers or evening broadcasts yet.

It is truly amazing what a US President can accomplish when not being held to account by the media.  Give or take a few raped, attractive female journalists.  Rather than focus on these Arab Spring indiscretions, we should strategically deploy our vast reserves of fugly Journalism majorettes to take a few for the team.

Regardless, there are those of you who know who you are.  Braindead morons high from an allnight Hopium bender who have cowered away from the responsibility of their idiotic choice.  They’ll be crawling out of their holes again over the next year.  Oblivious to the economic destruction they personally wrought on their neighbors and themselves.  It’s all Bush and the bankers’ faults they’ll say not once looking at the Goldman Sachs revolving door of this administration.  Sanguine at the thought of unelected bureaucrats deciding what company can stay in business and which should go under, which 40 year old man or woman should get a prostate or breast cancer exam, which Department of Homeland Security agent is best qualified to fingerbang your four year old.

And while international incident upon international incident compounds your tragic choice becomes more evident.  You were wrong and it’s high time you admitted it.

Village Idiot Amber Alert:

  Often seen with a porker stuffed into a sausage casing or eating a hot dog.

A nuclear Pokkystan just cut off 40% of our supply routes because of your drone attacks, the European Union is on the verge of collapse, China and Russia are openly backing a nut who is threatening to bomb anyone associated with us in the Middle East, 16%  real unemployment in the U.S. while  felonious  mobs coordinated by one of your head political advisors rapes, murders and threatens anyone who dares to continue holding a job.

Think I’ll just opine on the state of those 1-percenter NBA spoiled brats and their professional handball negotiations while catching a game and my 88th round of golf since elected.  After all, we’ve got a few hours before the next fundraiser.

An apology would be nice.  But since you’re void of anything resembling honor or honesty, we’ll just be sure to check for photo IDs next November.  :)  HaHa.




  1. I work amongst a Cadre of these Idiots, B-Mac. They have no idea what they’re talking about and are ignorantly ambivalent about the Vote they cast 3 years ago. And these same Morons wonder why our Company’s Gross Volume Sales are down more-than 50% over the past 5 years; The last 3 being consecutively worse than the previous. I call everyone of them on their ignorance when they dare whine of their misery and misfortune… You voted for it, Moron!

  2. Not so coincidentally, these are the same shitbirds that look over to me after staring at their new insurance statements wondering why their premiums have gone up 25% since last year and that some of their benefits have been cut.

    Gee. I dunno, Einstein. What happened since then? You’ve got to vote on it before you can know what’s in it. Sa-prize, bitches.

    Not one dime. You can keep your doctor (if you want to). And other lies.

    Needless to say, I bite my tongue at work so much that I need to put money in a MSA to cover reattachment surgery.

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