Month: April 2012

Putzy Call

It’s 3 A.M. at the White House.  The phone rings.  It’s your Secretary of State drunkenly calling you from a dance floor in Cartagena.

This could have been a disaster.

Luckily, the Secretes Service  finished nailing the hotel’s prostitutes early enough in the evening to swoop in and save her from the next Anna Chapman licking her down for information in the club’s crapper.

Yep.  The adults are in charge.  Don’t.  Stop.  Thinkin’ about your hangover tomorrow.

This misadministration is the equivalent of the L.A. looters circa 30 minutes after the Rodney King verdict.  They’re smashing the windows of our reputation and grabbing as many big screen tvs from the public coffers as they can because Darrell Issa can’t haul all of them in front of Congress at the same time can he?

For all of the talk about what poor, poor Obama inherited from George W. Bush, the one thing that he inherited that he totally didn’t deserve was a military that had been built up in spite of his voting record for eight years.  Perhaps I’m just showing my age here when I remember back to 2004 when John Kerry’s 90 day stint in Vietnam meant he was the only man qualified to the lead the country yet now, this manboy, who assiduously avoided military service and hates veterans is taking credit for the years of intelligence research that went into killing Bin Laden.  It was his gutsy call to sleep on it for 16 hours.

Punching Above His Weight:Â Little Man Sittin' At The Grown Ups Table


My guts are churning just thinking about it.

Organizing a 40 minute Navy Seal tactical strike  under the cover of darkness in the heart of a Pakistani military retiree town isn’t the same as organizing a bunch of union thugs and welfare queens to march on the local bank for the class crime of having credit standards.

Barack Hussein Obama did not “get” Osama bin Laden – George Bush’s military did in spite of him.

Some of the Seals are starting to complain about being used as campaign props.  That’s to be expected the ungrateful mofos that they are.  Do all the heavy lifting and get the shaft whenever it’s brought up.  Obama’s “generally proud of them” some of the time when they can be used.  Or in that special way that can only be appreciated by a Nobel Peace Prize winner with a precision guided team of elite soldiers whose budgets he constantly longs to cut so that rich Georgetown sluts don’t have to raid their Starbucks fund to abort tomorrow’s adderal addicts.

But does anyone think for a second that Obama contributed anything more to the Assassination of Bin Laden other than not saying “no”?

Unlike a beagle slathered in barbecue sauce, Obama’s fingerprints are not on the Seal team Pakistani raid of bin Laden’s slut compound filled with Just for Men, jackin’ rags and flash drives waiting to be leaked to the media before any actionable intel could be used against his network.

No, his fingerprints are all over Bin Laden’s politically correct and religiously sensitive rushed burial at sea so that the Islamic world (who doesn’t buy into al Qaeda’s message at all because it’s a religion of peace) didn’t have another reason to hate us.  Newspapers can gladly publish pics of US troops posing with dead terrorists but we can’t see the corpse of their leader brought to ballistic justice.

It’s not like we spent, oh, a trillion dollars and thousands of lives to find him after all.

That is Classic Obama.  Ensuring that the man who killed thousands of Americans is given a level of respect that he didn’t deserve to placate the heathens from rioting in the streets of the Middle East.  It took guts to spit in the face of 350 million Americans, give or take 3200 of them, to give Bin Laden a proper funeral instead of dragging him back to the land he attacked to swing from a beam in front of Ground Zero as a message to the scum of the Earth.

Gutsy call, indeed.  In that moment, you showed the world exactly where your sympathies lied.  You couldn’t control his capture but you could certainly kiss his ass in front of the world after he was dead.



Sh*t My Newscaster Never Says

Sh*t you will never see on the news
Night after night I patiently wait for one of these stories to be covered in my nightly infotainment.

  • Good Money After Bad – The Education Crisis: Why does throwing billions more not lead to noticeable improvement?
  • Is Black Racism, like that espoused the likes by Al Sharpton, just as bad as regular old racism?
  • Our Generous Soul: A three part look at the incredible works done by people of faith.
  • Teacher’s Unions; do they always act in the best interests of our students?
  • Mitt Romney; why a business approach to our nation’s problems might be a good idea.
  • Illegal immigration; the difference between nativism and a common sense approach to immigration.
  • Academic Greed: Why more government aid causes tuitions to skyrocket.
  • Nation of NIMBYs; a shocking and possibly disturbing look at the strong arm tactics and endless lawsuits of the Sierra Club.
  • Corporations: Legal entities that people put together to conduct business and create employment.
  • Are We Creating a Nation of Slackers? A shocking and possibly disturbing look at questionable majors in our institutes of higher learning.
  • Eminent Domain: Tonight we interview a poor minority family ousted from their home by the government.
  • Abortion: Two sides of the debate.
  • Shameless Extravagance: Meet The Other Fat Cats of Rodeo Boulevard.

Gawd, I could go on…

Seriously, Who Let The Dogs Out?

Every Obama speech from here until election day should be greeted with so many “Woof-woof-woof”s that people think Arsenio Hall is running for President.

This picture is the exact opposite of what Obama did. Plus chewy teeth.

In all fairness, Barack should be forgiven for his past sins against man’s best friend.  Look who he married.  If that’s not proof that he can learn to love a dog then nothing will.

On the other hand, this story from 2010 does seem odd in retrospect:

Obama, Lurie discussed Vick, green energy

Lurie told Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated the president praised the decision to hire Vick after the former Atlanta Falcon served 21 months in the Leavenworth, Kan., federal prison and was under home confinement for his involvement in an illegal interstate dogfighting ring, The Washington Post reported.

“The president wanted to talk about two things, but the first was Michael,” Lurie said. “He said, ‘So many people who serve time never get a fair second chance.’ He was … passionate about it. He said it’s never a level playing field for prisoners when they get out of jail. And he was happy that we did something on such a national stage that showed our faith in giving someone a second chance after such a major downfall.”


Obama Scolds Vick:Â Don't play with your food.

So the guy who eats dogs (because eating a particular animal transfers their characteristics to you as he said) “passionately” calls the top 1% owner of a football team to ask about his top 1% player to make sure his career is recovering  after going to jail for running a dogfighting ring.  Sort of puts it in perspective, doesn’t it?

Commies, please keep telling yourselves that this is not a big deal.  Americans spend approximately $45 billion dollars a year on their pets.  They get upset watching Sarah McLachlan showing injured ones to raise money for charity.

Your president ate (at the very least) one because he thought it would give him special powers. And it did.  It made him your pack leader.





Secretes Service Takes Stoic Break From Drunken, Underage Colombian Whorebanging to Investigate The Motor City Madman

UPDATED 4/18: Nugent feels as persecuted as a poodle at an Obama Ramadan feast. Or something slightly less inflammatory.*

No, not really.  Just the usual suspects hyperventilating deep breaths into their man panties in hopes that the Secretes Service can raise their glazed maws from the line of fresh cocaine and inviting chlamydia of underaged  Colombian gape enough to paint Mitt Romney as some headbanging denim demon.

The only reason why the Secretes Getting Serviced would be investigating Nugent would be because they thought there would be some Wang Dang Sweet Poontang around (link not safe for Think Progress).

Back and to the left.  Back and to the left.  Oh yea.  That’s the spot.

A spokesman for the Secret Service tells us, “We are aware of it, and we’ll conduct an appropriate follow up.”

Appropriate meaning “roto-rooter” or appropriate as in “It’s Ted Nugent and we’ll alert Jimmy Carter of a situation?”

It’s doubtful Mittens will be naming Nugent as Surgeon General of Metal Health but it’s good that the Democommies are giving him this chance to remake his image as something other than Wednesday Night Mormon Jubilee choir.

Thanks, dickholes.

Me?  I’m still waiting for the coveted Dave Mustaine endorsement.

The Timely Meditations of John Derbyshire

4/12 Update:  Derby Badger don’t care what you think and isn’t apologizing.  So n’yah.

Eric Holder infamously said, I’m paraphrasing here, that we’re a nation of cowards because we will not discuss race in this country.  After the John Derbyshire pogrom conducted this weekend, who can blame us?  He wanted to start a conversation in Taki Mag and what resulted was the usual reflexive cries of racism from the Left and the completely predictable rush to distance themselves from the hint of controversy from the Establishment Right.

So the stain of having Derbyshire work for NRO for all of these years is wiped away by his Shirley Sherrod-esque termination?  Vox Day was right.  This was a true profile in courage by the NRO crowd in between their apple-tinis. It’s like NRO is edited by a legion of David Frums.

In the piece, Derbyshire (whom I only ever previously read his “Impromptus” column at NRO  correction:  I never read Derbyshire – ed.) proposes a fictitious “talk” that white parents should have with their children about and around the “complexities” shall we say in dealing with blacks in this country.  Oh, you have “a talk”???  What a coincidence!  We have a talk as well.  Not terribly unlike the “talk” blacks have been having with their children about how everybody and the system conspires against them.  Which is worse?  Rather, which is least socially acceptable?

We have our answer.  Goose, gander, sauce, et. al?  Not quite.  One is celebrated as an unfortunate necessity and rite of passage in the New York Times and the other is heresy and professional suicide though in many ways they are both rooted in the same self-preservational prejudices.

Does no one remember Je$$e Jackson’s old comment about how, at his age, he feels relief to discover that it’s a white person walking behind him down the street rather than a black person?  Obviously a self-hating racist.

This is certainly not an endorsement of everything in Derbyshire’s column which I would label as intentionally provocative and many portions that I do not agree with at all but as long as everyone is having “the talk” let’s agree that there are two sides to that conversation.  Blacks have a reason to fear the police.  We all do.   No one cares when police abuse white people though.

Oh poor, pitiful white person.  Are those police abusing your rights?  Here.  Let’s sit down with Oprah and talk about how bad whites have it in this country.  That’s how that conversation would go should anyone pursue it.  Which they won’t.

On the other hand, Derb engaged the statistical side of where the real victims are in terms of racial violence in this country.  Whether you’re yellow, white, black, beige or magenta – you are more likely to be victimized by someone who looks just like you the majority of the time.  The myth of white on black violence pales to the reality of black on white violence as everyone saw in the Christian-Newsome murders which did not warrant even a fraction of the attention of the Trayvon Martin case despite being two torture murders over the course of days with a level of cruelty reserved for a snuff film at the hands of subhuman filth that are now getting a new trial because the judge was a pillhead.  Where’s Je$$e and Al and Ben Jealous for this one?

Derbyshire laid his prejudices out on the table as an open invitation to a discussion.  Not seeking converts or acceptance.   If this nation is a country of cowards because we won’t talk about race, Derbyshire’s firing is evidence that it’s not because we won’t talk about race but that we can’t because the politically correct powers that be come after your job first and an honest discussion of the issues never.

Somehow, Derb didn’t think to put that point on his list.

Meanwhile, Al Sharpton was invited to White House for Easter today.  Because provocative, potentially racist opinions are not tolerated in polite society in this day and age.