Firefox Is On Notice

The last year’s worth of Firefox “updates” have crashed more than Obama’s Commerce Secretary after a long night of Ambien and wine coolers.

I’ve been using Firefox since the first version came out and I am fuqqing done with this garbage.

Suck it, Asa.

I never thought I’d long for the efficiency of Internet Explorer.  Yet here I am.


4 comments on “Firefox Is On Notice

  1. I banned Firefox from my office machines a few years back due to the plug in malware problem and the fact that it facilitates getting around security and firewalls.
    IE is slow and difficult, but the time lost is nothing compared to fixing a breach caused by Firefox. Chrome is even worse with it’s embedded ad system. That is a built in back door.

  2. But is it really reasonable to blame a system for what installed software does? Firefox has become more than a browser — it has become a platform. When I run Firefox without a zillion plugins, it doesn’t crash, it’s fast, and it works well. It just doesn’t have flashy colored tabs and it doesn’t look for prices on products for me and it doesn’t automatically find me proxies in the Ukraine so I can surf anonymously. So, I add a zillion plugins, and sometimes those plugins don’t play well together, or with Firefox updates.

    Almost all of the problems I’ve had with Firefox have been due to poorly written plugins, not with Firefox. Blaming the browser for that is a little like blaming your OS because your word processor is flaky.

    One may, as John does, dislike Firefox because it allows plugins, but again, that’s a little like disliking an OS because it allows the installation of software.

  3. I agree, this is the 2nd time these upgrades have screwed my surfing pleasure.
    My old computer upgraded and then my bookmarks stopped bookmarking…
    New computer upgraded, now video on Firefox is inoperative, clashes with my Realplayer video recorder.
    Man, I was upset, and will not spend hours trying to fix what wasn’t broken.
    Unfortunately, now I am using chrome, but its fast and video works.

  4. I can see billo’s point here and it may simply be that me and Firefox just aren’t meant to be. I’m a homebody and Firefox is a filthy little slut that wants to stay out all night.

    I’m needing a light, fast, secure and reliable Toyota and Firefox has become a temperamental kit car that needs a bunch of after market bolt-ons.

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