Taking Somebody Else’s Medicine

By about 10:30 am yesterday morning, everyone and their brother knew that SCOTUS had upheld Commie Health Care. The only surprising part was that Kennedy was on the correct side of the case while President Junior’s boy Roberts flipped to the Obamessiah.

Why did Roberts flip? Was it because he’s such a principled custodian of the court?

Did he change his mind at the last minute because he’s wishy-washy like good ol’ Charlie Brown (you know you see the resemblance as well as I do).

Was it his Epilepsy medication? Have the seizures left him left? That would actually explain a good deal about what passes as leftist thought processes.

Did someone have something on him that he didn’t want out there?

Would we have been better off not single-handedly driving Harriet Miers over the cliff?

It matters not. What we have in Commie Health Care is the direct result of an electorate who is too fat, stupid, lazy and worthless to educate themselves on the criminals that they vote for and the principles that created a country that would allow them to become fat, stupid, lazy and worthless without consequence.

Will the GOP capitalize on this softball of an election? Running on the economy alone is a winner, but throw in Commie Health Care and the Obamessiah’s atrocious record and we should be able to elect a half-eaten bag of peanuts over this garbage can of a POTUS.

But we’re talking about the GOP. You know, the party that is so frightened of Nancy Pelosi that they wet themselves at the sound of her name. You know, the party that has a Speaker of the House that bursts into tears at the drop of a hat. You know, the party without a single set of nads between them.

If you came here for reassurance that our brave legislators will do the right thing and overturn this stool sample of a statute, you might want to stick to those GOP-cheerleader blogs. I’ve seen too much of the Alexanders, McCains, Boehers, Cantors, Browns, Snowes and Hatches to think that they have the stones to do anything resembling pulling their heads from their asses.

But we can always hope™.

4 comments on “Taking Somebody Else’s Medicine

  1. Like you, been mulling this one over. But one thing I’ve noticed is that as I’ve participated in discussions about it, people are pissed. More so when they realize how much this “free” health care they thought they’d get would cost. Like you said, none of them read the original bill, don’t have a clue how it got passed. Don’t follow things in the news if it’s not sports or babe related. But in the last day it seems that their attention has been got. It can’t only be my talking it up.

    One of the knuckleheads who’s thirty years old and never voted said that he thought he’d finally sign up. Who knew? Perhaps it takes a disaster x2 to get some people to look for the flashlight?

  2. I’m still confused about this. Ginsberg called Roberts on his inventive interpretation of the law. He is too clever by half on it.

    He was saying that the law is unconstitutional but if this is just a tax that it is constitutional. He was mistakenly under the impression that the Obamatards were going to be trapped into A) either dumping the law by admitting the it is unconstitutional or B) Keeping the law and admitting it’s a tax.

    He couldn’t draw the lines outside the box to say that they are going to say it’s constitutional and he’s just wrong about it being a tax.

    However, if it’s just a tax then it can be voted down in the budgeting process by 51 votes instead of a super majority.

    Either way, I hate all liberals now more than ever and have absolutely no faith in my fellow Americans. We are at the brink.

    The stupid think this is just hyperbole. They still have gas in the tank, albeit $3.30 a gallon gas, to take their boogerpicking rugrats to softball 4 nights a week and have a myriad of entertainment options at home to distract them from having to pay attention but it’s not just us.

    The whole world is on the brink. The economic collapse of the EU, Russia and China teaming up with the most oppressive dictatorships in the world, the Islamic takeover of Egypt vowing to get us to release the Blind
    Sheik, killing all Christians, throwing out the peace with Israel and then you couple our idiocy at home.

    The best days of the world we once knew are behind us and you can see the lines of the next World War being drawn. Currently, our lines are being drawn with a crayon by Jugears, President of the Chicago chapter of the Anti-American Clown College and his three ring circus of carnival barkers, freaks and bearded ladies.

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