1. I’ve seen the “print screen” of the wedding registry all about the web when it first popped up had read a couple of comments by bloggers and conservatives that the email had emanated from the BarryO Campaign…..so guess it’s as real as blue sky.

    But having said that, the one about a Cremation Donation wouldn’t surprise me in the least coming from the O-Kamp. In fact if I stood and watched as he ate a live kitten I would not be the least surprised. This despicable creature is capable of anything in my personal opinion. Well, maybe except transparency, honesty, love of country, that sort of thing.

  2. No one has seen Bo in a while have they? No one can know what he is capable of.

    He always surprises us. Something tells me that one cold November morning in the near future that there is going to be a dramatic recreation of the Downfall video in the White House bunker when the election results are tallied.

    Instead of killing himself, he’s going to suicide bomb our country. He’s already having al Qaeda sodomize his rectum so a buttbomb capable of destroying our economic system will fit.

    Behold! A rabid dogeater backed into a corner.

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