Prayers for Nigel

For those of you who do that kind of thing, please keep our brother Nigel in your prayers as he goes through some health issues. We know that he shall overcome, but every prayer counts.

Important Update
Nigel tells us that Toad Blogging might make him feel better. So without further ado, Stalky the Democratic Opposition Researching Frog.

Get well, Nigel!

6 comments on “Prayers for Nigel

  1. Thanks Bro. The Buffet is Family. Will keep you posted. Might even ask for my log on back later so we can illustrate with a real life example of why Obama Care might actually cost someone their life. But not until I make John Robert personally responsible for his idiocy. I ain’t a quitter so let’s kick some ass. I’ve got Six Meats of support so I like my odds!

  2. Thanks Donna. I miss being here. I’m coming back because Six Meat Buffet for as Prickish as we all can be is about as genuinely loving a group of people as I have ever met. Preston, Brian, Michele, cranky, and Yiddish are all close personal friends of mine now…_and through them I have met some of the best folks. You are among them through the years Donna you have brought your wisdom here and now I have your prayer. Thats invaluable to me. I’d even give Thelonious Funk or Cynthia McKinney big hugs if I ever saw them ( but not Amanda Marcotte cuz let’s face it,she’s just a bitch)

    I’ll keep you all posted. Preston, Gordon bmac go ahead and lift anything off my Facebook you like.

    Love you all

  3. That is AWESOME. When I am able, me and the family are visiting the Cranky toad pond…my kid needs to know the power of the toads! Are you sure that toad isn’t named “Barry”.? He looks in over his head and full of green crap.

    This ain’t about “me”, but an update…things are looking up. 10 days ago…not so much. But now…armed with an incredible team of pre-Obamacare docs, my prognosis is good.

    Love y’all!

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