Choo-Choo! All Aboard the Victim Express

Moochelle held court this weekend, high atop her perch of race-based privilege to explain to the Congressional Black Caucus why she hates America.  It’s really quite enlightening.  In 2012, the First Lady of the United States who got a Princeton education, a sweetcake $300k a year “diversity” manager job at a hospital and all around hypocritical food nazi plays to her audience of grievance mongers with anecdotes about how wronged they continue to be:

We knew that to end slavery, we needed a proclamation from our President, an amendment to our Constitution. To end segregation, we needed the Supreme Court to overturn the lie of “separate but equal.” To reach the ballot box, we needed Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act.

 So we moved forward, and we won those battles.

I learned so much in history class.  Like I remember in 1863 when the Congressional Black Caucus convinced Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation.  Why else would you think that it rhymed?  Even though it occurred almost 100 years before they were formed.

Or when the Congressional Black Caucus helped the Supreme Court to overturn Plessy v. Ferguson in 1954.  Almost 17 years before they were formed.

The CBC is an organization that transcends race.  Also time and reality.

 But today, while there are no more “whites only” signs keeping us out, no one barring our children from the schoolhouse door, we know that our journey is far, far from finished. But –(applause) — yes. But in many ways, the path forward for this next generation is far less clear. I mean, what exactly do we do about children who are languishing in crumbling schools? What about kids growing up in neighborhoods where they don’t have opportunities worthy of their dreams? What about the 40 percent of black children who are overweight or obese, or the nearly one in two who are on track to develop diabetes in their lifetimes?

What court case do we bring on their behalf? What laws can be passed to end those wrongs?

We’ve come so far.  It used to be that Democrats  were standing on the outside of the school barring little black children from entering.  Now the Democrats are on the outside chaining the door shut and keeping poor black children from escaping. #Progress

Yes, what court case do we bring to solve the racist problem of diabetes in the black community?  How do we legally tie slavery to the fat great-great-great grandchildren of those riding the Underground Railroad?  There are no more “whites only” sign at the all-u-can-eat-buffet but the discriminating contents of the food bar are making them all eat deep, southern fried (Jim) Crow.

The vanilla pudding is in a separate and unequal container so that it doesn’t even touch the chocolate pudding.

It’s easy to see where Michelle Obama got those stocky horse legs from.  You can really develop your calf muscles by carrying around a chip on your shoulder all of your life.

It’s worthwhile to also point out that this event was giving Eric Holder an award for being such an outstanding Attorney General.  On the basis of his merits to be sure.  Whatever those may be.

And finally, I want you to think about a photo that hangs in the West Wing of the White House. Some of you may have seen it. It’s a picture of a young black family visiting the President in the Oval Office. The father was a member of the White House staff, and he’d brought his wife and two young sons to meet my husband. In the photo, Barack is bent over at the waist. And one of the sons — a little boy, just about five years old — is reaching out his tiny little hand to touch my husband’s head.

And it turns out that upon meeting Barack, this little boy gazed up at him longingly and he said, “I want to know if my hair is just like yours.” And Barack replied, “Why don’t you touch it and see for yourself?” (Applause.) So he bent way down so the little boy could feel his hair. And after touching my husband’s head, the little boy exclaimed, “Yes, it does feel the same!” (Laughter and applause.)


It’s a little bit nappy and a little bit sappy.  What lawsuit can we bring to help fight the tactile racism of our fat children’s inability to observe the physical properties of hair without having their chubby fingers feeling their way to freedom?

The funny thing is that if that same boy were to feel the hair of the local councilmen, state legislators and teachers at his school then he would feel the same hair in those cases too.  The people who failed you look exactly like you.  Maybe one day we can progress to the point that the boy in the picture can walk into the Congressional Black Caucus, comfortable enough in his own skin, that he will  be free enough to quit kneecapping his own race by supporting wholly unqualified people based on the color of their skin or the kink in their hair.

Oh, wait.  That already happened.


  1. “I mean, what exactly do we do about children who are languishing in crumbling schools?”

    By Gum, the best thing we can do for them is support the Teacher’s Unions and kill voucher programs!

    Cause children cannot contribute to re-election campaigns, the little black b*astards.

  2. The fact that many are bastards as a result of her policies. Earlier this year, USA Today had a statistic that 80% of all first born children to black women were born out of wedlock.

    Lots of Dreams from Lots of My Fathers. Whoever they are.

    Why won’t racist Amerikkka let black people get married!?! All the gays will be married before 50% of the black women are.

  3. Why get married when you can have the govt as your sugar daddy? You can make many children with many men, but the govt will remain the ONE stable thing in your life.

    I would live in the gutter in a cardboard box before I would take one penny from the govt.

    If you are living on the govt’s dime, it’s only a matter of time before the govt controls EVERY ASPECT of your life. Hello? Stupid people?

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