Delusional Obama 60 Minutes Interview

All of the responsibility lies with him.  He’s going to tune out that Netanyahu “noise“.  A raped and murdered Libyan Ambassador as a result of a targeted assassination is just “a bump in the road“.  But would he do the same things all over again?

Bump In The Road:  Let me guess, he fell in a manhole.

Sure.  Why not!

Oh, yea.  And Israel is one of our most important allies in the Middle East.  Who, pray tell, is the most important?

The cocoon is thick with this One.

And to Steve Croft, the conductor of this rare “interview”, singularly uninformed and unable to use the mantle of 60 Minutes to match the tenacity of a Univision reporter – either find another line of work or kill yourself.  You are a failure.  The official job of Obama ballwasher was filled by Scott Pelley some time ago.

I don’t care which.