The End of America Sale – Everything Must Go, Go, Go!

A bit of a break from my usual type of post.  Today, I attended both a gun show and the Gun Appreciation Day rally in Nashville.  Both were depressingly optimistic and for different reasons.  The latter for a sparse crowd due from poor planning and lack of advertising to being scheduled during 3 other large events downtown.  The former for the exact opposite.

Hendersonville Line UPSorry, Detroit:  They aren’t here for food stamps and Section 8 vouchers.

The gun show was fully prepared for a large crowd.  I arrived a half hour prior to opening and there were already lines of people down the block at all of their fairgrounds entrances.  I’d estimate today’s crowd to be 10,000 – 15,000.  A gentleman in front of me said that he had attended a show in Franklin, TN the prior week and that while Saturday was jampacked that Sunday was much lighter.  To be certain, Saturday is for bitterly clinging to your gun and Sunday is for bitterly clinging to your religion.  Also, the shelves were cleaned out by Sunday anyway so playoff football for the agnostics.  By the time I left two hours later, I could barely get out of my parking spot and the lot itself was clogged all the way to the main road out where a line of cars were waiting in traffic all the way down the street just to get into the parking lot.

If the Gun Appreciation Day rally at the War Memorial Plaza had a crowd the size of the Hendersonville Gun Show it would have been an unequivocal and unignorable success.  As such, I would put a number between 500-600.  Despite the fact that there did not appear to be any charismatic leader or structure aside from the few speakers taking their turn to say “don’t tread on me” and one enthusiastic attendee encouraged to participate in the government’s efforts at confiscation one bullet at a time.  No PA system.  Only a shared megaphone.

Gun Appreciation Day Nashville

These events should ostensibly be catering to the same crowd and while one is talking about doing the other IS actually doing.  I support the 2nd Amendment versus I-am-going-to-buy-a-bunch-of-guns-and-ammo-this-instant.  That’s a lot more Do-ey and a lot less Talk-y going on.  Actions speak louder.

Why couldn’t they be at the same place or same general area?   A pooling of interests to the benefit of all.  I’ll digress on that point.

However, I am disgusted by the behavior of the dealers at these gun shows.  Utterly and completely.  365 days a year they peddle the Land of the Free and you’ll take my guns from my cold dead hands bullshit but then, when the government actually starts to threaten both their livelihoods, their customers, their future and their purported value system, it’s like trying to buy a gallon of clean water at the Super Dome on Katrina Day 3.  Price gouging is not capitalism no matter how many amber waves of panic-buying suckers you extort.

I left without buying so much as a single shell and all of the dealers can eat the peanuts as they say.  I heard of some guy buying 100 rounds of .38 special for $80.  Unless they are coated with mercury and Super AIDS, a sucker and his money were lucky to get together in the first place.

Bullet prices doubled in less than two weeks.  I bought a Saiga 12 gauge shotgun six weeks ago for $630.  This week?  From the same exact dealer, the same exact shotgun – $1189.  Used SKS’s – $550.00.  Brand new AK-47’s – $900-$1100.  200% markup is currently the rule and while the commies may cheer that the gun nuts pockets are getting lighter, this is where my optimism comes in:  If your money is worthless, these commodities have a value beyond rubies.  This country is armed to the fucking teeth.  A gun for every hand and foot.  The worst that can happen to the gun nuts is that a ban doesn’t go into effect.  The value of their investments would plummet immediately.  But we know that is not going to happen.  Obama Organizing for UnAmerica is trying to manufacture consent through legislator intimidation what Coward In Chief doesn’t have the guts to say himself despite his media apparatchiks laying down suppressing fire through their high capacity news magazines and video clips.

We seem to be one event away from a flashpoint and people are more prepared now than they were six months ago.  A sadly good thing.  Sad that that’s where we are and good that they are more prepared for it.   All it takes is some enterprising yahoo to apply the Bush Doctrine to some gungrabbers or for the gungrabbers to Lead From Behind on some unsuspecting citizen.  They are coming for you.  Why wait for them to fire the first shot?  If they truly thought the Right was a bunch of crazies they would seek to placate them as much as they do the real terrorists in Libya, Egypt and everywhere else.  Hell, they’d give you the gun!

Times Is Up Fool

You’ve got to earn their capitulance.  This is just behaviorism.  Our government is spending your tax money to arm Mexican drug cartels and al Qaeda in Libya and Syria without a second thought.  American citizens spending their own money to exercise their rights is cause for alarm though.  Who’s the real enemy again?

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  1. “Price gouging is not capitalism no matter how many amber waves of panic-buying suckers you extort.”

    There really is no such thing as price gouging. No matter how much you or I don’t like it, it is the free market at work. At least as free a market as we have left. These sellers have no obligation to meet a price point that we think is fair, they only have an obligation ( to themselves ) to price their wares so consumers will buy them. Supply and demand, dude. That’s exactly how it should work.

    Price fixing? Yes. Collusion? Yes. And properly so, there are laws and penalties to deal with these things. Price gouging? No. If you honestly examine the mind-set behind calling this price gouging, you’ll find the same mind-set that thinks prices should be controlled in some arbitrary fashion so they’re “fair”. It’s an easy trap to fall into when it’s stuff you want to buy that’s going up in price.

  2. Me and my neighbor were discussing this last night and he was coming at it from the same position you have.

    I understand it. I just don’t agree with it and it could be my premise where it starts. If we are possibly on the verge of civil unrest or some government induced emergency that revokes part of the Bill of Rights by fiat it’s not entirely the same siutation as a flood before the National Guard arrives.

    If you’re in a situation where there has been a flood and you can’t get fuel and you can’t get clean water or medicine and the person who has them decides that insulin now costs a thousand dollars per shot. A gallon of gas is $100 and a gallon of clean water is $50 that is not The Free Market. This scenario is not a willing buyer and a willing seller. It’s the kind of highway robbery that Putin calls The Free Market when he jacks up LNG costs to Europe in the dead of winter. It’s the difference between, oh well I don’t get what I want versus I don’t get to survive.

    Of course, no one has to purchase a weapon at these shows and there are plenty of other stores where a consumer can take their money just as I will do. This isn’t a courtroom and formal charges are not going to be brought to bear on anyone but when you double your prices to take advantage of panic it certainly speaks to the ethics of the dealers and lack thereof.

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