Time For A Malt Liquor Summit

So I guess, like I said in the previous post, Ayatollah Obama’s message to go out and kill some more cops was received by the #BLM crew loud and clear.

This is following up on the Ayatollah “I Don’t Do Photo-ops” Obama’s special, standing-in-solidarity meeting with Alton Sperling’s son and staging a photo-op with him at an orchestrated “townhall”.

At said townhall, Obama laid the shooting of Sperling solely at the feet of racist cops:

“The country is not as divided as it seems,” Obama began.

“We all have hopes and dreams and families and children and we all want the best for them,” he continued. “But because of the history of this country and the legacy of race and all the complications that are involved in that…

Nothing else he said was important. That was all he meant. The country’s not divided as it seems but because of racism your father is dead. A lot of black people had “hopes and dreams and families and children” but they experienced fatal “complications” because of this country full of racists and its racist cops – *wink, wink*.

The country’s not as divided as it seems but I’m working really hard on it.

That’s three dead Baton Rouge cops this morning and another 4 injured following the Ayatollah’s orders from his purple lips to the guns of his ad hoc Black Lives Matters junta.

Don’t expect him to lower any flags to half mast. If he lowered them every time a cop was killed by his supporters, he might as well just take it down all together.

Don’t expect any denunciations or broad brush smearing of their movement either. Loretta told them not to be discouraged and clearly they are not.

By all means, keep this up though. President Trump is just going to be rolling off the tongue by September.

Update: The identity of the shooter has been revealed as that 29 year old ex-Marine Sergeant who was following the commands of his leader and Ayatollah Obama’s neighbor the Intergalactic Islamic Afro-Wizard Louis Farrakhan. Daily Caller has found numerous Youtube videos where he is railing against white people but investigators don’t think it’s a hate crime because one of the 7 people he shot was black.

Great police work.

Exit Point: If Gavin Long, with his ample documented video evidence of racism against whites, targeting white police officers is not considered a hate crime, then it is once again time do away with hate crimes laws as they are a clear violation of the 14th Amendment.

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