Never Compromise. Not Even In The Face of Armageddon.

That’s always been the difference between us.

Watchmen is the most underrated, unappreciated, and overlooked of the superhero adaptation movies in the last decade.

I couldn’t help but think of that Rorschach quote watching Ted Cruz’s speech to a hall whose enthusiasm has been tepid, at best, over the last three days of the Republican convention. And anyone who has seen that movie knows how it ended for Rorschach when he refused to go along with the lie agreed upon:

I congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination last night,” Cruz said 20 seconds into his speech. He went on to add — in a line that wasn’t part of his prepared remarks — that, “like each of you, I want to see the principles that our party believes in prevail in November.

Was it the right place and the right time to do this? Probably not. When is the right time? After the general?

The main takeaway is not the lusty booing from the peanut gallery or fuming partisans who demanded Cruz grovel before their Dreamsicle colored deity.

The point is that Donald Trump had two months to make things right with Cruz after he threw every manufactured smear his bisexual swinger of a campaign manager could throw at him.

There was nothing “fair and square” about his victory.

He had two months and he chose not to close those ranks and tie up Cruz supporters because he’s an egomaniacal, petty tyrant incapable of humbling himself when he is clearly in the wrong.

Lyin’ Ted. The Cuban Mistress Crisis where Stone invented eight extramarital affairs out of whole cloth that has never been retracted. Calling Cruz’s wife ugly. Accusing Cruz’s father of helping Oswald assassinate JFK. The CubaCanadian non-citizen. Mr. GOPe Establishment bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs.

A private apology would have likely solved all of this but no. Cruz had no path to endorse Trump unless he sold out his principles and lose the respect of his supporters.

They all can’t be conservative stalwarts like Christie, Rubio, and Huckabee can they?

Good ole Lyin’ Ted broke his pledge. But let me ask you, if you pledge til death do you part and your wife becomes an adulterer or drains your bank account to zero, are you obligated to honor that till death vow?

Once again, the apoplectic Trumpettes at Free Republic and other sites reveal that they are neither conservatives or Christians but have been driven mad by eight years of Obama rubbing an ineffectual GOP’s noses in it. So much so that they viciously attack everyone incapable of ignoring the stretchmarks, excessive body hair, bird legs, tramp stamp,colostomy bag, and bacne of their would-be Emperor’s New Clothes.

So, will I vote for him? Probably. But my lack of a choice doesn’t make me see things in a man that are not there or ruin relationships with good people because they don’t share my desperation and delusion.