Yea We Caught AIDS From Brazilian Sex Slaves Three Days Ago

…While representing the United States at the Olympics. Wanna fight about it?

Carmelo Anthony said his U.S. men’s basketball teammates need to accept responsibility and move on after reports that three players visited a legal brothel in Rio de Janeiro.

“What’s done is done. We have time off and guys did what they did. We accept those responsibilities and move on,” said Anthony, a four-time Olympian and the elder statesmen of the team.

I have no problem with legalized prostitution. What happens between a willing buyer and a willing seller is between them. Well, between them and their babys’ mamas back home who they’re bringing back a fatal case of Brazilian SuperAIDS as a souvenir.

Hey, it’s worked out great for Magic Johnson.

What part of “accepting responsibility” is continuing to lie about how you ended up at one of the most famous whorehouses in Copacabana and facing no repercussions, such as being sent home and stripped of any Olympic prestige, for getting serviced by possible sex slaves while representing us?

Who do they think they are? The Secret Serviced, I mean, Service???

This is why nobody gives a shit about the Olympics. They have no standards. Carmelo and company went on to trounce those little Chinese ballers 119-62.

Apparently, that’s all that matters.