Criminal’s Court Judge Bails Out Batts

Crossdressing in the courtroom. Confused Judge James Hunter self-identified as the Defense Attorney for Timothy Batts yesterday afternoon by discarding his robe and donning a shark skin suit.

At first, I thought Hunter was just a coward bowing to the whim of a racist mob. A quick look at his history reveals that he just really has a soft spot for child murderers.

A bond revocation hearing had been scheduled for today but Social Justice Hunter decided he would preemptively side with the defense in granting a three week continuance after Batts failed a surprise drug test for cocaine three days after paying the $50,000 bond on his $500,000 bail.

Naturally, Batts’ defense contends that his piss is so clean now that you could sell it as Holy Water at $50 a carafe.

Your Dishonor, isn’t the point of a surprise drug test that it catch you by surprise? You refused to revoke Lindsey Lowe’s bail when she smothered her twins to death because you thought she was a threat to herself. Lowe had the same attorney Batts hired. Small world. Perhaps prosecutors should explore this relationship as grounds for a recusal.

No signs that Batts is a threat to himself though, huh?

I have zero doubts that Batts’ piss will be clean as a mountain stream for the next month.

And if not, then the Judge may decide to take the test for him.

The new revocation hearing is scheduled for September 14th. Assuming the Judge doesn’t go ahead and declare a mistrial and give Batts a key to the city.

So much for your “red line”, Chief. And let it be known, if you want to murder your kids, you should schedule a vacation to Sumner County. The Judge will coddle you and pat your hand since you lost a child.

Prosecutors should start exploring procedures for a recusal immediately. At least a precedent will be set for the next time Mr. Soft On Crime starts throwing out slam dunk decisions and backtracking on his own court orders.

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