Month: September 2016

UTK Law School Begins Painful Rebuilding Process

Dean Melanie Wilson, of the formerly reputable University of Tennessee College of Law, finalized appropriations and capex outlays today to “rebuild” parts of the campus reduced to rubble following last week’s Unauthorized Use of Free Speech by a tenured professor at the school.

Following Professor Glenn Reynolds’s tweet and my public response last week, I began an investigation that included an examination of the facts, policies in the university’s Faculty Handbook, and the law. I discussed the situation with Professor Reynolds, university leadership, and General Counsel. I also sought feedback from College of Law students, staff, faculty, the Alumni Council and Dean’s Circle, and other UT Law alumni. As a lawyer and a law school dean, I know that gathering information and upholding the principles of due process are absolutely necessary in a situation like this.

For those unfamiliar, this rigorous investigation and application of “due process” was in response to a three word tweet affirming the right of self defense against a murderous, racist mob.

This is why they pay you the big bucks, Mel. So you can teach the chirrens how your emphasis on prosecutorial ethics can be corrupted by leftwing SJW politics.

But will the student body ever rise up and rebel against the tyranny of cliches?

We will now move forward to rebuild our law school community and refocus on our primary purpose: educating future lawyers and leaders.

Was the law school community torn asunder? Did someone not get affirmative consent before sticking the hard cock of free speech in your tight, little safe space?

Grow the fuck up. The campus clinic is open to 4:30 daily in case you need an ice pack for your aching butthurt. It seems your prophylactic administration has already wrapped your precious community in enough free rubbers to prevent their infection from any ideologically transmitted diseases.

What The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Well, that was disappointing. Be honest. For anyone who is DVRing the Presidential Debate and doesn’t want their independent judgment polluted with my observations, the door is the little back arrow on your browser.

For those pressed for time, Hillary won it. Not that it matters. And not that it was by much. If you’re a Trump supporter, you still support him. If you’re a Hillary supporter, you still support her. No one mortally wounded themselves. Lester Holt leaned towards Clinton in that he didn’t go after her on anything and did on a couple of pointed questions to Trump.

I keep hearing the first round of people saying Trump wasn’t prepared. I think anyone who watches this should arrive at the opposite conclusion. He looked like someone who was overprepared and because of that did not act like himself. Someone belt fed him information for the last week and he looked like someone struggling to remember what somebody told him was a good talking point but instead kept reverting to repetitious generalities.

Clinton, far too often, was able to get him on the defensive by talking about him personally or about his business practices. He couldn’t not move on and felt the need to get mired in the minutiae of his tax statements, financial disclosures, how he settled lawsuits from forty years ago, how he didn’t discriminate in hiring people at his Palm Beach resort, etc., etc. which played right into her wrinkly hands.

On far too many occasions, she lobbed big fat softballs right across homeplate and he sat staring because he was too busy trying to defend some previous accusation. Whether it was about charitable contributions, whether he was for the Iraq War, “healing the racial divide”, or a half dozen other questions – Trump came up short. Hillary stuck her glass jaw out on everything from trade deals, the Iran deal, taxing “the rich”, revoking gun rights over the terrorist watchlist, or how Trump treats women – he just didn’t fight it. In fact, he agreed with her on a couple of those points.

That whole series where he kept demanding someone to call Sean Hannity about how they argued about Iraq – where he said it about ten times (not hyperbole) – was the low point. Immediately after the debate he was back in Hannity’s loving echo chamber to complain. That’s not the sign of someone who won.

I’m wanting him to clean her clock and while he had a couple of good jabs there was nothing he said that rocked her much less sent her to the canvas that she is physically inclined to collapse on and have a seizure on if it’s a balmy 77 degree day. The part about releasing his tax returns when she produces the 33,000 e-mails she deleted was his high point and then he just dropped it.

She claimed she took full responsibility of the e-mail and the server which is total bullshit. Her staff plead the 5th and if Florida had half the immunity from Zika that the FBI gave her inner circle then I would be sitting on a beach right now. No one was fired. No one imprisoned. There is no taking responsibility if there are no consequences.

Too be certain, she was no peach either. Animatronic and rehearsed. Flailing about and throwing wild accusations about how he’s hiding something very, very bad in his tax returns. I fully expected him to hit her with the only charity she donated to is her own but it never happened. Or how she was “broke” in 2000 and worth $300MM by giving speeches filled with so many rhetorical rubies and diamonds that she can’t release them to the public.

Hitting her on her ritual abuse of women for the last 40 years. Never happened. Demanding to know what trade deal she put together to help Americans in her time as Secretary – Never happened. Asking her if Mitt Romney was right in 2012 about Russia now that she thinks they’re the world’s boogeyman and we need the 80s foreign policy back.

He went off on some tangent about “cyber”. You know, cybersecurity. And that his ten year old is so good with computers but that cyber is a very, very big deal that we need to be tough on. Not his best moment.

These debates likely aren’t going to change anyone’s mind who was already made up but the Donald Trump of tonight is not the guy his supporters have been used to seeing for the last year and a half. He wasn’t in command. He was defensive and completely out of his element.

So now that he’s going to be cornered, I’d expect the negative ads to start rolling out. Not a good performance. Clinton is predictable though and he needs someone to debate with who has her act down but can keep him relaxed, on point, and above it.

Cruz knows her arguments. I’m not saying to copy Cruz’s style. I am saying to bring him in for a couple of practice sessions so that the next time she gets sent to the mat early and stays down.

She had the nerve to say he called one of his beauty contestants Miss Piggy and he couldn’t bring up that she setup a warroom to destroy the lives of the women her husband raped or had affairs with for the last 30 years. Who was it who called Monica Lewinsky a stalker again? That glass chin is begging for fists of stone.

Better Late Than #NeverTrump

So, what should have happened four months ago finally happened yesterday. Cruz endorsed Trump. Trump accepted his endorsement. EverTrump/NeverCruz hates Cruz and rubs his face in it. NeverTrump/EverCruz is disappointed or having a sad about a sell-out. People in the middle are either glad this is out of the way, already gotten on board the Trump train, or decided to hold their nose because of Hillary.

Me? This is what I was holding out for.

Other than the timing, this is exactly what I said should have happened for the last few months. For all of the “art of the deal” bullshit talk, Trump found a way to nurture an acrimonious split of a not-insignificant portion of the Right’s base for the majority of the last six months.

Are those people going to forgive each other? The ones engaging in rhetorical knife fights in comments sections all over the internet since it got down to two candidates? I’m skeptical.

Thanks are due to Mike Pence for hammering out whatever peace there was to be made several weeks ago. That’s what he’s there for. To bury the hatchet with someone his boss lied about with relish for months on end. Who couldn’t be bought off with chicken nuggets like Mike Huckabee or plane rides and endless hors d’oeuvres like The Goodyear Christie?

An apology would do. A promise to consult on issues of importance.

Now that the marriage is complete – how do you consummate it? Hopefully by christening a champagne bottle across Hillary’s face and fucking The Left silly by taking out our pen and phone after November 8th to erase and mark through every illegal action, alphabet soup agency written law, signing statement, and Treaty-Not-Really-A-Treaty that the traitors have been running wild with since 2008.

And then prosecuting them until they’re destitute, incarcerated, or commit suicide. I’m good with all three though I do have my preferences.

Questions Asked And Answered

I give Instapundit credit since I generally agree with about 90% of his positions.

Curious that he doesn’t know the answer as to why Obama is protecting the Saudis from 9/11 families suing them.

WHY IS OBAMA PROTECTING THE SAUDIS HERE? Congress set for Saudi showdown with Obama.

The Senate will stay in session next week for a looming showdown with President Obama over legislation making it easier for the families of victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia.

Obama is expected to veto the legislation by Friday, the deadline for him to use his veto pen. The bill has overwhelming bipartisan support, suggesting the two-thirds majorities in both chambers necessary to override the president’s veto are there.

Obamanian obstinance to this is not really about the Saudis at all. It’s about precedent setting.

If Obama could overthrow the Saudis this afternoon he would since they are the only real opposition left to Iran in the Middle East.

However, part of Obama’s Not Legally Binding Iran Nukes Deal was a “side deal” blocking victim compensation to US plaintiffs of Iran’s decades of terror and kidnapping.

If he opens the door to the lawsuits against the Saudis then it’s re-opening the door on the Iranian lawsuits.

Always look as to what’s best for Iran and Obama’s position will overlap it.

Throw in the kicker that Saudis are waging a war to drive US frackers out of business and everyone’s got their uses.

Rodney Dangerfield For President

Rather his creation Al Czervik from Caddyshack, in actuality, being played to type by veteran character actor Donald Trump.

How better to describe GHW Bush gargling out his dying words intent to vote for the wife of the guy who beat him:

It’s one thing to object to Trump based on policy differences and a general belief that he toxifies the conservative message. It’s another thing to do it because he doesn’t belong in the toney company of the blue bloods. The Bush Family feels like American royalty, and they appear to see Trump as a nouveau riche blowhard. That feels elitist rather than principled. Nobody was surprised that the person who reported H.W. Bush’s voting choice was a Kennedy. That’s how the Bushes roll.

I’m reminded of a long forgotten article from called “Caddyshack Culture” that could stand alone as an epitaph for the Republican Party. The gauche real estate developer crashing the intentionally named Bushwood Country Club with Trump voters rushing to the swimming pool for the hour a year they’re allowed to use it:

Caddyshack is about the way a new establishment replaces an old one, it’s not about the long tradition of golf. In this scenario, George W. is the WASP retard Spaulding (“Are you gonna eat your fat?”), grandson to Ted Knight’s patrician George Senior character. The country club in Caddyshack is named Bushwood, after all.

Trump is Al Czervik. The only difference is he does build golf courses. He speaks in generalities about his great business deals. Yea, we bought land near the Great Wall – on the good side! And they paid for the wall. He insults everybody and makes cutesy little nicknames for them.

When Bill Murray blew up the gopher holes and destroyed the old golf course, he blew open the doors for everyone to come in and play on the new one. may have been 16 years premature.

True Life Conversations With McMurphy

At the Stein-Mart on White Bridge Road…

(Enters McMurphy)

Odd Booth Man:. Sir…oh, sir! Would you like to enter a contest to win a $500 gift certificate here?

McMurphy: Ugh, would do I have to give you?

Odd Booth Man:. Just a first name and a phone number on the back of this ticket.

McMurphy: Alright.

As I’m writing….

Odd Booth Man: How often do you read The Tennessean?

McMurphy:. Is that what this is? Never.

Tennessean Peddler: What would it take for you to start reading it?

McMurphy: Hrm…you really want to know?

Tennessean Peddler: Yes.

McMurphy: Unbiased local news reporting. Editorials that come closer to reflecting my opinions and the majority of people in this state. Is that too much to ask for?

Tennessean Flack: Probably.

McMurphy: Well, that’s why you’re laying off thousands of people.

Walks off.

Terrorism Suspect Radicalized After Visiting iPhone Store

Family members of suspected Mall of America stabber Dahir Adan say he “may have been radicalised” following several trips to a local iPhone store.

It has been alleged that Adan was enraged after waiting in a queue for 45 minutes while store employees at the Genius Bar completed their devotional “daily download” followed by a recital of the Namu Myoho Renge Kyo chanted westerly to Cupertino, California.

“Can I get some service?!?”, an incredulous Adan pleaded in pants that clearly did not go with his shirt and didn’t look like they even cost $50 altogether before throwing his hands up in the air and storming out of the store.

It has been speculated by some national security officials that Apple Stores, in general, have led to increased violence or rather impotent threats of violence against baristas, yoga instructors, and life coaches in lone wolf attacks across the U.S.

Investigators say the restrictive and exclusive culture at Apple attracts millions of unemployed or underemployed youths who have little opportunities to purchase their increasingly expensive products in order to maintain the appearance of a lifestyle that they can’t afford.

We asked one customer outside of the Hennepin Avenue Apple Store in Minneapolis if they have ever seen evidence that Apple Stores are leading hotbeds of extremist activity and were startled by their response.

“So I go to the Apple Store and this Dumb Bitch who works at Apple tells me that what’s wrong with my phone is that the quote unquote “Battery” (using air quotes) is trying to run a lot of apps. This dumb bitch is trying to bullshit someone who has a computer science degree. Hashtag Fail!”

Yet another young bearded milling about was eager to share his verbal Yelp review upon hearing our call for customer feedback:

“I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate this place!”, screamed Alex S. of St. Cloud. “These “geniuses” (using air quotes) are a joke and I had to have my macbook fixed five times because the previous “genius” (using air quotes) screwed it up. I’m going to take this awesome Buck knife that I got on Amazon Prime and has like 362 five star reviews and stab everyone I see with it. Who’s the genius now?”

Da-Durka Durka Dindus

The Brawny Towel Berets were strategically deployed to multiple liberal shitholes this weekend to absorb American blood spilled following several coordinated, ISIS-inspired attacks on civilian soft targets.

Or as America’s currently elected Iranian junta – the complicit and illegitimate black minority regime calls it, a “kinect narrative action”.

I must admit that I’ve grown tired of The Official Line of Bullshit.

A knifeman who stabbed nine people at a Minnesota shopping centre at the weekend has been identified by his father as a 22-year-old student.
He said he had “no suspicion” that his son was involved in extremist activity.

Or as Muzzloids call it “activity”.

Per the well worn script, the Muzzloid Somali community leaders jumped in front of the cameras to warn against the often feared but rarely ever seen backlash that they richly deserve.

It’s amazing how the communities that breed the terrorists have statements prepared to silence those who would point our the obvious before our government utters the word “terrorism”.

Since this is the New Normal, let me say to hell with these liberal shitholes. They voted to bring in terrorists, watered down screening, and shielded them from surveillance while accusing their fellow citizens of being irredeemably deplorable un-Americans.

How far we’ve come from Dissent Being The Highest Form of Patriotism. Not that they were ever sincere about that cultivated pose.

However, I do mean this with all sincerity, fuck you guys. You caused the problems in their countries and then invited them here, without screening them, and called everyone who urged caution racists.

As long as they confine their Not Terrorism to your cities and towns, it looks like everybody is getting what they want.

Courtroom Drama: Batts Bond Revoked

What Kind Of Shit Is This Update:

Per the defendant, the verdict is in. “This is bullshit!”, exclaimed a, once again, remorseless Timothy Batts following The Judge revoking his bond for using cocaine within three days of being released on bail.

This outburst was left out of the original broadcast of the live hearing and CBS News 5 refused to air it and referred viewers to their website.

If there is one thing the media finds uncouth to air, it’s profane courtroom outbursts, amirite?

Reading the Twitter feeds of his supporters by using my patent pending Ebonix translation technology, it appears Batts’ situation is the blame of the police, the judge, the DA, White Amerikkka, and, yes, God’s failure to come out of the lamp they’re rubbing to grant them three wishes.

It be aiight doe becuz ‘dem percocets be kickin’ in…


I honestly did not see this coming.

Courtroom testimony at Batts’ preliminary hearing this morning from the officer who administered the original surprise drug test and a review of the results by Aegis Labs has led to the bond being revoked for Timothy Batts:

10:57 a.m.: Caseworker at Timothy Batts’ probation office said it took Batts nearly an hour to submit a large enough urine sample suitable to conduct drug screen.

11:00 a.m.: Probation employee said once drug screen was positive for cocaine, he asked Batts about cocaine use, which he denied.

11:02 a.m.: Second Community Corrections probation employee said Batts called office at 8 a.m. and asked for protocol about drug screen. Batts asked for more time to submit urine sample in order to finalize Timea’s funeral arrangements.

11:22 a.m.: Lab director says level of cocaine in Batts’ system indicate he used drug within three days of testing.

That’s $50k down the drain.

Additionally, some potentially damning, heretofore unreported, details from the officer Batts quasi-confessed to should put some serious question marks the minds of his defenders:

1). He allegedly got the gun from his cousin who allegedly left it at his house because he didn’t want to drive drunk with it.

2). ADT security logs show someone tried to log into his cloud storage security twice but failed due to the password between the time of the shooting and the quasi-confession.

3). The recovered video shows Batts walking around and talking on his phone with the gun in his hand minutes before his daughter got home from school.

4). Video shows his daughter entering the home and later “jumping around” after she was shot.

5). Video shows Batts picking his wounded daughter up and taking her outside and then running back into the house to pick up his shoes and an unidentified item.

All of this very well may have been an accident. If so, it was a reckless and deadly one.

But Batts’ actions and repeated efforts to fabricate a tale and destroy evidence is not going to be taken lightly.

Given his prior history, it is not unreasonable to assume that the gun was more than likely borrowed than left since he couldn’t pass a background check and his cousin would know he was a felon.

Add to that the cocaine use and attempts to hide the weapon and destroy blood evidence at the scene and you have given a prosecutor an arsenal in a case that the BLM crowd has tried to make about everything except what happened to Timea Batts.

To be continued.

Dispatches From Early Adulthood

Today in history, Mike Pence set about the business of mending fences with the candidate who won over 550 delegates during the primary process about 4 months too late:

Mr. Pence sat down with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who lost the Republican presidential nomination to Mr. Trump but whose endorsement could help boost the Republican nominee’s standing with conservatives. Mr. Cruz was famously booed at the party’s convention in July after he declined to endorse Mr. Trump.

As I said repeatedly, this should have been resolved long before the convention. Trump didn’t give a shit because he’s not a conservative and didn’t care what Cruz had done since he’d been in office. Trump and Stone were eyeball deep in the wrong and didn’t GAF that there would be blowback.

Stone probably heard “blowbang” and made way for the nearest gloryhole.

Now that it’s a close race, it comes into focus that you need every vote you can get and constantly sticking a middle finger in the eye of a core constituency might not have been such a bright idea. Rocket surgery, ya’ll.

The only question now is – is it too little, too late?

Mr. Cruz didn’t respond to questions about whether he was any closer to endorsing his former rival. But he did lend a hand to the Republican nominee by echoing his attacks of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s recent description of some Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables.” Mr. Cruz said: “That level of contempt from a candidate for the people is really disappointing. It’s a level of condescension.”

Or as a Trumptard would say, “A full-throated endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Mr. Irrelevant!!111!@2!”

Of the meeting with Mr. Pence, Mr. Cruz said: ”It was a very very good meeting. Mike Pence is a good man. He’s a friend. He’s a strong conservative. I was grateful for his strong leadership and his strong support. We had a good and productive conversation.”

This would have been a great story a week or two after Cruz dropped out of the race in May. Instead, it’s been allowed to sit around a fester. People hardening positions on both sides. Trump bandwagoneers in a constant contest to see who can outdo each other with their TrusTED, BusTED, DisgusTED, Cubanadian-otherizing insults and me for seeing some duplicitous fuckfaces for what they really were.

We’ll see if Trump can keep his fat mouth shut long enough for his VP to do what VP’s do and broker a peace deal without blowing it up.

In related news, Rick Perry appeared on “Dancing With The Stars” and the NeverCruz pipedreams of him taking his Senate seat will disappear like Perry behind a sequined curtain masked by armpits drenched in flopsweat.

He’s an Executive ™ not a lowly legislator, dontchaknow?

Maybe a staunch conservative like Cornyn not endorsing him will still work. Fuckfaces.

If You Enjoy A Free Internet, Thank An Ineligible Cubanadian, Serial Adulterer/Killer, Son Of JFK’s Assassin

You lying, bearing false witness, fake Christian cocksuckers.

From the WSJ:

The good news is it appears congressional leaders have agreed to rescue the internet in time to prevent the Sept. 30 expiration of U.S. oversight. Sen. Ted Cruz, who has pushed hard against the plan since it was announced two years ago, told me last week he’s “cautiously optimistic” legislators will block it through a rider to the federal budget: “The basic proposition of keeping the internet free has united Republicans across the spectrum and should also unite Democrats with Republicans.”

Yep. Still fighting the good fight against The Globalists and The Establishment, of which I’ve been assured that he was one of them all along.

Meanwhile at this weekend’s Values Voters Summit:

Ted Cruz may have won the Values Voter Summit straw poll three years running, but attendees at this weekend’s social conservative gathering in Washington, D.C., weren’t happy with the Texas senator’s refusal to back Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Quite a departure. Winning their Summit three times in a row versus choosing a Bush Lied, anti-Iraq War, married three times Democrat.

Careful now. Your malleable “values” are showing.

Originally a supporter of Mr. Cruz, Mrs. Hawley, 61, said the senator’s personal feud with Mr. Trump was “very childish.”

“He’s a Christian, and Christians need to forgive,” Mrs. Hawley said. “I know Donald Trump offended him and his wife, but I think your country’s more important than holding onto those grudges.

Good thing Trump doesn’t hold grudges. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

Forgive someone who asks for forgiveness.

The certain Christian needs to forgive unsolicited but the Baby Christian of Convenience need not humble himself in such a way as to ask for it.

Trump, Gayway Trumpette, Free Republic, and Breitbart news continue to lie about Cruz to this day.

This is like forgiving the person who is stabbing you in the chest while his friends rape your wife as it’s happening.

“I wouldn’t support him anymore,” she added. “That’s childish, and he needs to put our country first.”

Really. Was Trump going to support anyone who beat him? Never. Considering Trump’s recent road to Damascus conversion from Childish to Adult, I’d watch where you point your diaper finger.

“I was very disappointed in Ted Cruz, because he originally pledged that he would support the Republican candidate, and I was a supporter of Cruz, but then he came around and said it’s a matter of principle, and he can’t support Trump,” said Mr. Parker, 76. “But, wait a minute, you promised to support the candidate and now you won’t, because they said something about your family?

Yep. That is exactly why. And if you think that’s a BS excuse, go fuck your ugly, whore mother.

And I still expect your vote in naming me Blogger of the Year.

“I wouldn’t trust Cruz, because if he can change that quickly that easily, how can I know he won’t change again going down the road?” he said. “I think it will hurt him when he comes up for re-election.”

Think or hope it will hurt him?

He didn’t change. That’s your problem. He has values. He has principles. They didn’t break under the weight of every Establishment Republican blaming him for the government shutdown.

And they didn’t bend under pressure from the fairweather conservatives, fake Christians, or closet Populists masquerading as the “alt-Right” to endorse a fraud who gleefully attacked his wife and family and never apologized.

So much for being the adult in the room.

Enjoy your Internet Freedom, ingrates.

Tomorrow Is The Big Day (Part 2)

Has it been three weeks already?

Despite a Sumner County coward Judge giving Timothy Batts almost a month to get all of his Daddy Helping Powder (read: Cocaine) out of his system, tomorrow we will actually see if his $500k bond will be revoked for accidentally failing a surprise drug test after bonding out of jail for “accidentally” killing his daughter.

I say “accidentally” because how could a father not accidentally shoot his own four foot tall, preteen daughter in school clothes by mistaking her for an armed home invader at three in the afternoon on a sunny first day of school? And then lying about it.

Instead of being with her as she’s dying, he’s attending to hiding the weapon he never should have had as a felon.

As a sidenote, not one local media outlet has published a single story or interview regarding this trial since the Judge became Batts’ defense attorney. Last post I see is a WSMV blurb from August 29th.

Does the mother not have a say? A teacher? Friend of the family?

The quality of news in Nashville is less than pathetic. They’re too busy plumbing the depths of the unconcious racial bias by way of which spicy fried chicken joint you frequent rather than to expend any of their unlimited minutes or gas money to find out what happened to this little girl.

And why her father lied about it.

The Crack of Massah’s Whip

I get it now. Low watt lemming Kaepernick didn’t go full blown Kunta Kinte over the crack of massah’s whip.

No, it’s so much simpler than that.

He’s throwing his career on the funeral pyre because he’s just pussywhipped.

Before beginning his relationship with Diab, Kaepernick’s Instagram mostly consisted of photos of him playing football or hanging with friends — about 128 of Kaepernick’s 170 posts, according to Fox News. Since dating Diab, Kaepernick’s social media focus has shifted toward black nationalist and Black Lives Matter-related messages.

“31 of his last 42 posts have strong social justice connotations, often featuring quotes from radical Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X, Black Panthers founder Huey Newton and cop killer Assata Shakur,” according to Fox News.

Let him suck a few more of Aldon Smith’s creampies out of her and Kaepernick will be wearing a bowtie, handing out fliers for The Final Call, and selling bean pies at the intersection.

She didn’t accidentally get good in bed, chump. I’d say “Bros before Hoes” but there were quite a few more bros in that DJ Sloppy Seconds ho before you decided to start watching reruns of Good Times and becoming a Light Beige Panther.

What I’m saying is she didn’t go from screwing the linebacker to the QB because you are such a charming fella and scintillating conversationalist.

Clearly, she has given you “your opinions”.

Remember that in a few years once you’re traded to Detroit and arrested outside of Dearborn for buying bombmaking materials from an undercover FBI agent.

And food stamp Kim Kardashian is onto the next sucker with half of what’s left of your money following your career ending knee injury in front of a cheering Military Night crowd.