Rodney Dangerfield For President

Rather his creation Al Czervik from Caddyshack, in actuality, being played to type by veteran character actor Donald Trump.

How better to describe GHW Bush gargling out his dying words intent to vote for the wife of the guy who beat him:

It’s one thing to object to Trump based on policy differences and a general belief that he toxifies the conservative message. It’s another thing to do it because he doesn’t belong in the toney company of the blue bloods. The Bush Family feels like American royalty, and they appear to see Trump as a nouveau riche blowhard. That feels elitist rather than principled. Nobody was surprised that the person who reported H.W. Bush’s voting choice was a Kennedy. That’s how the Bushes roll.

I’m reminded of a long forgotten article from called “Caddyshack Culture” that could stand alone as an epitaph for the Republican Party. The gauche real estate developer crashing the intentionally named Bushwood Country Club with Trump voters rushing to the swimming pool for the hour a year they’re allowed to use it:

Caddyshack is about the way a new establishment replaces an old one, it’s not about the long tradition of golf. In this scenario, George W. is the WASP retard Spaulding (“Are you gonna eat your fat?”), grandson to Ted Knight’s patrician George Senior character. The country club in Caddyshack is named Bushwood, after all.

Trump is Al Czervik. The only difference is he does build golf courses. He speaks in generalities about his great business deals. Yea, we bought land near the Great Wall – on the good side! And they paid for the wall. He insults everybody and makes cutesy little nicknames for them.

When Bill Murray blew up the gopher holes and destroyed the old golf course, he blew open the doors for everyone to come in and play on the new one. may have been 16 years premature.