Better Late Than #NeverTrump

So, what should have happened four months ago finally happened yesterday. Cruz endorsed Trump. Trump accepted his endorsement. EverTrump/NeverCruz hates Cruz and rubs his face in it. NeverTrump/EverCruz is disappointed or having a sad about a sell-out. People in the middle are either glad this is out of the way, already gotten on board the Trump train, or decided to hold their nose because of Hillary.

Me? This is what I was holding out for.

Other than the timing, this is exactly what I said should have happened for the last few months. For all of the “art of the deal” bullshit talk, Trump found a way to nurture an acrimonious split of a not-insignificant portion of the Right’s base for the majority of the last six months.

Are those people going to forgive each other? The ones engaging in rhetorical knife fights in comments sections all over the internet since it got down to two candidates? I’m skeptical.

Thanks are due to Mike Pence for hammering out whatever peace there was to be made several weeks ago. That’s what he’s there for. To bury the hatchet with someone his boss lied about with relish for months on end. Who couldn’t be bought off with chicken nuggets like Mike Huckabee or plane rides and endless hors d’oeuvres like The Goodyear Christie?

An apology would do. A promise to consult on issues of importance.

Now that the marriage is complete – how do you consummate it? Hopefully by christening a champagne bottle across Hillary’s face and fucking The Left silly by taking out our pen and phone after November 8th to erase and mark through every illegal action, alphabet soup agency written law, signing statement, and Treaty-Not-Really-A-Treaty that the traitors have been running wild with since 2008.

And then prosecuting them until they’re destitute, incarcerated, or commit suicide. I’m good with all three though I do have my preferences.