What The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Well, that was disappointing. Be honest. For anyone who is DVRing the Presidential Debate and doesn’t want their independent judgment polluted with my observations, the door is the little back arrow on your browser.

For those pressed for time, Hillary won it. Not that it matters. And not that it was by much. If you’re a Trump supporter, you still support him. If you’re a Hillary supporter, you still support her. No one mortally wounded themselves. Lester Holt leaned towards Clinton in that he didn’t go after her on anything and did on a couple of pointed questions to Trump.

I keep hearing the first round of people saying Trump wasn’t prepared. I think anyone who watches this should arrive at the opposite conclusion. He looked like someone who was overprepared and because of that did not act like himself. Someone belt fed him information for the last week and he looked like someone struggling to remember what somebody told him was a good talking point but instead kept reverting to repetitious generalities.

Clinton, far too often, was able to get him on the defensive by talking about him personally or about his business practices. He couldn’t not move on and felt the need to get mired in the minutiae of his tax statements, financial disclosures, how he settled lawsuits from forty years ago, how he didn’t discriminate in hiring people at his Palm Beach resort, etc., etc. which played right into her wrinkly hands.

On far too many occasions, she lobbed big fat softballs right across homeplate and he sat staring because he was too busy trying to defend some previous accusation. Whether it was about charitable contributions, whether he was for the Iraq War, “healing the racial divide”, or a half dozen other questions – Trump came up short. Hillary stuck her glass jaw out on everything from trade deals, the Iran deal, taxing “the rich”, revoking gun rights over the terrorist watchlist, or how Trump treats women – he just didn’t fight it. In fact, he agreed with her on a couple of those points.

That whole series where he kept demanding someone to call Sean Hannity about how they argued about Iraq – where he said it about ten times (not hyperbole) – was the low point. Immediately after the debate he was back in Hannity’s loving echo chamber to complain. That’s not the sign of someone who won.

I’m wanting him to clean her clock and while he had a couple of good jabs there was nothing he said that rocked her much less sent her to the canvas that she is physically inclined to collapse on and have a seizure on if it’s a balmy 77 degree day. The part about releasing his tax returns when she produces the 33,000 e-mails she deleted was his high point and then he just dropped it.

She claimed she took full responsibility of the e-mail and the server which is total bullshit. Her staff plead the 5th and if Florida had half the immunity from Zika that the FBI gave her inner circle then I would be sitting on a beach right now. No one was fired. No one imprisoned. There is no taking responsibility if there are no consequences.

Too be certain, she was no peach either. Animatronic and rehearsed. Flailing about and throwing wild accusations about how he’s hiding something very, very bad in his tax returns. I fully expected him to hit her with the only charity she donated to is her own but it never happened. Or how she was “broke” in 2000 and worth $300MM by giving speeches filled with so many rhetorical rubies and diamonds that she can’t release them to the public.

Hitting her on her ritual abuse of women for the last 40 years. Never happened. Demanding to know what trade deal she put together to help Americans in her time as Secretary – Never happened. Asking her if Mitt Romney was right in 2012 about Russia now that she thinks they’re the world’s boogeyman and we need the 80s foreign policy back.

He went off on some tangent about “cyber”. You know, cybersecurity. And that his ten year old is so good with computers but that cyber is a very, very big deal that we need to be tough on. Not his best moment.

These debates likely aren’t going to change anyone’s mind who was already made up but the Donald Trump of tonight is not the guy his supporters have been used to seeing for the last year and a half. He wasn’t in command. He was defensive and completely out of his element.

So now that he’s going to be cornered, I’d expect the negative ads to start rolling out. Not a good performance. Clinton is predictable though and he needs someone to debate with who has her act down but can keep him relaxed, on point, and above it.

Cruz knows her arguments. I’m not saying to copy Cruz’s style. I am saying to bring him in for a couple of practice sessions so that the next time she gets sent to the mat early and stays down.

She had the nerve to say he called one of his beauty contestants Miss Piggy and he couldn’t bring up that she setup a warroom to destroy the lives of the women her husband raped or had affairs with for the last 30 years. Who was it who called Monica Lewinsky a stalker again? That glass chin is begging for fists of stone.