UT’s Miracle Between The Hedges (Hail Mary Answered in UT vs. UGA)

Why so serious?

With 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter, UGA received an unsportsmanlike penalty for celebrating a go ahead touchdown that stabs the Vol Nation in the heart. If only Dobbs and Co. had been able to get one first down before having to punt the ball with a little over a minute left and a four point lead. If only a corner hadn’t hesitated before getting burned on a go route down the sideline. If only the safety had pickup the coverage and tried to jump the route.

If only everything.

The cameras panned hoping to find somebody crying or dejected. Hands cupped over their mouths. Girlfriends looking to boyfriends. Boyfriends texting on their cellphones.

The stadium roared and the fans were jumping up and down. We did it again!!!

The announcers laughed and chortled. As if waiting 15 years for this moment, CBS starts playing the video and “legendary” Larry Munson’s commentary from UGA’s 26-24 last play victory, the Hobnail Boot, over UT from 2001.

Larry Munson: We just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot and broke their nose. We just crushed their face.

Until, one of the greatest final plays and improbable final 10 seconds in college football history happened.

Ah yes, the hobnail boot. The boot appears to be crushing the other face this year. Stay classy, ya’ll.

Luck doesn’t last forever but you have to still be hanging around for luck to happen. Way to go guys.

UGA played with a lot of heart and left it all out on the field though. We’ll pour a little moonshine off the back porch for our friends to the south.

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  1. Georgia has has severe discipline issues ever since Mark Richt began the attempt to turn the school into Florida State University at Athens. That lack of discipline made Georgia kick off from the 20 instead of the 35. Coupled with the offsides on the kickoff, that’s 20 yards UGA gave UT, enough for the Vols to have a chance. And a chance was all they needed. Congratulations to Tennessee and fans on a great win.

  2. Thanks Basil. Of course UT players know nothing about discipline problems.

    For instance, getting an unsportsmanlike conduct call on the opening kickoff against Florida last week when the ball was kicked into the endzone.

    The refs were awful both ways yesterday though. Still a great game. How they don’t sell blood pressure medicine yet at the stands I’ll never know.

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