100,000 People Forced At Gunpoint To Buy Unaffordable, Catastrophic Health Insurance

JournOList 2.0 continues unabated.

After a stunning defeat on Tuesday, the partisan Unimedia all decided this morning that 100,000 people forced to sign up during the open enrollment period for Obamacare, under threat of fine or imprisonment seizure of a nonexistent tax refund, is what a stunning success looks like.

To counter this propaganda, I ask that everyone who wants to repeal this law to drive with their headlights on tonight.


  1. There is no enforcement mechanism for the fine in the law, so there is no reason to pay it.
    That 100,000 is just a tiny fraction of the number of people who are ‘suppossed’ to be signing up, and the vast majority of those that are are on one form of welfare or another.
    Noncompliance is high and they know they dare not start making an example of some of the 10’s of millions of refusers or people will find out how many there are and be emboldened to join them.

  2. That’s all correct. It’s the continuing collusion between multiple news agencies rolling out this same bit of trivia at the same time that annoys the shit out of me.

    The gentle nudge of increasing fines with Swiss cheese levels of loopholes is, of course, a feature not a bug and allows both leniency and capriciousness in it’s enforcement.

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