Mexico Prepares For Post-Election “Migrant” Surge?

Asking for an amigo.

The Mexican foreign ministry is planning on helping a surge of “undocumented migrants” following the democratic result of the US election asserting our right to our borders and national sovereignty.

If these migrants are “undocumented”, it is Mexico’s failure to provide that paperwork.

Ruiz Massieu urged diplomats to get ready for a possible surge in consular assistance.

This includes help “avoiding provocations, as well as protecting against fraud,” the Foreign Ministry statement said, referring to the potential for crime rings to prey on migrants by selling fake documents, for example.

The Mexican foreign ministry is suddenly concerned about Mexican crime rings, eh? Such racism.

In reality, this is not a wave of undocumented migrants. It is a repatriation of their country’s own citizens. Words matter.

We’re supposed to provide a support network for the flaming bags of shit you lit and threw on our doorsteps but taking back your own citizens is a real hassle.

Advising mothers to put their 5 year olds on tops of moving trains and your government putting together directions on how much water they need to take and where are the best illegal crosspoints, and how to apply for welfare in our country are not the actions of an ally.

So, yes. Do document your own citizens when they return. They’ve been murdering, raping, and defrauding ours for far too long.

One comment on “Mexico Prepares For Post-Election “Migrant” Surge?

  1. I have been hearing in the news that those people improve the economy and are not a burdon.
    Why have we been so selfish?
    Those people, upon returning home, will proceed to create the exact economic impact in thier home countries as they did here.
    Considering their advertised caliber, one would think South American countries would be begging those highly motivated productive people to come back.
    Either the South American countries, and Mexico, are bent on self destruction, or the illegals are primarily comprised of deadbeats, layabouts, and parasites that no country wants.
    Which is it Mr.Soetoro?

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