Morning Joe Republicanism Gone Wild

Romney for State? Nikki Haley for the UN? Harold Fucking Ford Jr. as Transportation Secretary???

Harold Ford. Really? The fucking Ford Crime Family elevated to their highest national position. The Clinton’s idea of who the next Obama was going to be before he lost to milquetoast Bob Corker whose name, inexplicably, keeps getting mentioned as well.

One of MSNBC’s most loyal Clintonistas who, after losing his Senate bid to Corker, flipped Tennessee off, called everybody racists and bigots for not voting for him, and absconded to Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley in New York with his snowflake bride. Never seen since.

But he eats lunch with Jared Kushner so fuck the rest of it right? The only Transportation Harold Ford understands is calling his limo driver.

What in the shit is going on here.

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Ted Cruz was allegedly beholden to Goldman Sachs because of his wife but Steve Bannon isn’t? His picks for Treasury Secretary who worked there aren’t?

What does Ben Carson know about Housing and Urban Development?

Give me a fucking break.

You take away the Mattis and Sessions picks and everything else is a clusterfuck of Democrats and Liberal Republicans.

I know some people are still rolling around in the wet spot of an electoral college win – feels good doesn’t it – but anyone with even an inkling of credibility left should be questioning these moves.

Just kidding. It’s just Trump playing 3-D chess or something. Friends close, enemies closer, blah, blah, blah.

You want a loyal Clintonist over your $1,000,000,000,000.00 infrastructure initiative?

Sycophancy is in this year though. Trump said what he needed to in order to squeak out a win and he’s fucking conservatives over before Thanksgiving.

Hillary’s been through enough, dontchaknow? That wall’s going from 50 feet high and concrete to 5 feet tall and made up of mauve cubicle partitions pretty damn quick.

If Lispy Graham can keep his assless chaps from jingling, it’s only matter of time before Trump nominates him to Secretary of the Navy.

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  1. None of this should come as a surprise. After all, he ran on a platform almost identicle to the one Bill Clinton ran on to gain his first term.
    This is the third time the Democrats have picked our candidate using the open primaries, and it is only by accident that Hillary did not win.
    Trump has been a hard leftist all his life. The people he has shoved down our throats here in CA are among the most vile creatures in the country, don’t forget that he publically backed DeBlasio while he was running for president.
    I expect him to make an effort to complete the “half a wall” he promised (that will keep out Mexicans that can niether swim, nor wade, nor operate a boat) that is already almost complete. He will deport some felons while granting permanent stay to the ‘good’ tresspassers.
    Luckily for him, the bar is set very low and he has a very vocal band of apologists he can count on.
    We can survive him, but the Republican party cannot survive the continuation of the open primaries.
    We need to force those states with open primaries to be the last ones in the presidential campaign. That way Republicans can decide who speaks for us, not Democrats.

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