My President Be White Again

Serial race huckster Tenisha Coates finally published his rearview hagiography of Obama that was mostly written before he took office.

All across Liberal America, the pinot is breathing in rapt anticipation of a long bubble bath of white guilt. The latter day Bernsteins and Premingers mau-mauing the flak catchers.

I’ll save you the disingenous, 10,000 word treatise:

Obama is still the Lightbringer and his greatest mistake was not understanding how racist Amerikkka is.

Brevity may be the soul of wit but not the soulbrother.

In many ways, Coates is the Obama of the opinion commentariat in that he’s a hack getting by very well on his skin color and that you’re not allowed to criticize him.

Now, that I encapsulated Coates’ reflections so succinctly, won’t someone underwrite my $2MM New York brownstone?

Less the $400k black privilege fee Coates added after living there for one month when he suddenly realized White Amerikkka won’t let a black man have nuffin nice.

One comment

  1. That guy sounds just like a white Southern Democrat from the early 1800’s that time traveled and got a tan in the process.
    His (name could be male or female) descriptions of Barry Soetoro echo the opinions of pre civil war Democrats to a T.
    Barry is only black if one accepts the southern Democrat “one drop” rule. I am sure he would also claim, as most blacks do, that a white woman can have a black baby, but a black woman can’t have a white baby. If one believes the tales as presented, Soetoro is not half black. His other half is mostly Arab but there was one in the woodpile.
    Barry also acts like, and has most affinity toward, his Arab side.

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