Mad Duck a l’Orange

In light of the Imperial Mad Duck, Mallard Hussein Penandphone, redistributing his final bread crumbs to his ecoterrorist paymasters, drug running race comrades, and Islamonazi aligned Gitmo detainees, I can’t help but wonder – where is Trump?

Per the script, The Mad Mallard dumps these controversial measures off as he starts yet another multimillion dollar vacation at taxpayer expense. Who runs up another $5MM vacation in their last month?

This asshole. That’s who.

Give him no rest. Make him respond from the golf course all day. Every day.

The unconstitutional maneuverings of this usurper, in what people are mistakenly thinking are his final days, demands action if not at the very least some public repudiation.

The current regime is saying “nice doggie” to your face while they’re putting antifreeze in your food.

In the spirit of comity, let’s get some shit straight with the rafting Democraps floating along with these last minute power grabs most fowl:

1). The Arctic/Atlantic “Permanent” Drilling Ban. Who doesn’t enjoy invoking a Jim Crow era law to take away energy security for our country and economic security for those who live there. I mean besides The Washington Post.

Recommended Action: Trump speaks in front of a map of these “permanently” prohibited areas for what he’s going to name the Malia and Sasha Petroleum Initiative. We’ll provide the Barry Soetero Tax Reprieve Deal (or BASTARD for short) to encourage drilling in those areas so deep that Gaia will be walking funny for the next century.

2). Pardon and Commutation Reform. This process is being abused for economic gain. The latest Obamabrag is that, so far, he’s commuted the sentences of ten times the number of the last eight presidents combined. *slow golf clap*. Congratulations on sending violent, big time drug dealers back into their already impoverished and defenseless communities.

These are not people sentenced harshly for having a little crack instead of powdered cocaine. These are people convicted of running 500 grams up to many kilos in addition to dozens more for gun charges. Thanks Mr. Sandy Hook changed the conversation. Presumably, the drug charges provided longer mandatory sentencing than assaults, attempted murder, etc. Portraying these as low level drug offenders is a bald faced lie.

Recommended Action: Prescribe a finite number of pardons and commutations per Presidential term and with limited Congressional overview. After a certain number, say 30% of Congress must consent. If someone commits a crime after release, then those that voted for it are exposed to civil liability from the victims as well as ethics investigations or being censured for negligence.

Better still, in continuing the Mad Mallard’s creative practice of his legal alchemists seeing a theoretical inch in an old law and feeling high confidence that they can take a mile, make this liability ex post facto to December 1, 2016.

It’s just a little ex post facto. We can get a legal opinion that may not be upheld in the Supreme Court in a few years too.

3) Hurrying to Release More Gitmo detainees to terror sponsoring countries.

This will not be permitted. They don’t turn into pumpkins in 4 weeks do they?

Recommended Action: Trump should order the guards, under The Office of The President-elect that Obama quasi created, not to release anyone under threat of court martial. Unless Mad Duck wants to court martial those refusing orders until Jan. 20th, let it be known that the incoming President has a legal opinion that these transfers are illegal and that more time is needed to review these arrangements.

This is my short holiday list and these are not ordinary times. If Obama wants to set the world on fire in his last month, burn his legacy down in front of him and have his party lock arms and cosign his treason.

They’re already at war. When will our side decide to respond accordingly and forego all of this highly overrated Be Gracious And Wait Your Turn bullshit?


  1. Mr. Trump wasn’t my first choice, but in retrospect we did get the best Republican fighter and he did win. Appointments are looking pretty good and he’s showing no signs of letting up. As for President Obama, nothing he does is irreversible at this point – nothing. Even Gitmo detainees and be hunted down after the fact. He already spoke the unspeakable – wiping out terrorists and their whole bloodlines like the Russians were reported to have done. Shades of John Black Jack Pershing in Mindanao a century or more ago. .

  2. I want to be cautiously optimistic. Historically, Republican candidates for President fight more with people in their own party than with Democrats.

    I also know that we’re still in this perilous period until inauguration. But here’s the thing. Obama is going to do whatever he wants to do.

    Do we not know him well enough by now to know that? He just named the attorney for the most famous cop killer in the country to a 6 year US Civil Rights Commission appointment.

    How’s that for a fuck you to cops? I won’t be surprised if he tries to unilaterally grant Amnesty to every illegal alien in the next month.

    There should still be an opposition to what’s being done here but, as usual, I see and hear nothing from Republicans and he’s their leader now.

    Obama’s days are numbered but his bureaucracies charged with carrying out his lawless whims must be made to fear. Right now, they’re grinning from ear to ear while looking the public dead in the eye and furiously scribbling rule after rule.

  3. My fear is that though the Democrats lost this battle, they will end up winning the war.
    Trump beat the other candidates because the Democrats helped him do it, just as happened with Romney and McCain. Only this time the person they put up was so weak and flawed that she would have risked losing if unopposed.
    I want Trump to do the right thing for America, I really do, however, I realize that doing so will create an environment where the structural changes to the Republican party needed to prevent Democrats from picking our candidate won’t be able to happen.
    The simple act of placing open primary states at the end of the process would solve the problem.
    The current situation is an aberration, the Kleptocrats will learn from this and adapt. If we don’t alter the rules, in 4 or 8 years we will be right back where we started and they can carry on as if nothing happened.

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