You Can Either Be Muzzloid Or You Can Be Democratic

I have to give Kerry credit. Sometimes when he’s lurching from conference to conference to bicycle track to water polo, he accidentally stumbles upon the Holy Grail.

Telling Israelis that they have to choose between “being Jewish or being democratic” is never a choice that would be put to Muzzloids. A) Because Muzzloidism is a totalitarian political ideology and inherently unsuited to democracy and B) If you forced Muzzloids to choose between Muzzloidism and becoming pluralistic, tolerant Americans then they would all have to leave.

When would Obama ever ask Muzzloids to check their religion at the door?

There are several things going on here that are not being discussed anywhere that I’ve seen.

When Obama tried to overthrow Netanyahu by doing far worse things than he accuses the Russians of doing in our election, he has treated the minority Herzog loser he backed as the de facto shadow government of Israel and Kerry’s embrace of Herzog today is underscoring this.

Kerry is explicitly threatening an Intifada if Netanyahu doesn’t cow to the UN. He threatens that they will never live in peace if they don’t give Hamas a state.

Remember when Netanyahu said the two state solution was dead for the time being and Obama kept saying that he takes him at his word. If terrorism brings you to the table then the ends justify the means. If the terrorists can’t get to you then your biggest ally recognizing a Palestinian state would.

I expect no less from the administration that’s been funding ISIS in Syria for the last few years but that is the import.

This is going somewhere. You don’t “lay out a competitive vision for peace” in week 413 of your 416 week long administration. Saying that he cant just sit idly by as peace slips away…say, where have you been for the last four years?

Something else is coming and Israel has traitors in its borders working with Kerry and Obama to feed them to the Muzzloid dogs. And a surprising number of “civilized” countries are going along with it.

Why now? Why this sudden push at the end? You don’t expend this effort for nothing.

The belt is in the air. I warned you. I tried to be nice. He’s laying the groundwork to justify what he decided to do 2 years ago.

It’s just sloppy and hamfisted like usual.


  1. Israel is a republic not a democracy, just as are we in the US, so just what is the rational of them changing their political system to either of the options given? That is akin to giving Cuba the options of being a matriarchy or a free society, Cuba is neither and unlikely to even consider those options.
    Communists optimistically refer to republics as democracies as it discredits the concept of a republic. We are better served by ridiculing Kerry and others for not knowing what kind of political system Israel has than complimenting the stupidity by deeming it worth rebuttal.

  2. Be it capital “d or li’l “d” democracy, its use is as malleable as the use of fascism. Fascism today means anyone you disagree with. Alternatively, to Democrats, the election of Trump shows we’re not democratic either whether we parse the literal from the common usage.

    So no one should respond because of a semantic distinction when our SoS steps on the world stage to condemn our only ally in the Middle East as being terrorists governed by the most extremist rightwing elements while paying no mind to the true terrorist group he’s been playing footsie under the table with?

    They’re up to something that demands more than a tactical Twitter response.

  3. Why do you accept the premise presented by the opposition?
    The recent election here demonstrates fully not only that we are not a democracy (capital letter or not), but exactly why our founding fathers worked so diligently to prevent us from becomming one. Our presidents are elected by representitives.
    Democracy, and democratic actions are mechanisms that play a thankfully minor role in our, and Israel’s form of government.
    This is not about semantics, it is about sophestry. The leftists are asserting the dog has 5 legs by claiming the tail a leg. Israel is not a democracy, nor a democratic institution. Were some other government employee to assert that Israel was a totalitarian kleptocracy would you debate the point? Or laugh in thier face?

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