Time To Threaten The Accomplices

Breitbart Jerusalem is confirming my speculation from yesterday. Namely, that all of this last minute focus on Israel is solely to lay the groundwork for Obama dropping a nuclear bomb on the last 50 years of US Middle East policy:

He (a senior Palestinian Authority official) said the UN action would seek to set the parameters of a future Palestinian state with a clear timeline for negotiations. If the action comes in the form of a resolution at a UN body, it could call for an infrastructure to establish mechanisms to enforce last week’s UNSC resolution, which demanded a complete halt to Israeli construction in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem and declared those territories occupied Palestinian lands.

Like Obama’s last minute land grabs across the West, he is now grabbing Israeli land that has never been in dispute and will order UN members to take it from them at gunpoint.

The blue hats won’t do shit but the jackboot, Islamonazi loving kafirs will gladly march under their aegis as diplomatic cover.

“The goal is for these moves to be binding for the incoming American administration, which would have to adopt them as its platform, and also for the European Union, which is expected to step up should there be clashes with Trump,” he said.

“In the next few days we’ll know whether we’re headed to the UNSC,” the official said. “Right now, the chances of that are very high. From our viewpoint, the goal is partially achieved. The settlements have been designated as the main obstacle to the peace process and now it’s up for the world to make clear that, in the event of failure, the side that would refuse to comply with the will of the international community, as codified in the UN resolution, is the guilty side.”

This demands action. Not sitting around with thumbs up asses until January. Not tactical Twitter salvos.

Trump’s team needs to be getting face to face time with our international partners to shitcan this quixotic Muzzloid campaign of Obama to welcome Hamas into the loving bosom of the UN and steal land taken from Jordan in a defensive effort in 1967 and just giving it to Hamas.

Additionally, Obama thinks if he can give Jerusalem to Hamas in the next week then Trump can’t move the embassy there now can he?

To the accomplices, you support this? You vote for this? All your foreign aid is cut. Close your embassies. Recall your ambassadors. Get out before I throw you out.

Some may think this is just normal, end of a president’s term legacy burnishing.

It is not. It’s not Netanyahu that Obama is after. He means to sneak up on Israel in the last month in office, cut it’s head off, and scream Allahu Akbar in front of his Muslim brothers.

And all the while, engaging in the taqiyya that he is actually their greatest friend and ally. Concerned about them living in peace as he cuts them in half and wipes their blood from his lips.

Resting in peace is more like it.

This is Obama 101. Rape you and then claim you loved it afterwards.

In fact, Jimmy Carter laid out the exact path Obama is following in a NYT editorial last month.


  1. There is much more to this than meets the eye.
    Why did Russia not veto this?
    Why is ALL of Europe onboard? Including Britain?
    With the entire UN aligned on this, why did Soetoro abstain? Especially if this is what he wants? This is not “leading from behind”, this is running scared from forces he doesn’t think he can control.
    Myself, I suspect this brinksmanship capatilized on Muzzie greed and very quickly the theoretical “Palistinains” will start trying to extricate themselves from this tarbaby.

  2. When does Russia ever stand up for Israel?

    Because abstaining effectively has same result as voting for it but it gives his party a fig leaf to hide behind.

    Schumer and Steny Hoyer still get to play the I’m so outraged card.

    Who plays brinksmanship with their enemies against their allies?

    That Jimmy Carter editorial is the template for what’s coming because it’s the template for how we got where we are to the letter. It explicitly calls for establishing a Palestinian state and for a standing army to enforce it.

    Obama goes on vacation so his middle fingers are well rested for the job ahead. What gets attention is what Obama and the media decided in private what the story and the spin is. They’ve decided to spend a big chunk of their last days in office on this.

    If that isn’t the plan, I’ll be wrong for taking them at their word soon enough.

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