Less Than An Hour

It’s always darkest before The Donald.

I never listened to Rush Limbaugh until November 9th, 2008.

I remember him saying Obama’s name and thinking to myself “how many times is he going to have to say it until he’s out of office”.

Once was too many in my book. The deceptive, lying shitbag got affirmative actioned into the most powerful position in the world and made us all suffer through a lost decade of stagnant wages, millions of jobs lost, and sticking his middle finger in your face while funding our nation’s enemies and using the DoJ to normalize perversion and foment insurrection.

I lost my faith in this country on that day and never regained it. In less than an hour, everyone can temporarily rejoice – if not for Trump – but for the Clinton bullet we dodged.

I can’t have my cigar and champagne until quitting time so I’m going to have to settle for a heavy sigh and an exhausted sense of relief in the interim that we at least have someone who believes this the greatest country in the history of the world in the White House and who wants us to be back where we belong.

America First, Last, and Always. Without apology.

P.S. And a sincere congratulations to Jimmy Carter. You’re now the 2nd worst Democrat president in history.


  1. You must have been young when Carter was Pres.
    Obama is a piker compared to him, Carter accomplished far more in 4 years than Soetoro did in eight.
    Rationing, rampant inflation, construction unemployment (I am an electrical contractor) hit 50%, and even the “official” unemployment numbers overall were higher than Barry managed.
    Carter drew down our armed forces dramatically while simultaneously stealing from those we traded with by devaluing their dollar holdings by over 50%. This hit OPEC, the USSR, and China hard and they haven’t forgotten. Without Reagan there would have almost assuredly been a global conflict.
    The above are just the highlights, unlike Soetoro, Carter was at the White House rather than out golfing or vacationing and focused diligently and daily on destroying this country. Soetoro lacked the stamina for that.
    I place Barry in third place, with Carter on top and Lincoln in second place.

  2. I was but this topic may require a symposium and some other choice qualitative comparisons as the situation on the ground, given our current national debt/student loan bubble/overextended, aging military and dare I say the breakdown of the family in the last 35 years.

    Then on to intent. Yes, Obama golfed a lot. But in many instances, he was out of the office and would drop some huge announcement or rule change on the same day, or at the onset of another vacation, so he couldn’t be asked about it.

    After all, can a man not enjoy his waffle in peace?

    I would look forward to a serious roundtable discussion on the merits of who was worse by those who survived both administrations. And, we will not know the full Obama impact and those from his unprecedented pen-phone scheme and his sleeper cells in the deep state for some time.

  3. The same was true for Carter. We are, even now, suffering from his damage.
    Soetoro’s failure is complete, he did not even succeed at being the worst.
    Poor Barry, “Not even wrong” applies to his life in so many ways.

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